Haylou LS02 Review and Test: A 25$ Xiaomi Ecosystem Smartwatch that is Actually Good?

Haylou LS02 Featured

Haylou LS02 Review and Test: A 25$ Smartwatch that is Actually Good?


Haylou LS02

Everyone is looking for a cheap and good smartwatch. Many companies like Mibro and others have tried but failed drastically because the products were more on the fitness tracker side. Haylou has also stepped in with their Haylou LS02 smartwatch in the 30$ price range.

We had tested Haylou Solar before LS02, which was not good enough and missed many features. Well, let’s try their all-new Haylou LS02 to learn if the watch is worth buying or not.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Haylou LS02.


  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Beautiful Screen.
  • Convenient Charging System.
  • Soft Silicone Strap.
  • IP-68 waterproof.


  • Inaccurate HR tracking.
  • Unreliable sports and sleep tracking.
  • Difficult synchronization.
  • Delayed notifications and call reminder.
  • No GPS.
  • No mic and speaker.
  • Smart unlock feature barely works.




Haylou LS02 is among the cheapest smartwatches in the market. The watch is priced at 28$ only by October 2020; you can get the watch for 25$ in some regions.

Check the links below for the best possible price.

Haylou LS02 – First Impression

The box design is the same as the previous Haylou Solar smartwatch. The unboxing experience is okay; we have the watch, charging cable and user manual in the box.

First Impression

First Impression

The screen has glass protection, and the rest of the body is made from plastic. The plastic feels sturdy, but plastic is plastic, and it’s not as strong as metal frames. It has a 20mm silicon strap; the strap is soft and comfortable.

Haylou LS02 – Appearance

Haylou LS02 is reasonably similar to Apple Watch without the dial, but the build quality and material of the Apple Watch are far beyond LS02. It is featuring a metal-looking plastic body with glass covered screen. The body appears to be strong, but plastic can never compete with metal.



The strap is a usual soft and comfortable 20mm silicon. The size has many benefits because there are many design options available from many sellers around the world.

Navigation is straightforward. Firstly, we have a home button for locking and unlocking. Swipe down for quick toggles and swipe up for the menu. Swiping left and right will hover you through customizable tiles.

Technical Specs

Haylou LS02 is a weird smartwatch; the only good thing about the watch is its screen and strap. The battery is big, but the timing is not good enough.

Below are the technical specifications of the watch.

Technical Spec

Tech Specs

  • Processor: Nordic NRF 52840.
  • Screen: 1.4-inches bright and vivid LCD with 320×320 resolution.
  • Body: Glass and Plastic.
  • Weight: 38 grams.
  • Strap: 20mm silicon strap.
  • Battery: 260mAh battery with 7 to 20 days timing.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 compatible with Android 4.4, iOS 8.0 and above.
  • Sensors: Ultra-low dynamic Heart Rate sensor, Accelerometer.
  • Waterproof: IP-68 waterproof.

Haylou LS02 – Features

There is not much to describe in this section because the features are not reliable. LS02 is one of the useless smartwatch that we have ever tested and reviewed.

The first feature is its big, vivid 1.4-inches screen with smooth animations. The screen is well-visible throughout the day, and viewing angles are also exceptional. We have 12 sport modes on the watch.


Breathing Exercise

Other features of the watch include call reminders, notification alert, smart unlock and breathing exercises.

Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking is the worst on Haylou.

Heart Rate Tracking: Our tracker is not tracking the rate over 120bpm. When doing sport, the rate was stuck at 120 while the results were over 150bpm on other fitness trackers.

Sport Modes: Haylou LS02 has 12 sport modes. The modes are enough, but in our opinion, the tracking was not effective. Moreover, our sports data was erased after 12 days of usage.

Sleep Tracking: Sleep tracking is not dependable as well.

Steps Tracking: Steps tracking is satisfactory, and Accelerometer is also good at tracking speed, but the distance tracking is poor.



Battery Life

We have got a 260mAh battery. The battery is big, but the endurance is not good. We get 7-20 days on a single charge depending upon the heart rate tracking and screen on time.

Stock charging cable takes 90 minutes to charge up.

Haylou LS02 App


Haylou LS02

The App is rated 2 stars on Google Play. We have seen many exceptional smartwatches with bad rating, but this app is as good as it is rated.

Haylou LS02 – Drawbacks

Haylou LS02 is a so-called smartwatch, but its features and hardware are more like a fitness tracker. There are many things that Haylou needs to add and improve in the next generation. Moreover, the firmware needs a lot of up-gradation and improvements.

Here are some drawbacks that Haylou can enhance in the next generation.


Haylou LS02 – Drawbacks

  • Few watchfaces.
  • Connectivity is quite complex and painful.
  • Missing GPS.
  • No speaker and mic.
  • Android App needs a lot of improvements.
  • Low battery life.
  • Battery timing is not good.

Final Verdict

Haylou LS02 is somewhere between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker; according to us, it is more on the fitness tracker side. Haylou has tried to reach the smartwatch level at way too low price, and results are in front of you. The watch is neither a smartwatch nor a fitness tracker.

We strongly recommend you not to buy this watch, but if you want to try the watch or willing to waste your money, then buy from the links below. Moreover, you can also find some proper fitness tracker in the 30$ price range.

Useful Links

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz74Dz5Eoks

Haylou LS02: https://geni.us/HaylouLS02

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Huawei Band 4: http://bit.ly/38bTBKi​ (use code tech4all11)