InMotion Climber Review: Best Dual-Motor City E-Scooter?


InMotion Climber, an ordinary-looking electric scooter, has quite a similar appearance to Mi Scooter and Ninebot Max 2. But in reality, it is one of the few city scooters that come with a dual-motor setup. The dual motor is supposed to provide better acceleration, comfort, and greater range, and none of the competitors are offering dual-motor city electric scooters.

So, considering the price and the specs on paper, the competition is going to be pretty interesting.

Let’s Inspect



  • Exceptional Range and Speed.
  • Dual Motors provides supreme acceleration
  • Strong brakes
  • Wide deck, Comfortable and soft tires
  • IPX7 Waterproof Rating
  • Friendly Smartphone App


  • Tube tires
  • Very Slow Charging Speed

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InMotion Climber – Price


InMotion Climber is slightly more expensive than the competitors, priced at 999$. It is a little more, but having a dual motor setup with a solid battery, I think it has a fair price.

InMotion Climber – UnboxingInMotion Climber Beautiful Packaging

Unboxing feels pretty good. It comes in a nice box; all the things are well-packed and protected to keep everything in good shape.

After taking the scooter out, we can see a lot of things that come with the scooter, including some essential tools and super useful two extra tubes for the tires. This is one of the best accessories in a box and shows that the scooter is made to climb heights and scale bumpy roads and trails.

Appearance and Build Quality

InMotion Climber Beautiful Design After removing the thick protection layers and accessories, we can have our first look at the beautiful electric scooter. InMotion Climber has a generic appearance; the black color with orange accents all around that is very similar to Mi Scooter. It comes pretty much assembled; just mount the handlebar and screw the stand, and you are good to go. The stand was a bit of a surprise for me as they are usually attached to the electric scooter.

Solid Folding MechanismOne thing that I really fell in love with is the build quality. It is made to stand heavy bumps, and the emphasis is clearly visible in every bike component. The handlebar is exceptional, the folding mechanism is super strong, and the body can handle 130kg, which is more than every other scooter on the market.

So, check the tire pressure, tighten the screws, and activate the scooter through the smartphone app, and you are good to go.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: 2×750 Watt Motors in each tire
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Battery: 533Wh
  • Range: Up to 56km
  • Frame: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Weight: 20.8kg
  • Max Loading Capacity: 130Kg
  • Speed Modes: Three Speed Modes
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc and Dual Electric Brakes
  • Tires: 10-inch pneumatic tires with tubes

InMotion Climber – Performance

Pretty nice-sounding specs, but here at tech4all, we emphasize practical results more than just blindly believing the spec sheet. So, let’s start with the motor performance.

InMotion Climber – Speed

Incredible Acceleration InMotion Climber is among the very few urban electric scooters that have a solid dual-motor setup. Which has enabled it to reach incredible acceleration and speed. But unfortunately, you cannot go over 25km/h due to EU regulations. Other than that, the acceleration is supreme. The climber can reach the top speed in just 3.5 seconds, making the scooter even more tempting.

The InMotion Climber can easily scale up to 36% slopes thanks to the strong motors. Where Mi Scooter 4 Pro and Ninebot Max2 are not going over 17km/h and 19km/h, respectively, the e-scooter runs at 23km/h in dynamic mode, which is theoretically not the fastest one.

A couple of things that can be good is having the option to run single motor to extend the range significantly. And secondly, I would love to see an unlocked version that can show the true power of this beast.

InMotion Climber – Range

Solid Range of InMotion Climber The range is one of the highlighting features of this excellent electric scooter. I have completed over 25 kilometers with many stop-and-go instances in the sports mode, and still, I had a quarter of the battery left in the tank. So, it can quickly go over 30 kilometers at top speed. And you can increase the range by slowing the speed and using cruise control to preserve some energy. In ideal conditions, InMotion Climber can easily ride over 40km on a single charge.

Another great thing about the battery is its IPX7 waterproof rating, allowing the scooter to cross small streams or ride over small puddles after rain.

One thing that really needs attention is the incredibly slow charging speed. It takes over 9 hours to fully charge, which is quite extravagant.

Riding Comfort

10-inch Pneumatic TiresRiding comfort is another important thing. The 10-inch pneumatic tires are exceptional; they absorb most of the small bumps. Honestly, I would have loved to see tubeless tires, but it’s good that InMotion has included two spare tubes in the box. Changing the tube and tire is also pretty easy, thanks to the company’s modular approach. They have a 10-minute video on the website teaching you how to change the tire and tube.

InMotion Climber Spacious BoardBesides the tires, the deck is expansive and comfortable, and the handle grip is grippy, adding to the riding comfort.

InMotion Climber – Safety

Hydraullic Disc Brakes

In terms of safety, we have two electric brakes, a mechanical brake, a headlight, and a taillight. The brakes work perfectly, and the lights keep us well-visible during the night, saving us from potential accidents and injuries.

InMotion App

InMotion Smartphone AppInMotion Climber also has an excellent smartphone app. It is mandatory for electric scooter activation. You can also use it to lock the scooter, change controls, fetch essential battery and motor metrics, and health. Moreover, the interface is also pretty nice and friendly.


  • Tubed Tires
  • Activation Via App is Mandatory
  • Slow Charging


Overall, I am pretty happy with the InMotion Climber. It is one of the most complete scooters, a true masterpiece with the potential to set new trends in the industry. I would totally recommend the electric scooter.

InMotion Climber