Huawei Band 4: Is it Good Enough to Compete with Mi Band 4?

Huawei Band 4

Fitness trackers are more affordable and functional than ever. And I try review the most capable and budget-friendly devices on the market.

Expectations were that the Huawei Band 4 is going to be more or less the same as the well known bother or sister brand – Honor – with the Band 5 series – but it is not.

Let’s quickly unbox it: good signature and box by Huawei, way better than what happened with the Mi Band 4 unboxing; inside – there’s the fitness tracker, a short user guide, and that’s it. Huawei have reengineered the charging port. It’s not revolutionary, because other fitness trackers have similar implementation, but it is one of the rare occasions where you have a physical lock button on the band. You actually have to depress this button and the mechanism will let you easily unlock and get to the charging port. This idea is brilliant, of course it is too early to say about the durability of this approach, but so far for two weeks, including sleeping, doing sports, showering – I’ve noticed no issues at all.


91mah battery, good for 7 days of usage, modified Bluetooth 4.2, water resistant, and very lightweight. Most of it is plastic, the display is luckily covered by glass, and the band is silicone rubber. In terms of design – it is very good looking, and if Mi Band is too roundish for you, this could appear to be more attractive.


The processor is Appolo3 – same as used in Honor bands generation 4 and 5 – therefore responsiveness is comparable.



Navigation is quite easy – capacitive button – which acts as a home button, swipe up and down to go through the menus, swipe right for quick access to the notifications, swiping left appears to do nothing. I noticed that as soon as you get more notifications – it may take around a second the panel to show up. Actually this is one of the features I like the most – the way these notifications are grouped.

Sleep tracking

Sleep tracking is very precise – and as mentioned earlier – it has detected two day-naps I’ve had. Which makes me think that it will probably detect if you are sleeping during the day – something that for example Mi Band and Amazfit devices famously fail to do . Probably it is among the best in its class about that, and likely with the latest firmware, the Honor Band 5 can do the same.

Battery life is the component that didn’t impress – with sleep tracking and continuous heartrate, and notifications – it is only around a week. Luckily – charging is very easy, and for the first time this year – one of the more serious brands comes up with a good device that has a USB port.

Heartrate & Waterproof

Heartrate measuring is also superb. Waterproofness is good, but – despite the fact it is waterproof, there’s no swimming mode in the workout section.


The Huawei Band 4 is really good; Sure – battery life is not as great as the phenomenal Mi Band 4 endurance, but for fitness tracking Huawei Band 4 is in its own league. Some minor things that could be addressed with firmware updates – like the missing swimming mode, music controls, and maybe – control for the screen on time duration. Other than that – it is an awesome basic tracker to have.