Xiaomi 13 Review After a Month: Is It Worth the Money?
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The global version of Xiaomi 13 is here, and the staggering price of the cell phone has everyone rolling their eyes. No doubt, the cell phone is well-capable and can deliver exceptional performance. But is it worth the extravagant price...
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The 2021 Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Review: Great Fitness Tracker, Bog-Standard Smartwatch at a Bargain
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To put things into perspective, we’re noting that the global Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite comes just 3 months after the latest Mi Band and already surpasses it by quite a lot. It offers a two times bigger display, an increased...
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Xiaomi Redmi’s Cheapest Android Smartphone Ever: GO! Camera, Specs and Features
Redmi GO: Xiaomi’s cheapest smartphone Redmi GO: Xiaomi’s cheapest smartphone Redmi Go is an entry-level smartphone presented by Redmi with a mere cost of $65, but that doesn't undermine it completely. It comes under Redmi's line-up and not Xiaomi, as...
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