Himo L2 Electric Scooter Review: Solid Construction Meets Long Range

Folding Mechanism

Himo L2 Electric Scooter Review: Solid Construction Meets Long Range Himo L2 Electric Scooter

Himo L2 is an urban scooter that is built to last. The scooter with a 35km range, wide 10-inch tires and compliance with every EU law sounds good.

Let’s inspect this cool electric scooter.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of the Himo L2 electric scooter.


  • Attractive price
  • Beautiful Appearance
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Great Motor and Battery Performance
  • Comfortable and Smooth Riding Experience
  • In compliance with EU regulations


  • Not so portable
  • No cruise controls
  • No Odometer

Himo L2 – Price


The Xiaomi ecosystem electric scooter Himo L2 only costs 600$. The price is a bit more than the Mi scooter. But after considering the specs, performance, build quality, and design compliant with the European regulations, I think the price is very attractive.

Unboxing & Assembly


The unboxing experience was OK. I was thankful the box survived the notorious floods in Europe during transportation. The package was damaged, but thick protective foam has kept the scooter safe. Box weighs 22kg which is quite heavy for an urban electric scooter.

Assembly is straightforward; it takes a couple of minutes only. You need to screw five nuts with the help of Allen keys that come with the scooter. Four on the handlebar and one on the headlight.

In the box, we have the Himo L2 Scooter, charger, user manual and Allen Keys.

Appearance and Build Quality

Himo L2 Electric Scooter Appearance

Beautiful Design and Solid Construction

Himo L2 is one of the beautiful electric scooters I have reviewed. It has a rugged appearance, like not polished enough. But the scooter is meant to be like that, and it is great. I have the black and white variant, L2 has a full black version, but I like the panda style. It is available in different colours; you can check them at the link below.

Wide Board

White Seam Across the Board

I loved the white colour in the bike; the white seam around the broad deck is exceptional. Talking about the deck, it is one of the widest on this scale of electric scooters. The board is grippy and comfortable.


Solid Ergonomic Handlebar

The handlebar is solid. On the right, we have a brake lever, accelerator with light and power button. In center, there is the LCD, and second brake lever and bell on left. Handlebar construction is pretty good; the LCD in the middle is bright.

Moving on to the build quality of Himo L2. It has supreme build quality; the primary material is aluminium alloy. You might be thinking that every scooter has aluminium construction; how is it different? The Scooter weighs 18kg, which means all the aluminium tubes have extra material for extra strength. Moreover, the folding mechanism is unique and durable. It doesn’t get wear and tear from frequent folding and unfolding.

Himo L2 – Technical Specifications

Himo L2 Electric Scooter Technical Specifications

  • Motor: 350W brushless motor
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Battery: 36V
  • Range: 32km
  • Body: Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: 118cm x 46cm x 121cm
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Max Carrying Capacity: 150kg
  • Suspensions: No
  • Wheels: 10-inches pneumatic tires with tube
  • Power Assist System: 3 Power Modes
  • LED Display: Yes

Himo L2 – Features

Himo L2 is a great electric scooter; it passes all the EU regulations and is an incredible performer. Here are some prominent features of Himo L2.

Number plate Spot

Dedicated Number Plate Spot

First is the design that gives this scooter tremendous strength and durability. It is among the few scooters with a specific spot for the number plate. The spot is handy for Germans because it’s a requirement there. Moreover, it also checks all the boxes of Europe standards like maximum speed limit, no cruise control etc.

Himo L2 Electric Scooter Speed Modes

L2 has three-speed modes that can be changed from the corresponding button. Walking mode goes up to 5km/h; it’s helpful when another person is walking with you. Eco-mode can go up to 18km/h, and with sports mode, you can reach the maximum speed. Walking mode is kind of useless because no one wants to ride the solid scooter at this speed.

Himo L2 – Performance

Let’s talk about the performance of Himo L2.



L2 has a solid 350W brushless motor that can displace a speed of 25km/h. The performance is way better than many best names in the market. Ninebot Max has a 350W motor, and I was unable to find any difference in the performance. Moreover, it also outclasses Mi Scooter Pro 2.


Himo L2 battery has a 36V capacity. On paper, the range is 35km, and I was able to get 30km. Which is pretty good considering I weigh around 90kg. The charging time is 5 to 6 hours.


Thick tires

10-inches Thick Tires

The ride is very smooth and comfortable. The scooter does not have suspensions, but thick pneumatic tires are an excellent shock absorber. The comfort is better than any electric scooter in this range. I always think wider tires are better and quitter than cheap electric scooter suspensions. Moreover, the wide board of the scooter is fantastic. It has enough room to fit both feet comfortably.


The scooter is incredibly safe to ride. It has a bright head and tail light, with reflectors on the right and left sides of the scooter. There are two brakes; they are separate and not separate at the same time. Right lever triggers the motor brake while the left lever pulls both rear disc and front motor brake. So, the brakes are a bit aggressive.


The folding mechanism is unique and durable. But the scooter is not very portable; the weight is 18kg which is not easy to carry around. Moreover, it doesn’t fit in small trunks.

Himo L2 – Drawbacks

Himo L2 Electric Scooter Drawbacks

There are a few drawbacks that I found in Himo L2

  1. No Odometer
  2. Brakes are a bit Aggressive.
  3. Overall, the scooter is heavy.
  4. No cruise control, but it’s due to EU regulations.
  5. No smartphone App.

Final Words

As already stated, the Himo L2 scooter is built to last. It has a solid combination of extremely smooth, comfortable riding with a powerful, flexible motor. In my opinion one of the excellent underdogs’ brands this year, which could surprise you with excellent quality at a relatively acceptable price.

Where to Buy?

Here is a discounted link where you can buy L2 don’t forget to use coupon 5SHBVOWX. Moreover, you can watch the video review here and learn about more awesome tech here.