Mi Band 6 review: Your Favorite Fitness Tracker just got Better!

Mi Smart Band 6 review: Your Favorite Fitness Tracker just got Better!


Being a big fan of Xiaomi products, it was hard for us to see the Mi Band series falling for the past two years. Many users were disappointed and were deciding to choose other bands like Honor bands and the Galaxy Fit series. But Xiaomi heard every complaint, and now they have brought their all-new Mi Band 6.


Mi Band 5 vs Mi Band 6

Band 6 is here to bring back the glory of the Mi Band series. It is covering almost all the holes that were left unfilled in past models of Mi Band. The band has many new and improved features like a bigger screen, SpO2 sensors and much more.

This article will take you through every aspect of Mi Band 6. It will state every point that makes the band a game-changer in the Fitness trackers universe.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of the Mi Band 6.


  • 50% larger and brighter screen.
  • New features like SpO2 tracking, stress tracking and improved sleep tracking.
  • Convenient call and message alert.
  • Vast number of fitness modes
  • Automatic sports detection
  • 5ATM water-resistant.
  • Useful message reading ability.


  • Still lacking GPS and NFC.
  • Unlock feature works only with Mi devices.

Mi Band 6 –Price

The latest Mi Band 6 is slightly pricier than its predecessor Mi Band 5. Band 6 is priced at 45$ on Amazon and Ali Express. The band is still cheaper than Honor Band 6 and Galaxy Fit 2; moreover, Xiaomi’s products oftenly go on sale so, we can expect a price drop to 30$ in few months.

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First Impression

After ruining the last two generations’ packaging, Xiaomi is back with a well-designed box for Mi Band 6. In the box, we have a magnetic charging cable, giant user manual and Mi Band 6.

First Impression


Like other fitness trackers, it is featuring a plastic body with a glass top. The design and dimensions are the same as the previous generation, but we don’t have a capacitive button this time. The silicon band is also the same but more comfortable and softer.

Appearance Mi Band 6



Mi Band 6 is a beautiful and equally strong fitness tracker. It has a solid plastic and glass construction with a ceramic back for sensors and charging. The strap is made from TPU rubber, and the buckle has aluminium alloy construction.



Mi band 6 now has a full screen and no capacitive button. The 1.56-inch AMOLED screen now has better pixels density, resolution, brightness and colour depth. Band 6 truly has one of the best-looking screens.

As there is no button, everything is swipe and touch-controlled. You can also customize your swipes, like swiping left or right will open a particular app.

Technical Specs

The latest Band 6 is an exceptional fitness tracker with a breathtaking screen and design. Robust fitness tracker has a classic Mi Band body.

  • Body: Plastic, Glass and Ceramic
  • Screen: 1.56-inch, 450 nits AMOLED display with 152×486 pixels resolution
  • Weight: 12.8 grams
  • Strap: TPU rubber strap and Aluminum Alloy Buckle
  • Battery: 125mAh Lithium-ion with battery life of 6-20 days
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10 and above
  • Sensors: Gyroscope, accelerometer, PPG heart rate sensor, spO2 sensor
  • Waterproof: 5 ATM or 50 meters

Mi Band 6 – Features

Main Features


Band 6 is packed with exceptional features and way much smarter than its previous generation. The Mi bands have always been a pinnacle of fitness trackers; their tracking had been excellent in the past years but they lacked a SpO2 tracker, and now the void is filled.

It has considerably more health functions. It can track sleep, personal activity intelligence, stress, breathing, Female Health, HR and other usual tasks like calories, distance and steps. The highlighting feature is its new SpO2 tracking.

ApO2 Tracking

SpO2 Tracking

New and improved Band 6 has 30 fitness modes, including many athletic modes like Boxing, Badminton, Basketball, Zumba etc. Calories and Heart rate are well visible and monitored in real-time during these activities. It can also detect six modes automatically.


Camera Shutter

It also has a camera shutter button. Other worth mentioning features involve music, alarm, find my phone, weather, call, notification alert, calendar, and the watch is 5ATM waterproof. Moreover, the black band is AG+ anti-bacterial, which is a nice unique feature.

Mi Band 6 – Fitness Tracking

Band 6 has a few new tracking options like stress and oxygen saturation. The tracking is great, even better than its competitors.

Heart Rate Tracking: The band has continuous HR tracking; we have tested the band to the extreme, and it responds very well to sudden changes in the pulse rate. Moreover, it also gives us better sleep monitoring results.

Sleep Tracking: Xiaomi has enhanced their sleep tracking system; the band tracks sleep based on changing heart rate. It can accurately track sleep duration, deep sleep, light sleep and REM.

Oxygen Saturation: Mi bands don’t have a SpO2 sensor from the past two years, and now it’s here. Oxygen saturation tracking is exceptional. We have compared the results with an Oximeter, and they are quite good and accurate.

Sports Tracking: Band 6 has over 30 sports modes, and six can be detected automatically. The activities are beneficial for athletes.

Moreover, usual steps and calorie tracking are good, but distance tracking is not on point, as the band doesn’t have GPS.

Mi Band 6 – Battery

Mi Band 6 is repeating the tradition of its ancestors by providing excellent battery life. It has a 125mAh battery with a battery life of 6-20 days, depending upon the usage. Despite its bigger screen, the battery performance is still outstanding.


Charging System

The charging dock is the same as the previous generation.

Mi Fit App

Mi Fit App

Mi Fit App

The app is called Mi Fit App; it has an attractive and vivid interface with easy access to all the data charts and graphs. The app thoroughly analyzes the data and gives scientific advice to improve your health.



There is plenty of configuration options in the settings and a beautiful watchfaces library. It is full of splendid and creative watchfaces to make band 6 look the way you want. Moreover, we also have the option to integrate third-party apps like Google fit and Starva.




Mi Band 6 is a near to perfect fitness tracker. It is designed to revive the dying Mi Band series. It has many new and improved features like SpO2 tracking, breath tracking, stress monitoring, improved sleep and HR tracking. But Xiaomi missed a couple of corners.

  • There is no GPS and NFC.
  • Phone unlocking feature only works with MIUI.


Mi Band 6 is a perfect match to almost anyone’s taste. Fans of having a modern watch with extra functions or athletes need to record training data on the go or business people to receive notifications and set reminders easily or people who need good HR and sleep tracker or just tech enthusiasts who want to try a lot from everything.

Band 6 is perfect for all of them. After two bad years, Mi Bands are back in business to compete against Huawei, Honor and Samsung’s fitness trackers.

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