Kospet Tank T2: A Great Rugged Smartwatch on a Budget

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Kospet is a brand known for creating some exciting rugged smartwatches on a budget. Today we’re taking a closer look at their Tank T2 Special edition – with round display and a number of remarkable features. In this review we’re about to analyze its hardware and software and get to share with you some real life experience with the watch.

Unboxing and tech specs:

From the moment you lay eyes on the Kospet Tank T2 box, you know you’re in for a treat. The sleek packaging, adorned with futuristic graphics and the promise of adventure, sets the stage for a decent unboxing experience. If you opt for the Special Edition box, you will receive the watch equipped with a stainless steel strap, on top of the traditional silicon strap. You also get a set of tools so that you can adjust that strap according to your wrist size.
A charging plate and user guide are included too.
The specifications of the smartwatch are suggesting great health tracking and visual experience. Since Kospet Tank T2 is based on basic hardware running RTOS, battery life should be decent!

 Rugged Elegance: More Than Just a Pretty Face

The Kospet Tank T2 is not your average smartwatch; it’s a rugged marvel that combines durability with style. The robust design ensures that your smart companion survives the daily grind, be it an adventurous outdoor expedition or the hustle and bustle of your urban routine. With a sleek yet sturdy build, the Tank T2 is a statement piece that stands out in any crowd. Note that it is among the really big smartwatches out there – and it has no size options.




  • Durable and elegant
  • U.S. MIL-STD-810H compliant
  • Long lasting battery
  • Supports phone calls
  • AMOLED display


  • Some software remarks
  • Display refresh rate
  • No in-built GPS

Crystal-Clear Display: Your World at a Glance

The smartwatch boasts a vibrant and responsive display, providing you with a crystal-clear view of your notifications, fitness stats, and more. Whether you’re checking your messages, monitoring your heart rate, or navigating through your daily schedule, the Tank T2’s vivid screen ensures a seamless and immersive experience. The display peak brightness is strong enough to light up the screen outdoors and keep it visible at most times. Scrolling speed has been somewhat jerky, suggesting a lower refresh rate, but other than that the 1.43 AMOLED display offers decent experience and the big size allows Kospet to fit in a lot of useful widgets.


Durability: Like no other

This is in my opinion the strongest selling point of Tank T2 – it meets et U.S. MIL-STD-810H standards, furthermore – Kospet claim it is IP69K rating compliant, which can withstand 50m water pressure, making it suitable for some extreme sports such as swimming, diving, surfing, and many other day-to-day water sports and activities.
The rugged design and metal case promise that most parts of this watch are close to indestructible, or at least – a lot more durable than most other smartwatches out there.


Fitness Redefined: Your Personal Wellness Coach

Elevate your fitness journey with the Tank T2’s comprehensive health and fitness features. Equipped with advanced sensors, this smartwatch keeps track of your heart rate, sleep patterns, and daily activities, empowering you to make informed decisions about your well-being. It’s not just a watch; it’s your personal wellness coach on your wrist.
The step counter has been excellent while testing the watch. Heart rate information is accurate too – the HR sensor can detect spikes and send you warnings in case of too high values reached. The watch can also track SpO2, even blood pressure – with the last option being rather a marketing gimmick as opposed to being really useful. Sleep tracking records are also available – you can see more details about them from within the Kospet Fit smartphone app.
Tank 2 comes equipped with a number of tracked workouts – an excellent opportunity to collect valuable information while you are practicing your favorite kind of sport. Since there is no in-built GPS, the collected data won’t be as detailed as what you may get from other models. 


Stay Connected, Anytime, Anywhere

With the Tank T2, you’re never out of touch. Receive notifications, calls, and messages directly on your wrist, keeping you connected without reaching for your phone constantly. The smartwatch seamlessly syncs with your smartphone, ensuring you stay in the loop while on the move. It also supports Bluetooth-relayed phone calls – a feature which is extremely convenient in extreme situations where you simply cannot pick up your smartphone and talk. The speaker quality is above average, and you will certainly appreciate the integration of the function. Kospet have also included a software switch about enabling or disabling the function in the quick toggles area.


Easy to Use Interface

Kospet are no strangers to the wearables market, and have had some very successful smartwatches already. Tank 2 in particular is very easy to use – you can access most menus via swipes. A swipe right from the main watchface will show you a full list with all the available apps – you will find such for exercises, health tracking and productivity, as well as settings & configuration items. Swiping up shows the notifications queue, and swiping left reveals the beautifully designed information tiles. The watchfaces are also very elegant, some of them – interactive, just as Apple Watch series. Through the “sport” button you have a shortcut to all the available exercises.


Long-lasting Power: Fuel for Your Adventures

Say goodbye to battery anxiety! The Kospet Tank T2 comes equipped with a long-lasting battery, allowing you to explore, work, and play without constantly worrying about running out of power. It’s a reliable companion that keeps up with your dynamic lifestyle.



The Kospet Tank T2 smartwatch is not just a timekeeping device; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. With its rugged elegance, well balanced features, and seamless connectivity, the Tank T2 offers a glimpse into the future of budget rugged smartwatches. Embrace the power on your wrist and embark on a journey where style, functionality, and decent build quality converge. The Kospet Tank T2 is more than a smartwatch; it’s a statement of your readiness to have a wearable that can survive, no matter the conditions.


Kospet Tank T2