DJI Mic 2 Review: The Only Wireless Microphone System that You Need

DJI Mic 2

DJI Mic 2 Review: The Only Wireless Microphone System that You Need

DJI has launched the second generation of its wireless mic. Although the first generation was packed with all the essentials, it is still one of the best-selling microphones on various websites. DJI Mic 2 package is designed with all the content creators in mind. It’s compact, easy to use, and provides quality audio. Moreover, the charging case is redesigned. 

Let’s dive in to find out what DJI has improved and what its weaknesses are to determine if I can ditch my current system for this microphone. 



  • Compact, lightweight, and pleasing design
  • Long transmission range
  • Easy-to-use receiver with ample controls
  • Intelligent noise cancelling
  • Flexibility with 32-bit float audio


  • Wind muffs don’t fit in the case
  • Thin, lav mic cable

DJI Mic 2 – Price

DJI Mic 2 PriceThe price seems to be great. The bundle that I have got is priced at $349; the combo comes with two transmitters, one receiver, and a charging case. DJI Mic 2 still has a more attractive price than its closest competitor, Rode. 

DJI Mic 2 – Unboxing

Unboxing feels good; it’s simple, and everything comes packed in a convenient carrying case. In the bag, we have three compartments: the first one holds the wire; in the center, we have small pockets for transmitters; and lastly, we have the charging case that holds the main content. 

We have the DJI Mic 2 receiver, 2xtransmitter, a camera audio cable, charging case, USB type-C and lighting bolt adapter, 2xclip magnet, 2xwindscreen, charging cable, and the carrying bag. In typical DJI fashion, the Mic 2 comes loaded with all the essential accessories. 

Appearance and Build Quality

Beautful DJI Mic 2 Transmitter and RecieverAt the first touch, everything feels great and of supreme quality. The transmitters are relatively small and light and follow the transparent cover trend. It looks cool. The clip on the back is super strong, and the magnet has enough power to hold the position on t-shirts and sweatshirts. 

The transmitter itself has three buttons, a Type-C port, a 3.5mm jack, and a large omnidirectional condensed diaphragm microphone. The receiver looks even better and has a compact design with pretty simple controls. It has audio in and out port, and the features are controlled via the touch screen and the rotating button. The OLED screen is incredibly responsive, well-visible, and easy to use. 

Convenient Charging CaseThe charging case is very well designed. It is not bulky or chunky and hosts them perfectly. You can quickly charge both transmitters and the receiver easily, and there is room for adapters and magnets for both transmitters. 

Pretty good, Right?

Technical Specifications

  • Mic Type: Condensed Diaphragm 
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional 
  • Transmission Range: 250 meters
  • Bluetooth Protocol: BR/EDR
  • Wireless mode: GFSK 1Mbps and 2Mbps 
  • Battery Capacity:360mAh
  • Operating Time: 6 hours
  • Internal Storage: 8GB
  • Float Audio Support: 32bit
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz to 20kHz
  • Transmitter and Receiver Weight: 28 grams

How to Control DJI Mic 2?

DJI Mic 2 Reciever The setup is very different from most other DJI products because you don’t need to activate it through the smartphone app. Just take the receiver and transmitter out, connect them to the device, and you will be good to go. It is good because creators often need good audio on the go. 

The Mic 2 can also accommodate a cable-based setup, and you can also use a transmitter as a standalone recorder and even attach a microphone of your choice. 

DJI Mic 2 has all the controls on the touch screen, which can also be used with the control wheel on the receiver. Moreover, each transmitter also has a physical record, link, and power button. 

The main controls are on the receiver, swiping down on the main display, the upper menu where you can adjust receiver gain, headphone output level, transmitter and receiver settings, and display options like LED brightness. 

Swiping up will take you to the lower menu. The transmitter appears as TX1 and TX2, and here, you will find options to record, mute, and toggle the noise cancelling feature on or off. 

How to Connect DJI Mic 2 with Devices?

DJI Mic 2 on Camera
You can connect the DJI Mic 2 receiver to your smartphone via the lighting and USB-C adapter. You can use the built-in hot shoe mount for DSLR or simply clip it on your camera and connect it through the 3.5mm audio cable. 

DJI Mic 2 also has Bluetooth, but you cannot use noise canceling or onboard recording. That’s why it’s better to use it with the receiver. 

How can you Access Recordings?

To access the recording, simply connect the DJI Mic 2 to your PC through the USB cable and copy all the files. The files are conveniently named after the recording date, which is super helpful. 

DJI Mic 2 – Features

The specs of the Mic 2 are simply impressive. It delivers excellent performance and comes packed with great features. 

Omnidirctional Condensed MicThe first one is the ability to record 32-bit float audio. It is paired with an optional backup track at -6db to effectively eliminate the potential for clipping. Moreover, it also adds great flexibility to post-processing. 

Intelligent Noise CancellingAttaching the mic to the shirt significantly isolates the distracting noise, but still, it gets difficult to record good audio in a crowded place. DJI Mic 2 has intelligent noise-canceling functionality that kicks in immediately with a press of a button and is highly effective. 

Mic 2 on a SmartphoneDJI Mic 2 can transmit the signal to over 250 meters in an outdoor environment. The range is simply exceptional and makes it a versatile device. The mic also has 8GB internal storage and is compatible with all DSLR, video, mirrorless, smartphones, and action cameras. Connection with DJI devices like Osmo Action 4 and 3 is even simpler.

DJI Mic 2 does not require much maintenance; most features are designed to be helpful and easy to understand or speed up the recording process. Moreover, it also receives regular firmware updates, which is good for the device’s longevity. 

DJI Mic 2 – Performance 

The audio performance is excellent; it records clear audio that you can listen to on our YouTube video. During the testing, there were no signs of audio drifting. 

DJI Mic 2 has a great library of settings in the menu related to various camera process signals; the microphone understands the settings and controls the audio accordingly. It gives you complete control of the gain. The graphs and the audio level are super helpful for avoiding peaks and distortions. 

In addition to the sound quality, the battery performance is incredible. It can efficiently work for almost 6 hours, and if you have the charging case, you can recharge two cycles of all three chargeable devices. It has incredible endurance, making it ideal for all content creators. 


  • Wind muffs don’t fit in the charging case
  • Thin lav mic cable
  • Audio jack placement is not ideal. 


Without a doubt DJI Mic 2 is the easiest ever wireless microphone to use. It gives you the freedom to use it how you like, connect it to your favorite devices, use it independently, record in-built storage, and more. It is an incredibly versatile device that delivers exceptional performance at a competitive price. 

I think the Mic 2 is totally a worthy upgrade. What do you have to say about the device? Let me know in the comments 

DJI Mic 2