What To Know About Purchasing an Electric Scooter

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Wherever you are, you’ve likely noticed the number of electric scooters increasing in your area. They are a fun, reliable way to travel around faster than conventional walking or public transport. If you’re curious about them, look at these considerations on what to know about purchasing an electric scooter.


Each electric scooter is built differently. Given that, there are different motors that play a role in the cost of the scooter. Look out for one that fits your specifications. They can start as low as 200W, with some reaching as high as 5000W. Naturally, this plays a role in the speed, power, and acceleration of the scooter. If traveling on roads or paved surfaces, you don’t need something with immense power and can find a suitable e-scooter for less. However, if you plan to travel off-road or using this as your main transport, you may want to invest in something with a stronger motor.


Relatedly, keep speed in mind. Like the motor, each electric scooter has its own speed specifications. Some operate between 15 and 20 mph, while others can reach as high as 75 mph. Despite the appeal of a fast machine, there may be local regulations on the type of scooter you can buy. Also, if traveling in a busy urban environment, faster speeds can result in accidents or injury. In this case, it makes more sense to invest in something manageable that can get you to your destination safely. Still, for adventure-seekers and adrenaline junkies looking for something more and who are in a position to obtain something faster, an electric scooter with a higher maximum speed is for you.


Maintenance is not something many people consider with electric scooters. However, as with any vehicle, proper maintenance is key for staying safe on the road. It’s also essential for the durability of the machine. For instance, keep in mind the important tips for cleaning your electric scooter. This includes using the right cleaning supplies, avoiding harsh chemicals that can damage the finish, and cleaning the tires to ensure smooth rides. It’s also important to monitor tire pressure, motor efficiency, and suspension to stay safe wherever you go. Remember that electric scooters are an investment. As with any significant purchase, you should do whatever’s necessary to preserve your scooter for years to come.


The last tip on what to know about purchasing an electric scooter is the weight of both the scooter and the rider. Electric scooters come in many sizes, which also means there are different weights. Some are lighter than others. Typically, lighter electric scooters are those with a normal speed range for safe road travel. Heavier scooters may be faster given the stronger motor, but they may not be suitable for condensed environments. Rider weight plays a role too. Choose an electric scooter that can support you. Don’t overbear it, though, as this can affect the maximum speed, acceleration, and braking power.