Macwheel MX1 Review: Not Xiaomi M365 but Actually Good

Macwheel MX1 Review: Not Xiaomi M365 but Actually Good

Macwheel MX1

Macwheel MX1

Xiaomi M365 is one of the most popular electric scooter in the market, and it has tons of copies varying by just a few little tweaks, but they don’t have the ability to compete against M365 because they don’t have enough power or range. But Macwheel MX1 is the only worthy competitor of M365.

It has the potential to stand alongside the Xiaomi M365.

So, let’s review this copy of M365.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Macwheel MX1.


  • Firm body
  • Wonderful design
  • Wide and balanced deck
  • Comfortable and unique tires
  • Bright front light
  • Lightweight and portable



  • LCD is not bright
  • Brakes are not good at high speed
  • Mentioned range is not easy to achieve.
  • Huge charging time.



Macwheel MX1 – Price

Macwheel MX1, the M365 alternative, is priced at 379$; although the price is 20$ less, the performance is quite similar.

Macwheel MX1 – Unboxing

Nothing extraordinary with the unboxing and the experience. A simple khaki coloured box with MX1 scooter, charger, 2xwrench, user manual and a warranty card.


Macwheel MX1 – Unboxing

No assembling has to be done as the scooter is intact upon arrival. Simply unfold the scooter, and you are good to go.

Design and Construction

Macwheel MX1 is an exact copy of M365 with few tweaks like tires, name, and a few other things.

The scooter has a beautiful ergonomic design with a vibrant orange accent. All the footings and handles are textured for optimal grip and footings. The folding mechanism is well-designed and built.

Solid construction is one of its selling points. Macwheel MX1 has an aluminium construction that can carry over 120kg, while the net weight of the scooter itself is only 13 kg. This pretty much defines how solid the body is.

Macwheel MX1 – Specifications


Macwheel MX1 – Specifications

  • Motor: 350W
  • Max Speed: 25km/h or 15.6 mph
  • Battery: 270Wh
  • Range: 30 km or 18.6 miles
  • Body: Aluminum
  • Brakes: Front and Rear
  • Dimensions: 41.3 x 17.3 x 45.3 inches
  • Weight: 12.86 kilograms
  • Max Carrying Capacity: 120 kilograms
  • Suspensions: Front
  • Wheels: 8.5 inches non-pneumatic foam-filled tires
  • Gears: 3 gears system
  • LCD Display: Yes


Macwheel MX1 is a functional electric scooter with many good features.

We’ll start from the top,


Macwheel MX1 – Handlebar

The Handlebar: On the handlebar, we have break livers, bell and LCD. The display is well visible in low light while struggles in bright daylight. We can control the LCD with a single button. Textured handle grips are comfortable and grippy. Bell placement is excellent; it doesn’t affect the aesthetic of the scooter.

Then we have the Deck; it is sturdy and well balanced and gives you plenty of room to stand; moreover, the footing is grippy and comfortable. A solid aluminium deck has good ground clearance and can easily climb pavements and small hurdles.


Macwheel MX1 – Brakes

The third thing is the Brakes, they are good at slow speed, but at maximum speed, the braking distance is a lot. MX1 has a dual braking system, a disc brake on the rear tire, while an E-ABS brake on the front wheel. The rear brake is not tuned upon arrival, so it’s better to check before going on a ride.


Macwheel MX1 – Foam Filled Tires

Now the tires, Macwheel has strangely comfortable tires. The non-pneumatic tires are usually hard, but one on MX1 are soft and puncture-proof thanks to its foam filling. It also has a steel wire for extra support for the tire.

The folding mechanism is solid and does not start to wear off after a few kilometres like M365.

Lastly, we have some extras like bright front light, rear reflectors and a kickstand. All these things might not look helpful but has their own valuable functions depending on the situation.

Macwheel MX1 – Performance


The maximum speed of MX1 is 25km/h, which is pretty good for a 350W motor. The front-wheel encompasses the motor.


Solid MX1 is powered by a 270Wh battery which provides 15 to 16 km in third gear and a bit more on second gear. The mentioned 30km range is achievable in ideal conditions only. The high-capacity battery takes about 5 hours to get charged.


Two things affect the comfortability of an electric scooter, the tires and the shock absorbers. Both elements are present; it has a single shock absorber on the front. MX1 has 8.5-inches non-pneumatic foam-filled tires for extra comfort. The tires’ performance is better than the M365, and maintenance cost is lesser as the tires are puncture-proof.


Macwheel MX 1 is quite safe to ride; it has a dual braking system with front and rear light. The brake on the front is E-ABS which electrically stops the motor, while the rear tire has a disc braking system. Moreover, the scooter also has a bell.



Macwheel MX1 – Folding Mechanism

The scooter is pretty portable; it has a robust and smooth folding mechanism that makes the scooter easy to carry. Moreover, the lightweight adds to the portability of the scooter.


In the front wheel, we have a 350W hub motor. The powerful motor can accelerate up to 25 km/h and can incline 14° slopes. Unlike M365, the power deliverance is constant across the battery life, while on M365, the power delivery is like it’s in economy mode when the battery reaches 50%.



Macwheel MX1 – Battery

Under the deck, we have a high-capacity 270Wh battery with an incredible range of 30km. The range is not as good as M365, but still, it’s pretty good. The charging time is 5 hours, which is significantly high.

We have 5 LED indicators for the battery.

Macwheel MX1 – Drawbacks

The scooter is excellent, and an exceptional performer with a comfortable riding experience, but the MX1 needs a few improvements.

  • LCD is not visible in daylight.
  • The braking system struggles at high speed.
  • The cruise function cannot be turned off.


Well, that’s pretty much it with the review of Macwheel MX1. The scooter has a decent range and speed with incredible design and overall construction. Moreover, we will recommend the scooter when you are buying it at the right time because the retail price is 380$, which 20$ less than the M365, while at the right time, you can get the scooter for 100$ less than M365.

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