Turboant M10 Lite: The Incredible Budget Electric Scooter


Turboant M10 is one of those budget-friendly e-scooters which appeal to beginners and offer some basic features along with a good build quality trying to match that of its upper-end brothers. Read our full review to understand what it offers better and what are its drawbacks against its competitors in this price range.

Turboant M10 Lite – Price

Turboant M10 Lite PriceTurboant M10 comes at a basic price of $320 with all the starting features that it can accommodate in this e-scooter. Its bigger and pricey brothers pack huge and beefy specs but for this price and considering the package, it is quite an appealing product.

Turboant M10 Lite – Unboxing

Turboant M10 Lite Unboxing The unboxing experience is quite pleasant as the box itself is lightweight but weighs 1 more than Mi Scooter 3 Lite. The tools provided for assembly are of poor quality and if you have your own, use them instead.

The setup process is simple and straightforward; Remove transportation protective layers, carefully unfold the scooter, Mount the handlebar, and finally Mount the fenders (Be careful, they are made of plastic-type material).

Design and Appearance 

BEautiful Design

The tires are pneumatic, and it has a similar build quality to the Mi Scooter series; the same tire size, and the deck looks similar. It has a wider tube and its folding mechanism feels quite reliable. The wires are completely hidden which is quite helpful on rainy days. Apparently, it has a disc-brake but the suspension is absent from the unit.

Technical Specifications

  • A powerful 350-watt Motor
  • Two riding modes
  • Near 25km ranger per charge
  • Dual-Braking system
  • 3-step folding mechanism
  • 15% climbing ability
  • Concealed wiring
  • Cruise control
  • Anti-glare display
  • A USB charging port
  • Brake handle
  • Acceleration lever
  • Mechanical bell
  • 14kg weight

Turboant M10 Lite – Performance


Turboant M10 Lite Solid RangeOn paper, these look promising but their real worth is measured with real-life usage and analysis. Keep in mind, these are all offered at 320$ price range.

The specs look promising on paper and in many ways, it is built to be better than Mi Scooter 3 Lite with a powerful motor, better display, and a slightly nicer design.

However, the battery may be somewhat of an obstacle in achieving the desired output range of 25km per charge with a 238-hour battery. It is nowhere near the upper echelon but in its price range, its performance can be swallowed. In my testing, it provided a range of 15-20 km with my weight being 90 kg at a moderate speed. Accelerating can reduce the mileage to 12-13km in winter.


Beautiful HandlebarIts motor doesn’t compete with the top-notch models of the industry but somehow comes on par with the dynamic mode of Mi Scooter 4 Pro. INMOTION Climber with a dual-motor beast can accelerate from 0-25 kmph in around 3 seconds while for M10 Lite to reach its top speed, you have to wait longer. It can maintain that speed on flat surfaces while in my testing, Navee N40 failed to achieve such results.

Riding Comfort

Thick Comfortable TiresWhen talking about comfort, it feels similar to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations of the Mi Scooter series because of the same body and tire size. It gives a pleasantly good experience on flat roads with the power to climb 15% inclined roads.

Although, grainy and paved roads will be somewhat hindrance to your comfort. It will easily endure and neglect bumps to provide a smooth and comfortable experience. If you have the option to choose a better model, go for Turboant X7 as it provides comfort and smoothness unmatched by our M10 Lite.

An advantageous capability of the M10 Lite is that it can provide a ground clearance capability of 80mm which in my opinion is quite good. You may remember my comment from earlier that the deck on this scooter is wide to make sure that you don’t accidentally slip your foot from its deck. Also, make sure to take extra care when dealing with fenders due to their build quality.


Solid Brakes of Turboant M10 LiteWith its dual-braking system, my experience has been consistent and smooth with front one providing motor brake and rear boasting a disc brake.

The scooter easily stops a few meters away even when you are at top speed. I have been quite confident with how efficiently the braking system works.

The front and rear lights are really good in the dark and provide ample light. My experience with its folding mechanism has been okayish, given that I live in one of the most challenging locations and have to do some folding and unfolding. I have grown accustomed to it after riding for almost a hundred kilometres.

The scooter doesn’t have any weird noise or loose elements in its build. The stem is adequate but cannot be extended. Handlebar is fairly good but maybe it could be a bit wider for better control. However, the small build ensures that your scooter doesn’t completely occupy your car’s trunk and leaves ample room for other things.

Final Remarks

When finally deciding to purchase the unit, keep in mind the competition and price range to effectively choose the product. I have already listed out the strengths and weaknesses of this product.

The tools provided in the box are cheap, with the folding mechanism not nearly as good or perfect, and the lack of smartphone app. Also, mode 2 can considerably reduce the mileage reducing efficiency. But, at this price range, you are getting a nice package with ample functions to get you through a pretty decent distance with charging of 5 hours.

Turboant has decided to go with a familiar-looking design without any innovation. But giving you appropriate essentials and sacrificing where necessary. Definitely not a premium device nor a cheap one wobbling between the two that satisfy an average user with a limited budget.

Turbaont M10 Lite

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