Eksa 910: A wireless Gaming Headphone on a Budget

Eksa 910: A wireless Gaming Headphone on a Budget

Do you remember when we used to have those wired headphones entangled and messing up our gaming experience?  But the gaming experience has improved after the invention of wireless headsets. Customers hunt for the best quality headphones at a reasonable price. Sometimes it gets harder to find them in a pool of different reviews. To fish you out of the fuss of which one’s the best, I have picked out one for you of which, I am going to write a detailed review.

Ekaso 910

I have picked Eksa E910 out of dozens of options with astounding quality, brilliant design, and an exceptionally slouchy fit.

Eksa E910 Price

I want to highlight that the price is 89 dollars before proceeding to technical stuff since pricing matters to most buyers. You can buy it from Eksa’s official website and other sites like Amazon, etc. Although, I have tried my dead-level best to provide you with the utmost honest review. The ball will always be in your court. So, without further ado, let’s enlist the essentials you are eager to know.


Ekaso 910 Unboxing

Eksa 910’s Box

As said by the great philosophers, the first impression is the last. Before unboxing, you will encounter a nice-looking box with visible tech highlights. You will notice a carrying pouch made up of thick eco-leather, which provides excellent protective covering. The entire package includes a 5.8GHz USB Transmitter, USB-Type C Charging Cable, 3.5mm audio cable, User Manual, and finally, a retail box. Further details of these parts will be in their respective section.

Eksa 910 headset -Material

When it comes to headphones, the biggest concern is their manufacturing. Eksa 910 headphones are made up of good-quality plastic, which serves longer. In addition, the metal plate is covered with soft material, which provides a comfortable experience to a user. As per other users’ opinions, more metal would have aided its performance. However, I believe that would have compromised its lightweight quality.

Technical Features

Eksa E910 Features

Features of this device

The microphone is unidirectional with 43db sensitivity.


1200mAh battery which seems entirely adequate for long-hour use. There are attractive side LEDs, a microphone control button, protein memory foam earpads comfortable for long-wear, Ear Noise Cancellation support to avoid unwanted background noises, and software for configuration for a PC. The E910 5.8GHz Wireless Headset has obvious advantages: the low latency of 15ms, the transmission distance of 15 meters/49ft, and the working time of up to 10h make it unique. Eksa 910 transmitter is connected to the computer and does not use Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth 5 expected latency is between 20 and 40ms in suitable conditions.

Eksa 910 headset -Audio Quality

The prime concern of audio quality has the authority to boost up or disappoint the user experience. Eksa products are more inclined towards cool gaming sounds. If you focus on high-end notes and bass, which serves the lead role can optimize the gaming experience by audible explosions in the background of the game. Tip for you! If you want to experience flatter sound, then you can increase high-end tones and some mid-tone frequencies. It will surely augment not only games but movies and music too. They are competitive because of the crucial contribution of significant 50mm drivers. There are two modes; the regular one, which solely allows the application of EQ, and the surround mode applying 7.1 feelings.

Eksa 910 headset -More Features

Eksa 910 headset is a comfortable with exceptionally soft cushions adding to its excellent quality. Moreover, it is a lightweight and perfect fit for the head. It serves as excellent isolation from unnecessary background noises. Another valuable feature is ENC call noise canceling, which utilizes software algorithms to suppress background voices during voice calls. It is helpful for online meetings.

Eksa 910 headset -Drawbacks

Eksa E910 Drawbacks

Demerits of Eksa 910

For the utmost honest review, there is a need of highlighting possible drawbacks. First, you must depend on a dongle to work the headset as it lacks a 3.5mm port. Unlike others, its inadequacy of transparency mode hinders the hearing of faint background voices. Third, it has no charging quick charging mode, which can be problematic during urgent needs. Fourth, there is less windscreen required, but the insufficiency of an excellent folding mechanism can restrict portability.

Final Verdict

If you are on a budget, then the Eksa 910 headset would be a reasonable choice. This quality product serves your interest in bassy sounds and participation in online meetings. Moreover, since its parts are easily replaceable and considering its good battery endurance, Eksa E910 can be enlisted among reliable products.

Where to Buy?

Here is the affiliate link to Eksa 910. Moreover, watch the video review on our YouTube Channel. Learn about more cool tech at Tech4all.