ModMic Wireless Review: Add Broadcast-Quality Microphone to just ANY Headphones!

Modmic unboxing

Have you ever had the struggle to find a good headset with a proper microphone? I’ve tested a dozen of the best gaming headsets and most of them simply fail to deliver the microphone quality I’m looking for. After discovering ModMic it looks like I shouldn’t care about microphone quality anymore… 😇

Unboxing & Setup

Let’s begin with unpacking and setting it up. Being made by Antlion Audio, the ModMic series have a wireless, a USB and a universal analog edition, with the wireless option giving you the most connectivity features, but also being the most expensive out of all due to the adoption of aptX Low latency technology by Qualcomm.

The box has a few charts explaining ModMic’s top features as well as the common ways to attach to a headset.



The pack arrives in a carrying case, which is a very practical idea – there are a few tiny accessories you don’t want to lose and finding them quickly can sometimes save a lot of hassle. The base used for attaching to headsets is very small, but the magnet is extremely strong. You get a spare base in the accessories, meaning that you can swap two different headsets at your convenience. There’s a USB receiver too, and most often you’d connect it to a PC or Mac.
To start using the microphone you have to connect the receiver, confirm it is turned on, and then – power the microphone up by pressing the only button available. As simple as that.


Luckily the greatest strength of ModMic Wireless is indeed its wireless communication – it requires no drivers for the installation, and adopts very advanced wireless technology allowing exceptional audio quality with almost no latency – could be top priority for gamers, where each and every millisecond counts. The reception is stable and is perfectly covering a large room. Since it doesn’t utilize Bluetooth, interference is very unlikely to occur.
I tested it even behind a wall – and the connection has remained stable; For professional purposes I wouldn’t risk getting objects or walls getting in between the microphone and the receiver.

You could link ModMic Wireless with a USB extension cable (micro USB port) to a computing device too. But I personally avoid using cable-based headphones and headsets, especially when conversations are involved, due to the freedom of movements.



Controlling the microphone is quite easy too. there’s LED indication keeping you aware of the status – useful mostly before you attach it to your headset. You can somewhat control the height of the microphone. There also is a convenient mute button. It is clicky and immediately triggers an LED on the receiver, which you want to keep within sight (and this is why you get an extension cable in the pack!). Additionally, the microphone has two working modes – omnidirectional – which I’d recommend for situations requiring the highest possible quality (because this mode has wider frequency response), and the crisp and clear unidirectional, which is great if you want to suppress unwanted background noises and chatter.


Battery Life

The battery endurance is among the great strengths of this microphone! It lasts for up to 12 hours according to lab testing, and in my case I have successfully completed a close to 10-hour training session on a single charge. To top the battery up you have to connect a microUSB charger. The good news is that it all works while being recharged, without bringing in any unpleasant noises!


Although it hosts an in-built battery and the microphone capsule is bigger than an average lavalier microphone, ModMic Wireless is surprisingly lightweight and at no point of time you would notice its presence in terms of weight.

As soon as you are ready with your conversations or recordings, you could detach it from the magnetic base and put it aside.


Audio Quality

In terms of functionality, the omni directional mode has a wider frequency response, better for high quality recordings and streaming, but not for multi-person streaming.  We recommend featuring this as the primary mode you would use.


Demo: Omni-directional mode

Demo: Uni-directional mode




  • Broadcast microphone quality
  • Omni- and uni-directional modes
  • Easy to use
  • No drivers required
  • Long lasting battery


  • no Bluetooth option
  • hard to use with smartphones


Being right now without competition, ModMic wireless comfortably creates a new niche – by providing unmatched microphone quality regardless your headset brand. It is significantly better than any other in-built or dedicated microphone in a headset and to put it in simple words – MidMic wireless delivers the promise – adding broadcast microphone quality toy just any headphones!

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