Kugoo S1 VS Xiaomi M365: Is the cheap S1 better?

Kugoo S1 Design

Kugoo S1 VS Xiaomi M365: Is the cheap S1 better?

The Xiaomi M365 has literally changed the world of electric scooter. There are many copies and competitor of this scooter. Most of them are not even close in comparison, and some compete very closely, but no one is better than the M365. So, here is another scooter called Kugoo S1; they are claiming it to be better than M365, and on paper they actually are M365 is only ahead in torque and smartphone app.

That’s why I am here to try it out.

Let’s Inspect

General Comparison

Attributes Kugoo S1 Xiaomi M 365
Motor 350W Brushless DC Motor 250W Brushless DC Motor
Speed 30km/h 25km/h
Battery 36V/6Ah Battery 36V Battery
Range 30km 30km
Frame Aluminum Aerospace-grade Aluminum
Weight 11kg 12.5kg
Speed-Modes Three Three
Brakes Dual-Braking System Dual-Braking System
Tires 8.0-inches non-pneumatic solid tires 8.5-inches Pneumatic tires
Screen Yes No


Kugoo S1 VS Xiaomi M365 – Price

First thing first the price. Kugoo S1 wins the round with a significant margin.

Kugoo S1 is only 339$, and you can get it for 255$ from the link below. At the same time, the cost of M365 is 499$, which is a lot.

Motor and Speed

Both of the scooters have exceptional motors which can produce a great speed rapidly.

Let’s talk about the M 365 first. It has a 250W Brushless motor that can accelerate up to 25km/h, and the max torque is 16Nm. The acceleration is comparatively slow as it takes more time to reach maximum speed than Kugoo S1. We are able to achieve the top speed in our test. The motor is kick start which means you have to push the scooter forward to start the motor.

Kugoo S1 is packing a 350W motor with a maximum speed of 30km/h. Maximum torque on this one is 13.3Nm which is relatively less than the M365. S1 accelerates rapidly; it leaves the M365 way behind in a drag race. The maximum speed doesn’t seem to be achievable by a 90kg man because we are able to reach 28km/h mark. The scooter can start the motor from a still-stand.

Both scooters have 3-speed modes. On S1, the speed on different modes is 15km/h, 20km/h, 25km/h and 30km/h on third speed mode in regions other than Europe. The speed difference is similar in M365 across all three modes.

The bigger S1 motor is not a great performer, but its acceleration wins the race.

Battery and Range

Both the scooters have similar 36V battery, and the mentioned range is 30km. The range is difficult to achieve as many elements come in between. So, the realistic range of S1 is 18km to 20km while M365 can cover 20km to 25km on a single charge. The charging time of S1 is 4 hours, while M365 takes 5 hours to get charged.

M365 has some extra perks like regenerative brakes and the ability to convert kinetic energy into electric energy during acceleration.

The range of both scooters may increase in summer because batteries are not working at 100% due to low temperature.

Kugoo S1 VS Xiaomi M365 – Design and Build Quality


Kugoo S1 and Xiaomi M365 Design

M365 has a beautiful sleek design and solid space-grade aluminium construction. The scooter has reliable colour coating with orange-coloured wires as an accent. Moreover, it also has red reflectors all over the body, like on deck and tires. The handlebar is comfortable with soft grips; we have a battery indicator accompanied by a horn in the centre. Unlike S1 it has a proper brake lever on left side for the rear disk brake and accelerator on right. The deck is wide and grippy.


M365 Convenient Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism is exceptional; it folds and stands in just three seconds. Folding mechanism is efficient, but it is weak and prone to wear and tear over time.

Kugoo S1 design is excellent, but the build quality is cheap. The design is not sleek or minimal; it has Kugoo branding on the deck and handlebar. Handlebar is adjustable which is beneficial for children because fully extended height is almost equal to M365. On the handlebar, we have a screen with speed and brake flicker on either side. The deck is vast, but the ground clearance is not good; it is far less than M365.


Kugoo S1 Hard Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism operation is mysterious; it’s that hard that we have to use a pipe wrench to hammer the hook down. Other than that, it is solid and doesn’t affect the structure of the scooter.

Brakes and Safety Elements

Brakes and Safety Elements

Kugoo S1 Rear Fender Brake

S1 has a dual-braking system. On the front tire, it has an electronic brake that resists the motor to stop. The other one is the rear-fender brake, which is applied manually and can be risky at high speed. According to Kugoo, the scooter will stop within 4 meters at full speed, but it seems impossible. Moreover, at low-speed electronic brake is useless, and at high speed, fender brake is risky. So, you can use one of them at different speeds.

Oher safety element of S1 is the bright front LED

Brakes and safety elements

Xiaomi M365 Disc Brake

The braking performance is exceptional on Xiaomi M365. It has a dual braking system. Upfront, we have the electronic brake and disc brake on the rear tire. Braking performance is far better, and both brakes are functional at varying speed.

Other safety elements of M365 are reflectors on different location and visible head and tail light.

Kugoo S1 VS Xiaomi M365 – Comfort


Kugoo S1 VS Xiaomi M365 Tires Comparison

Xiaomi’s scooter provides an exceptional riding experience. It has bigger and wider pneumatic tires, which smoothens the ride on rocky pavements and paths. There are no suspensions, but still the ride is quite smooth.

On the contrary, the S1 has shock mitigation on both tires, but still, the ride is not smooth. The reason is its solid non-pneumatic tires.

Final Verdict

Both scooters are incredible and have their own pros and cons, but Kugoo’s claims of better scooter than M365 are wrong. The scooter is far from M365 performance, but at 350$, it provides a great value for money.

For me, M365 is a winner, and I will keep on using the scooter until I find a better competitor. But S1 is suitable for beginners who want sufficient power at an affordable price.

So, visit the links below and place an order immediately or want to learn about some other electric scooter, then click here.

Essential Links

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvrSUC_mtMc

Kugoo S1: http://bit.ly/2Wucm6o (use coupon “GKB214S” – down to $255.99)

Xiaomi M365: http://bit.ly/2S34lRZ