Xiaomi Mibro Air Smartwatch: Quality Design, Poor Software

Mibro Air Featured

Xiaomi Mibro Air Smartwatch: Quality Design, Poor Software

Mibro Air

Mibro Air

Mibro is a young brand founded in 2015, launched their first product MITU drone, in 2016. Since then, they are producing children’s phone watches, but now they have entered another niche, the smartwatches.

Mibro Air is an astonishing watch priced at only 32$. The impossible watch has an impressive and solid body but lacks many key features.

So, it’s better to judge it as a 30$ smartwatch instead of a proper smartwatch-like Mi smartwatch or Huawei GT2 Pro.

Let’s learn more about it.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Mibro Air.


  • Lowest priced smartwatch.
  • Beautiful, robust ad comfortable body.
  • Replaceable strap.
  • IP68 waterproof.
  • 95% screen to body ratio.


  • TFT display.
  • Inaccurate HR tracking.
  • Fewer workouts (no swimming mode).
  • Low battery timing.
  • Messages don’t have emoji support.
  • Complex synchronization.



Mibro Air – Price

Mibro Air smartwatch is incredibly cheap if we take into account all the features and design of the smartwatch. The watch is priced at 32$, yes only 32$ for Mi smartwatch and GT2 Pro like hardware and features.

The smartwatch is quite a bargain. Moreover, it totally outclasses Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin in term of price. Well, let’s dive in to learn if the watch is good enough or not.

Mibro Air – First Impression

First Impression

Mibro Air – Unboxing

The unboxing experience is not impressive, a pretty simple box and quite similar to the boxes of the Mi Band 5 and Haylou series. In the box, we have  magnetic charging cable, instruction manual and Mibro air surrounded by foam layer instead of the card box.

Build quality design and size of the smartwatch is impressive. The body is thin, even thinner than Huawei’s and Amazfit devices.



Mibro Air – Appearance

Mibro Air is a beautiful smartwatch, most of its body is made from metal, and other materials include ABS. Up top, we have a 1.29-inches TFT screen; the screen is not up to 2021 standards. LED and OLED screen are the new trend, and they are better than the TFT screen. Mibro has an interchangeable 22mm rubber strap.


Mibro Air – Menu Circle

Navigation is a bit different from regular smartwatches. The side button locks and unlocks the screen, and swipes perform other actions. Swipe left will open the menu and the scroll in a rotating manner for the menu—swipe right for configurable tiles and down for quick toggles.

Navigation is a bit unusual and takes a couple of days to get used to.

Technical Specs

The specs are similar to expensive watches like Mi smartwatch-like big screen, solid body, comfortable strap, beautiful design and much more. Below are some technical specs of the Mibro Air.

  • Body: Metal and ABS
  • Screen: 1.29-inches TFT screen with 240×240 resolution
  • Weight: 23 grams without strap, 40 grams with strap
  • Strap: 22mm rubber strap
  • Battery: 200mAh with battery life of around 10 days
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 compatible with Android 5.0, iOS 10.0 or above
  • Sensors: PPG Bio-Heart sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor.
  • Waterproof: IP-68 waterproof

Features Mibro Air


Mibro Air – Features

Mibro Air is a good smartwatch, there are not many good features, and some of them are not good enough, like HR tracking and sport modes.

The watch has a PPG heart sensor that will track the Heart Rate and Sleep of the person. You have to turn on 24/7 HR tracking because it’s not on by default. The sport modes are not enough as we get only 12. Moreover, the watch is IP 68 waterproof, but there is no swimming mode which raises a red flag. Mibro also measures usual things like step, calories and distance.


Mibro Air – Sport Modes

It has call and notification alert and can display messages; although it’s convenient, but we can’t see emojis in the message, and there are no quick replies. Some other highlighting features include weather, stopwatch, timer and music control.

Fitness Tracking

Mibro Air is a cheap smartwatch, and so is its fitness tracking. It fails to deliver accurate results because of its unreliable sensors.

HR Tracking: PPG heart sensor is not suitable; the results are off by a considerable margin. Moreover, constant HR tracking drastically reduces the battery life of the watch.

Sport Modes: We only get only 12 sport modes on the watch, synchronization is frustrating, and the data is not displayed on the watch; we have to open the mobile app to analyze the sports data. Although the smartwatch is IP68 water-resistant but we don’t have swimming mode.

Sleep Tracking: Sleep tracking is 30$ smartwatch-like. It is not reliable and up to mark.

Moreover, the watch can also track steps, distance and calories. Distance is not dependable as there is no GPS in the smartwatch.

Mibro Air – Battery

The smartwatch is featuring a 200mAh battery. The battery is comparatively small, with 24 days of standby time. In our test, the maximum battery timing is 10 days, which will reduce to 4 days with continuous HR tracking, sleep tracking and a couple of workouts.


Mibro Air – Charging Time

Stock magnetic charging cable takes around 90 minutes to charge the smartwatch.

Mibro Fit

MIbro Fit

Mibro Fit

The Mibro Fit is somewhat similar to Mi apps; the icons are uncanny. The home screen will give you all necessary workout options, and the good things about the app finish here.

The data is not very detailed, and synchronization is complex. Mibro has to work a lot on their software to make it functional and competitive.

Mibro Air – Drawbacks

Without a doubt, Mibro is a good watch at 30$ price, but people want a functional watch no matter how cheap the watch is. Here are some problems that Mibro can fix in the next-gen.


Mibro Air – Drawbacks

  • TFT screen is not good, and viewing angles are less.
  • Mediocre Battery life.
  • Difficult data sync.
  • Less workouts.
  • Inaccurate HR tracking.

Final Verdict

Mibro Air is a cheap and beautiful smartwatch. The features are just fine, but the design and build quality are exceptional. But it’s not a feasible smartwatch because of its inaccurate fitness tracking, small battery and many missing features.

We will not recommend the watch, but if you prefer design and shape over functionality and software, then get the watch from the link below.


Useful Links

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLioEumEHiY

Mibro Air: https://geni.us/MibroAir

Mi smartwatch: https://geni.us/MiWatch

Huawei watch GT 2 Pro: https://geni.us/GT2pro

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