Xiaomi 70Mai Lite GPS Dash Cam: “Lite” on Budget, Rich on Features

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Driving is not easy and safe for any driver; all drivers face risks. Dash cameras cannot protect any driver from crashes and deaths, but they can provide evidence of your innocence and the needed legit information.

Dash cameras are highly affordable, offer quality footage, are simple to use, and have stable performance.

The 70Mai Dash Cam lite is one of the latest models to hit the market.  For those looking for 70Mai lite, check below about what 70Mai lite dash camera can offer and its specifications.

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite


Pricing is one of the most significant factors to be considered while purchasing the Dash cameras. There are two variants in 70Mai lite-with or without the GPS module.

GPS module includes an extra attached mount that can be used as a replacement to the original mount.

The standard package with or without the optional GPS module is available on Aliexpress


70Mai lite is the same as the previous variant in terms of design and external look except for the golden paintwork on 70Mai lite. The new 70Mai lite seems similar to the previous variant 70Mai Pro with visible connectivity ports for micro SD card and micro USB.  The supportive mount could be used for the GPS module. And later on, you may agree that it is fairer to label it as a standard version rather than a “lite” product.

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite and Pro

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite and Pro

The 2-inch clear display for a real-time view of what is being recorded.

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite USB Port

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite Display


The good thing about the 70Mai lite is the ease of installation like the previous variants from 70Mai dash cameras.  These are only a few straightforward stages to follow for the successful installation of 70Mai lite.

For the first step, you have to stick the adhesive sticker to your windscreen. It’s much easier to remove the provided screen folio from the windshield without using extra tools in case of unmounting. Find the right spot on the windscreen so that the dash camera won’t disturb you while driving; Remove the adhesive cover and place it.

Step #2

Stick the camera mount’s base to the windshield

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite Windshield Placement

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite Windshield

Step #3

Connect the cable to the port

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite USB Port

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite USB Port

Step #4

Connect the charger to the cigarette lighter receptacle. You may use existing infrastructure if you already have such – as long as it provides 2mps at 5 volts.

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite charger

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite charger

Step #5

Camera Angle adjustment and your setup is ready.

Technical Specs

The Dash Cam Lite is based on the MSTAR MSC8336D processor, similar to the one used in the model 1S. The device has a display to observe your recordings with super clear night vision using Sony’s STARVIS IMX307 sensor.

We can see slightly upgraded optics, compared to the 1S model – with a somewhat faster 130-degree lens which results in better low light footage, meaning – better night quality.

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite technical data

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite technical Data


70Mai includes a built-in 500mah battery for long autonomy in standby to maintain the video recording in power loss or any accident.



The four buttons along the screen are for navigating and choosing options within the menus. The buttons on 70Mai lite are an excellent way to configure quickly or perform specific functions, including Wi-Fi connectivity and emergency recording.

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite buttons

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite buttons

The camera can handle bright and dark conditions with a wide dynamic range (WDR).

You do not have various controls about the footage with WDR; you may adjust the video length, the sensor sensitivity and enable or disable parking mode.

70Mai lite dash camera includes an excellent Sony IMX307 sensor that affords a 130 degrees’ field of view, a very detailed view for standard vehicles. The distortions in the footage are not so annoying, and everything is sharp, clear, and detailed.  The lite 70 MAI supports an excellent video bit rate of around 15 to 16 megabit, which is 30% more than what dashcams usually deliver in Full HD.

GPS module is one of the great features that make the 70Mai lite an exciting discrete dash camera. There are indications of speed and position, you may notice in the screenshot. The GPS module will let you know the exact position and speed in the event of an accident. The GPS data is displayed straight on the video file, with no option for any configuration.

Smartphone Application

70Mai lite lets you download your videos through the mobile application, supporting both IOS & Android systems. The 70Mai app is fully functional that enables you to transfer your files with real-time Wi-Fi connectivity.

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite Mobile Application

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite Mobile Application

The transfer speed is not great and is around 2 megabytes per second with a 2.4 Wi-Fi connection. Transferring footage files to your phone can take a bit longer than average.

What we’d like to see improved

The camera does not support h.265 compression support that saves more hours of footage; the major drawback of 70Mai lite dash camera on the same size SD card compared to the more popular h264 compression.

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite H.265 is not supported

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite H.265 is not supported

The use of a battery instead of the supercapacitor will hinder the popularity because of issues in the hot climate. However, according to 70Mai, the temperature tolerance is quite serious.

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite temperature tolerance

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite temperature tolerance

Lite 70Mai is triggered by the gravity sensor, the major disadvantage of using this device, meaning that it will start recording upon a shake. You may not have a recording of the actual crash or hit, but only the part a few seconds after it. The alternative solution would be to have motion detection, but this is not available.

Final Thoughts

As the last thing, marking on the box about the IF design award is something 70Mai should not do because the award has been given to the PRO model. It is a little misleading to keep in on the Lite Box; it is the PRO that stays on the IF official page.

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite IF Design Award

Xiaomi 70Mai Lite IF Design Award

In conclusion, I believe the inexpensive cost, quick installation, and ease of control overall make the Xiaomi 70Mai Dash Camera Lite an excellent option.

While the Xiaomi 70Mai Lite might not include all the features and specifications of several of the latest dashcams reaching out, that doesn’t address Xiaomi 70Mai lite any less competent. Xiaomi lite has all the features required for a good Dash camera without all those extras.

Sometimes less is more, and the Dashcam 70Mai Lite confirms this.