Best 4K Dashcam Under 200$? 70mai A810 Seems to be the ONE!

Introduction 1

Best 4K Dashcam Under 200$? 70mai A810 Seems to be the ONE!

Sony Stavis 2 image sensors have made a massive impact on the dash cameras. Now, they record far better 4K videos, which was not possible with the previous generation of the image sensor. Moreover, low-light videos are also a huge step up in terms of performance. 70mai A810 is part of a new wave of dash cameras. The new technology co mes at a great price, which makes this dash cam tempting. 

So, here is a detailed review of all the strong and weak sides of the dash camera. 

Let’s Inspect!



  • Great value for money
  • Latest Sony Stavis 2 image sensor
  • Exceptional day and night video quality
  • Advance ADAS implementation
  • Functional and easy-to-use screen


  • No supercapacitor
  • Basic rear module


70mai A810 PriceThe camera starts at 180$. Many people may call it a budget dash, but it is still above the impulse buying threshold. But still, 180$ is quite a tempting price for all the promised features. All the similar models from Blackvue, Thinkware, DDPAI and Viofo have higher prices. So, if the camera performs well, it is going to set a golden standard. 


Premium Unboxing ExperienceUnboxing feels premium. 70mai has shown its quality and attention to detail in its packaging. Inside the box, we have two compartments. The first one has the main front unit and rear module. Both of them have very similar designs to the previous generation and feel good in hands.

The other section has all the accessories. It includes a dual port charger, a long cable for the rear camera, a prying tool, a user guide and a screen folio. A dual-port cigar charger is a nice addition; people often use it to charge their mobile phones. Lastly, the camera does not have extra screen folio and adhesive tape. 

Appearance and Build Quality

Beautiful 70mai A810Like Viofo, 70mai has also established a uniform design for its dash camera. It has a similar wedge-shaped design that we have seen in previous generations. 

Big 3-inch screen with 4 buttonsLet’s describe the camera from the front. Here, we have a 3-inch screen with four physical buttons. It may seem outdated in 2024, but I really appreciate this in a dash camera. Then, we have the power button on the left and ports on the right side of the dash camera. The camera on the front is adjustable and has a good range of movement. 

The rear module is pretty generic. A small module with an adjustable lens on one end and adhesive tape on the other.

Technical Specifications

  • Image Sensor: Sony Stavis 2 IMX678 with f/1.8 and 150° FOV
  • Video Resolution: Up to 4K 25FPS and 1080p 60FPS
  • Display: 3-inch IPS Display
  • ADAS: Yes
  • Battery: 500mAh in-built with -10° C to 60° C working temperature
  • GPS: Yes
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and 4G with hardwire kit
  • Smartphone App: 70mai


70mai A810 is an exceptional dash cam. It offers premium design, innovative features, and the latest technologies with AI implementation.

Intelligent ADAS FunctionalityThe dash cam has a great ADAS (aka. Advance Driver Assistance System) implementation. The AI takes its time to analyze the pattern and efficiently alarms us during lane departure, sudden braking of the car in front and when a pedestrian comes in front of your car. It is an excellent feature if you primarily drive in the city.

The microphone and speakers on the dash cam also work fantastically. The microphone is clear and precisely records all audio. And speakers are loud enough to alert us of the ADAS features. 

Handy 70mai App70mai is a great smartphone app for the dashcam. It is a perfect companion with all the features and options you may need to configure, optimize and fine-tune the videos. Moreover, you can preview the video in real-time. It also has the option to view old footage and download essential videos and photos to your cellphone. 

70mai A 810 also has a 4G hardwire kit that pairs with built-in GPS to provide a lot of valuable data. It notifies where the car is parked and provides walking navigation via the app. It also enables you to track real-time driving routes remotely. But I think it may have certain limitations about streaming duration. So, I cannot conclude its productivity as I haven’t personally used it. 

Installation and Configuration

Installation is pretty simple. 70mai also includes a handy guide in the smartphone app; reading it first makes the process significantly easier. 

Strightforward InstallationStart by finding the right spot on your windshield that is not obstructing your view and is within the reach of wipers. Then, put the screen folio and paste the dash cam over. Attach the wire and take it to the cigarette port while hiding it under the car’s padding. 

If you are planning to hardwire a dashcam with zero experience. I recommend consulting a professional because it needs a multimeter and knowledge of the car’s wiring. 

Rear Camera InstallationRear camera installation is simple. Attach the camera to the windshield and connect the wire to the central unit. 

Configuration is simple; just follow the steps on the screen and perform some basic tasks. For video settings, I like to keep everything on default. 

Video Quality

70mai A810 Video PerformanceThe footage is class-leading. Details, sharpness, contrast, everything is perfect. You may feel some distortion on the edges due to the ultra-wide angle while maintaining a good level of sharpness. Moreover, it perfectly distinguishes the car plates and as many details as possible. 

70mai A810 vs Blackvue DR970X70mai A810 has the best 4K; here we can see in comparison with the much more expensive Blackvue Dr970X. It can also shoot 60FPS at 1080p. It looks good, but due to the 180° shutter rule, the image quality slightly degrades in low light. So, I’d recommend using it for daytime recordings. 

Low Light PerformanceLow-light samples are equally brilliant. Knowing the hardware, I was expecting nothing short of great video. The light source captures a lot of light and reacts quickly to light changes. 


  • Battery instead of supercapacitor
  • Basic rear module
  • 4G Hardwire kit has some limitations


Everything from what I have seen, 70mai has nailed it again with the A810. It is a compact, powerful dash cam with exceptional image quality and reasonable pricing. 

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70mai A810