Amazfit GTR Smartwatch: Great Battery, but not Smart Enough

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Xiaomi Amazfit GTR Smartwatch: Great Battery, but not Smart Enough

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Huami brings out the new AmazFit GTR, the smartwatch with excellent battery life, robust body, and exceptional feature. But GTR is not good enough to be called a smartwatch; it is more like a fitness tracker (Mi Band 4) with GPS and a large screen. Externally it resembles with AmazFit Verge lite. The watch is competing against Huawei Watch GT.

If you are looking for a graceful Fitness Tracker with GPS and a large screen, then GTR must be your first choice.

Let’s dive into the in-depth review of AmazFit GTR.


In a hurry? Read this short overview stating the Pros and Cons of the AmazFit GTR.


  • Polished strong body.
  • Large, Bright AMOLED screen.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Exceptional Battery life.
  • GPS support.
  • High functioning PPG Heart Sensor.
  • Huge variety of Beautiful watch faces.
  • The latest update brings the Always ON display feature.
  • AmazFit app (Zepp App) is excellent, keep all the record and displays detailed analytics.
  • 12 Sports modes.


  • No speaker and Microphone, So no call support.
  • No WIFI support.
  • Can’t connect external devices like headphones, chest-mounted HR sensor, etc.
  • Lagging animations.
  • Lack of storage.
  • Multiple notifications all of a sudden can be tricky to read, and No, Quick replies.


AmazFit GTR comes in two variants. 42mm and 47mm, both of them are very affordable.

You can get 42mm GTR for $130 and 47mm GTR for $180. GTR is significantly less expensive than its rival Huawei GT.

AmazFit GTR: First Impression

First Impression

In the premium packaging, we get the Charging dock, paperwork and AmazFit GTR. The watch is undoubtedly made from premium and durable material. The paint job is exceptional, and the body is scratch resistant. The colours of the 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen are vibrant, and the screen itself is very bright, with unique watch faces.

Premium packaging and appearance give us an impression of a watch with excellent specs.

AmazFit GTR: Appearance


AmazFit GTR appears to be an elegant watch. The robust body is stainless steel, aluminium and titanium build, and the 22mm leather band matches the watch’s superior aesthetics. The 1.39-inch touch screen is bright and vibrant.

It has two buttons on the right side. Top button is the power on and off button, and the bottom button can be programmed to access your favourite app quickly. Swipe down for quick settings and left or right for stats.

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

AmazFit GTR appears to be heavy but only weighs 36gm and comes with a 22mm leather strap. It has an AMOLED touch screen powered by a 410mAh battery which can easily last for a month with constant heart rate sensing.

  • Display: 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen with 454×454 resolution.
  • Body: Aluminum, stainless steel and titanium.
  • Band: 22mm leather strap.
  • Weight: 36gm without the strap.
  • Battery: 410mAh battery with a life of around a month with constant HR tracking, notifications, and some sports session.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, GPS and NFC.
  • Sensors: PPG heart rate sensor, 6-axis acceleration sensor, 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, Air pressure sensor, capacity sensor, and Ambient light sensor.

AmazFit GTR: Features

Although the features are not enough to make AmazFit GTR a smartwatch, the watch is still packing some exceptional features.

Sports Modes

GTR has 12 sports modes. It can track running time, distance, heart rate, calories, speed, altitude. Like other AmazFit devices, heart rate tracking is very detailed and accurate.

Features – AmazFit GTR

Other features in GTR are; you can read messages and emails on it. Moreover, you also get features like alarms, stopwatch, reminders, weather, and the option to control music players.

The watch is 5 ATM waterproof. One notable feature of the watch is; GTR also supports third-party apps other than the AmazFit app.

AmazFit App

The app’s name is changed to Zepp app, but the functionality is still great, in fact, improved. The app is a well-designed and functional piece of software. It tracks and keeps all the record in cloud storage, saving your mobile memory.

AmazFit GTR: Tracking

Let’s talk about the tracking of AmazFit GTR.

HR tracking

HR Tracking: Continuous heart rate tracking is great—both the watch and AmazFit app show very detailed heart rate analytics.

Steps Tracking

Steps Tracking: Steps tracking is precise along with the steps; it also tracks the distance and calories.



GPS Tracking: GPS uses a lot of battery, as the watch lasts 40 hours with GPS. But the GPS performance is pretty impressive.

AmazFit GTR: Battery

AmazFit GTR has a 410mAh battery that can last 24 days with constant Heart rate tracking, notifications, and a few short sports sessions. With GPS always on, the battery life is only 40 hours, and with always ON display, the battery life is around 10 to 15 days.


No Quick Reply Option

The watch is excellent, but there’s always room for improvements. So here are the upgrades that Xiaomi can make to improves the GTR’s functionality.

  1. Xiaomi must add a speaker and microphone to receive and answer calls from the watch directly.
  2. GTR does not support external devices like headphones and HR sensors.
  3. Sluggish Animations.
  4. There are no Quick replies, and multiple notifications can create a mess.
  5. Watch memory is almost zero.

Final Verdict

Amazfit GTR is a great watch with even better battery life, but the fact that it’s a smartwatch is wrong. Some features may resemble to a smartwatch, but it doesn’t have the proper OS to be a smartwatch. But if you are looking for a fitness tracker with a large screen and GPS, GTR is excellent. The features of the watch are remarkable, and fitness tracking is exceptional.

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