Viofo A229 Pro Review: A Superb 3-Channel High-End 4K Dash Cam

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Viofo A229 Pro Review: A Superb 3-Channel High-End 4K Dash Cam

Viofo is a relatively new company to many Korean brands like Blackvue and Thinkware, but it has made a name for itself by offering high-end dash cam at affordable prices. The new flagship model is the Viofo A229 Pro; the 3-channel setup covers the interior and exterior at 4K. It is a premium development and the company’s most expensive product equipped with all the latest technologies. 

So, here is the complete analysis of Viofo A229 Pro covering everything from its features, video quality, smartphone app, and installation. 

Let’s Inspect!



  • Exceptional price
  • Functional design and excellent build quality
  • Fast Wi-Fi transfer
  • Intelligent voice commands in four languages
  • Fantastic video quality of all three cameras
  • Tidy smartphone app


  • Would have loved to see the ADAS implementation
  • The lack of H.265 coding is disappointing

Viofo A229 Pro – Price

Viofo A229 Pro PriceThe dash camera is the most expensive product from the company, costing 299$ for the dual-channel setup and 330$ for the 3-channel version. Despite being a high-end device, it costs less than the competitors like Blackvue 970x or Thinkware U3000. 

Viofo A229 Pro – Unboxing

Great Unboxing ExperienceThe unboxing feels great; seeing the brand getting better every year in every aspect is nice. The packaging has improved significantly and feels great in hand. We have a sleeve with some highlighting features that hold the main box. 

Opening the box will reveal a diagram showing how all three cameras will connect. Then, we have all three units nicely padded to preserve impact. Underneath the foam and cameras, we have all the accessories and tools. That includes a 12V car charger, camera cables, trim removal tool, adhesive pads, windshield static sticker, front and rear module extra adhesive stickers, CPL filter, and the user manual. Additionally, you can add the HK4 hardwire kit and SD card to the package. 

Appearance and Build Quality

Superior and Functional Design Viofo has gone with its trademark design, the wedge-shaped front module and a capsule-shaped interior and rear unit. The wedge shape front unit has an adjustable lens on the bottom, with the front side housing most of the components, including the screen, indicator lights, and control buttons. There are five buttons and five lights on the front. The only difference you will notice from the Viofo A229 Plus is that the audio jack is turned into the power port for the interior camera. 

Interior Unit of Viofo A229 Pro The rest of the camera is the same. The rear module and interior unit are also identical, aside from the internal unit having infrared lights for better low-light coverage. 

Technical Specifications

  • Chipset: Novatek NT96529
  • Camera: Front: 8MP Sony Starvis 2 IMX 678 Image Sensor, Rear: 5MP Starvis 2 IMX 675, Interior: 2MP Sony Starvis IMX 307
  • Video Resolution: 4K 30FPS 
  • Display: 2.4-inch UHD Screen
  • MicroSD Card: up to 512 GB
  • GPS: Yes
  • Voice Commands: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Dual-Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Viofo A229 Pro – Features

Viofo A229 ProViofo has always been known for its bang-for-the-buck devices, and Viofo A229 Pro is among them. It has quality parts and better UX with innovative features. 

Understanding Voice Commands in 4 LanguagesThe first thing is the voice command. It can understand various voice prompts in four languages: English, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese. The simple commands allow you to do basic tasks like starting video recording, taking photos, turning on Wi-Fi, etc. Moreover, it also notifies you about the setting changes and memory card errors. 

A229 Pro has dual-band 5GHz Wi-Fi, ensuring fast data transfer, smooth video previewing, quick downloading, and sharing. You can also use a wired connection for fast video downloads to the phone directly. 

The dash cam also has a built-in GPS. It supports four satellite positioning systems, greatly enhancing accuracy and stability. Moreover, you also get the vehicle’s real-time location, speed, and time information in the video. 

Another thing that I like about the Viofo A229 Pro is the included CPL filter. It significantly reduces the glare off the glass and road surface, bringing better image quality and contrast. 

Installation and Configuration

Viofo A229 Pro Installation The installation process for dash cameras is straightforward. It’s just a matter of finding the right spot on the windshield. It is within the reach of wipers, won’t block your sight, and is easily accessible for setting changes and data transfer. 

Ideal and Non-ideal spots for Interior CameraFor the rear module, just ensure it is within the reach of wipers for a clear video. Finding the right spot for the interior unit is tricky as it is an IR blaster. They overexpose the footage when something is very close to the lens, affecting the video quality. So, find a place where it covers the entire car, is away from all the things, and does not affect your vision. 

After finding the right spots, hide the wires under the lining and connect it to the central unit. If you have the hardwire kit, I recommend seeking professional help because a wrong connection can damage your car’s electrical system. 

As for the menus and setups, I like to go with the default settings. But if you want to change something, there are many options in the camera and smartphone app. 

Viofo A229 Pro – Video Quality 

Viofo A229 Pro Great Video QualityViofo A229 Pro has a capable Sony Starvis 2 image sensor powered by an equally good Novatek NT96529 chipset. And I have nothing but praise for the video quality of all three cameras. The 4K is always lovely; the filter works perfectly, and the sensors capture all the minute details in high quality. 

Incredibly Detailed low-Light VideoLow-light footage is equally good. The big sensor captures a lot of light and brightens up the night footage. The excellent video quality is consistent across the board regardless of its internal, front, or rear camera. 

General Details about VideoApart from the quality, I think a 2-channel setup would have been ideal. It enables the front module to output a 60Mbps bitrate that is reduced to 35 due to the third channel. Moreover, the dash cam does not support the H265 codec. It has been disabled by Viofo, which increases the file size. 

For more videos and samples, watch our YouTube video

Viofo App

Viofo AppThe Viofo app does not have the best design, but it is tidy, functional, and well-made. It allows you to review the recordings and download them if required quickly. 


  • No LTE and Cloud Support
  • ADAS Functions are missing
  • Lack of H.65 mode


Viofo A229 Pro is an exceptional dash camera for all sorts of users. Whether you are a casual driver or a professional Uber or Lyft driver, the camera has got you covered. It is affordable and delivers class-leading image quality while ensuring safe and reliable recording. Seeing a young company mature rapidly to become a known brand is good. 

Viofo A229 Pro