Xiaomi Scooter 3 Review: The Best Electric Scooter Just Got Better

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Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3 Review: The Best Electric Scooter Just Got BetterMi Scooter 3

Mi Scooter 3 is the latest electric scooter from Xiaomi.

Being the best is not easy, especially if you have to deal with tons of regulations like in Europe, requirements, and user feedback. So I think Xiaomi managed to find the perfect balance to rule the electric scooter market.

So, let’s inspect the cool electric scooter.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Xiaomi Scooter 3.


  • Affordable Mid-Range Scooter
  • Great Performer
  • Solid construction
  • Reliable and comfortable tires
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Incredibly safe to ride in night and day
  • Beautiful design


  • Thin board
  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Hard to clean

Mi Scooter 3 – Price

Mi Scooter 3 Price

The $450 electric scooter in its folding position

Mi Scooters have been quite affordable since the first generation. But the prices were expected to rise due to upgrades, supply issues, and all the mess due to Covid. Surprisingly Xiaomi manages to keep it under 500$.

The price of the Mi Scooter 3 is 450$ with the best technologies of 2021. It is among the most affordable scooter, and you can visit the links at the end of the review to get the best deal.

Mi Scooter 3 – Unboxing

Mi Scooter 3 Unboxing

Packaging of the Xiaomi’s Scooter 3

Unboxing has improved drastically. Xiaomi is using a white box instead of standard khaki box that almost every manufacturer use.

The unboxing experience is excellent; the box is beautiful with prominent features printed on the front. Thick cushions protect all the contents. In the box, we have the scooter, power adapter, Allen Wrench, extended nozzle adapter, screws, a tire and user manual.

Mi Scooter 3 Assembly

The assembling is easy and convenient as the tools are already provided in the box

The scooter’s assembly is pretty basic, we have to put four screws with the help of an Allen wrench, and you are good to go. Checking the tire pressure and brakes before moving is a good habit.

Design and Build Quality

Mi Scooter 3 Design

Design is similar to the previous generation, but now Xiaomi is using a blue accent color instead of their iconic orange. The scooter is available in 2 colors gravity grey and onyx black. The rest of the scooter is similar; the dimensions are the same, and my objections with the small board are the same. The deck is suitable for people with small feet, but it’s not wide enough for my size.

Mi Scooter 3 Handlebar

Its display is very good and can be used in a sunny day as well

Handlebar is the same; on right, we have the accelerator while the brake and bell are on the left side. In the center, we have an extensive and bright screen. I was surprised by the screen’s brightness; everything was well visible in broad daylight.

Mi scooters have been solid since the first generation. The third generation has aviation-grade aluminium construction, which promises more strength and long life. A common problem with previous scooters was weak tires that got puncture due to friction between tire and tube. But this time, Xiaomi is using better and stronger tires and tubes.

Technical Specifications

Mi Scooter 3 Technical Specs

Technical specifications on paper

  • Motor: Rated 300W Max Power 600W
  • Max Speed: 25km/h in sports mode
  • Battery: 275Wh or 7650mAH battery
  • Range: 30km
  • Body: Aviation Grade Aluminum
  • Weight: 13.2kg
  • Max Carrying Capacity: 100kg
  • Suspensions:
  • Wheels: 8.5 inches pneumatic tires
  • Power Assist System: 3 power modes
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Waterproof: IP54 water-resistant

Mi Scooter 3 – Features

Xiaomi Scooter 3 is an exceptional electric scooter. The series is getting better and better with every generation. It is the best choice for an urban scooter; it has acceptable top speed, excellent range at a very affordable price.

The motor is quite powerful; acceleration is substantially good, especially in sports mode. There are three power modes; pedestrian with a maximum speed of 5km/h, standard or eco mode with a top speed of 20km/h and sports mode will unleash the true power of the scooter.

It has one of the best LCDs among electric scooters. The previous split display is now merged; it looks cleaner and visually pleasing. Moreover, it is bright and easy to use. I was easily reading all the details in sunlight.

Mi Home App is a good, functional app, and it is necessary for the activation process.


Mi Scooter 3 –Motor

Mi Scooter 3 Motor

A close-up of Mi Scooter 3’s front wheel

Mi scooter 3 is using a 300W motor with a maximum power output of 600W, according to Xiaomi. 600W is a bit extravagant, but still, the acceleration and power delivery is remarkable. The speed of the scooter is 25km/h. I feel that the scooter can perform better than that, but EU regulations are stopping it.

Mi Scooter 3 –Battery

Mi Scooter 3 Range

The scooter has a 275Wh battery can cover 30km with a 75kg person. The tested range is pretty good as well; I was able to achieve 26km on a single charge in the city with my 90-kilo weight, bumps, frequent start and stop and a slight uphill riding.

Mi Scooter 3 Features

Moreover, the battery has short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overcharging & discharging protection and Undervoltage auto-sleep protection.

Mi Scooter 3 – Safety

Mi Scooter 3 Disc Brake

Mi Scooter 3 has excellent safety features. There are reflectors on all sides of the scooter, along with a bright headlight and taillight. There are two brakes; the front eABS brake and the rear disc brake. The rear disc brake has dual pads, which elongates the brakes life and enhance the braking performance.

Mi Scooter 3 –Comfort

The riding experience is smooth. 8.5 inches tires are good at absorbing shocks and provide a comfortable ride. The deck is not wide enough for me.

Mi Scooter 3 –Portability

Mi Scooter 3 Portability

Mi scooter 3 is a lightweight and portable electric. It only weighs 13kg and folds down to a manageable size. It looks like Xiaomi has paid attention to the users’ complaints because the hinge has a way better design and construction.

Mi Scooter 3 – Drawbacks

Mi Scooter 3 Drawbacks

The downsides of Mi Scooter 3

Mi Scooter 3 is one of the best electric scooter, and Xiaomi has improved all the things they have resolved almost every issue of the previous generation. But still, there is room for improvements.

Drawbacks of the scooter are

  • It is still not fully waterproof.
  • Scooter’s bottom is tough to clean because of its pattern.
  • Not so good for people over 180cm.

Final Verdict

So who is this scooter for? The perfect scooter for beginners and urban commuters. For advanced users, great match in case you need something compliant with safety regulations. I do believe the best urban electric scooter just got better and given the perfect price, so many accessories, extreme popularity. It is among the best sellers of 2021 and 2022.

Where to Buy?

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