Ado Air 28: A Great City Electric Bike

Ado Air 28

Ado Air 28 – The Best E-Bike in its Class

Ever wondered about owning an electric bike and conveniently paddling your way to school or the office? If you are still interested in e-bikes, learn more about Ado Air 28 and decide for yourself. It looks like an exquisite package and would love to buy it.

This gorgeous e-bike here comes from a Chinese manufacturer, Ado, a well-known brand with service centres across the globe as well as smartphone app support for its e-bikes. Don’t worry about the “Chinese” in its name as it is reliable and happens to be my favorite Chinese brand. A gorgeous, lightweight, and sturdy bike with intricately customized parts. It costs about 1400-1500$ depending on the region as well as the store.

Unboxing and Assembling the Ado Air 28

Ado Air 28 Unboxing You don’t need to worry about the box being heavy as it is not something that an average man can’t handle. The bike comes well-packed and partially assembled which means you need to do some work before it is usable.

Although you don’t need to have expert technical skills to assemble the bike, basic tech acumen would greatly help in this case. You need to adjust and install a few main parts, which are the front tire and handlebar as well as tighten the screws and brakes for your convenience.

Assembling Ado Air 28Make sure to take care of the cables while adjusting the handlebar, and positioning can be a bit tricky if you haven’t done it before. Check the position of the handlebar after adjusting it to the body or ask a friend to help you if you are not confident in yourself.

For the front tire, remove the protective pad on the callipers and position the bike upside down for your convenience and install the tyre with the tools provided if you don’t have yours.

After that comes pedal installation. It is easy as well since the crankset is already set, and you just have to install pedals to the crankset. A few things, such as battery recharging, front and rear brake checking, and adjusting the seat, are all the things that you need to do before embarking on your first ride.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications You would love the specifications, and so did I, because a $1500 e-bike. It has all that you would need from an e-bike for a smooth and pleasurable experience.

250 watts (Europe) or 350 watts (International) brushless hub DC motor, torque sensor for smooth and responsive acceleration, Samsung battery with an expected range of 100 km, 20° angle climbing capacity, IPX-5 water-proof rating, and 28-inch tyres accompanying hydraulic brakes all with a weight of 21.5 kilograms.

All of this is hard to swallow if you are a beginner, but worry not because I will explain everything along with the experience I had while testing it.

A robust structure, meticulously crafted design, and hidden cables for brakes is a neat package no one would deny even if it is their umpteenth e-bike. Also, no folding mechanism is no hinges which means the build quality is not compromised anywhere.

The A28 lacks the traditional derailleur which is replaced by a more efficient carbon belt, and it is surprisingly convenient for different terrains as well as requiring less maintenance. You won’t have to worry about cleaning your carbon belt on a weekly basis as it requires less maintenance and provides more efficiency.

Your battery is tucked in the seat, separate from the bike frame, which means that you can charge the battery while parking your e-bike in your garage. The frame is intended for unisex, male and female, with an alluring design.

Difference between EU and Japanese Ado Air 28

There is a slight variation between the European and International versions as Ado had to comply with the standards and rules enlisted by EU regulations, but they are nothing to worry about. On paper, the European version has 28-inch puncture-resistant tyres with no throttle and a maximum of 25km/h speed. The international version has the same 28-inch puncture-resistant tyres but with throttle and a maximum 30km/h speed.

Performance and Experience

Performance and Experience As I already mentioned before, there are a few slight changes between the European and International versions, which don’t affect the performance as you may think. The 5km/h difference is not something that would be unpleasant in your journey riding this bike. However, don’t expect the motor to perform as good as the Bosch mid-drive motors because you will not be satisfied. Ado has also not mentioned the motor it has used in both variants.

A28 has three modes as well as gear zero for those who just want to pedal the bike without utilizing its electric modes. Zero gear may improve your health since it requires you to paddle the bike harder with no electrical support. It is not advisable for elderly people who have health issues.

The bike would perform remarkably well on flat roads and terrains and provide a comfy experience on uphill terrains. This becomes serious if you have to pedal your way up the mountain or any raised terrain. You should also keep in mind that Ado suggests that a 20° inclined terrain is ideal for a smooth performance.

Ado Air 28 Performance

Speed and Acceleration The torque sensor helps accelerate the bike swiftly from 0 to 25 km/h, responding immediately even if you start pedalling from a standing position.

Various factors need to be considered when considering mileage and battery performance since they directly affect them. These include your overall weight, surrounding weather and temperature, terrain, and climate.

In my case, I weighed approximately 90 kilograms with a backpack, and my city temperature was low given that it was winter. I selected the 3rd mode, which was convenient for me as I was travelling up and down the hill. Taking into account these factors, my mileage capped at around 50 kilometres on a full charge.

AAdo Air 28 Range On selecting the 2nd mode, the speed was capped, and mileage considerably increased on a flat road. I achieved about 5 kilometres while losing 6-7% charge from full. The 70-80 kilometres of mileage can be achieved only on flat terrain. The charging time for the battery is about 4-6 hours, and you can charge it from the main frame.

There are plenty of safety precautions that make the driving experience pleasant and satisfying. You don’t need to worry about your seat or battery getting stolen. Ado has provided a factory-made lock mechanism to prevent any unforeseen circumstances.

Drive and Comfort

The 28-inch tyres are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that are precise, responsive, and more efficient than traditional disc brakes. The 28-inch tyres are a bit old-fashioned for current tyre sizes. The front tyre employs an 8mm fork shock absorption suspension designed to absorb shocks from bumps and unpaved roads. It comes with a simple lock and rebound control system to better accommodate the user. However, Ado doesn’t provide any information about servicing it.

Controls and Display

Bright and Sleek screen When it comes to the display, it is a sharp and vivid IPS LCD display reading your speed and mileage. You will have no issues with the viewing experience on a mildly sunny day. However, the display is not perfectly clear on a bright sunny day, which might pose a challenge for some individuals. Nevertheless, it remains usable for those who may be concerned about it.

You have buttons on the left side, including power and front light adjustment buttons. The rear light is controlled manually, with a separate battery module supporting it. Additionally, it supports a smartphone app for limited purposes.


In order to conclude the review, I should mention a few drawbacks for conscious people out there. It only comes with a single frame size as well as without any mechanical gears. It limits the customization of the body severely. You might not like the rear light as it requires manual adjustment from your side.

Every bike has its strengths and weaknesses. But, in my opinion, it is one of the best city bikes you can get in this price range. A durable and reliable build with adequate range and hydraulic brakes is a package everyone wants. I highly recommend this e-bike for everyone, as it is for everyone from a beginner to a veteran

They have a quality repair service all around the globe and you won’t need to worry about not finding one in your country. This is supported by the fact that they provide long warranty support to satisfy their customers.

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Here is the link to my video review of Ado Air A28 on YouTube

Ado Air 28