Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Much Better Fitness Tracker than you Think!

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Featured Image

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Much Better Fitness Tracker than you Think!


Galaxy Fit 2 is the latest fitness tracker from Samsung; unlike its predecessor, fit 2 is a cheap fitness tracker with better features and quality. Fit 2 is an affordable, colourful and powerful fitness tracker with some smartwatch features like message replies, weather and music control.

Is Galaxy Fit 2 that good?

Let’s Inspect.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the Pros and Cons of Galaxy Fit 2.


  • 1-inch bright and vibrant AMOLED screen.
  • Durable plastic body with soft silicone strap.
  • Very Affordable.
  • 10 – 13 days battery life.
  • Pre-defined message replies.
  • Beautiful watchfaces.
  • A whole bunch of sport modes with precise steps, HR and sleep tracking.


  • GPS absence affects distance tracking.
  • Need two smartphone apps for the tracker to work correctly.
  • No PAI and SpO2 sensor.
  • Bezels are a bit thicker.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Price

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Price

Galaxy Fit 2 is one of the finest fitness trackers at 50$. If you are fortunate, you can even get the fitness tracker for 40$ or 45$.

The price is pretty great, and it represents a threat to Mi band 5 and Honor band Series.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – First Impression

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Unboxing

Galaxy Fit 2 has a simple but elegant box, and the unboxing experience is excellent. In the box, we get Galaxy Fit 2, a traditional charging dock and a user manual.

The sleek and lightweight fitness tracker is made from plastic and upfront; we have a screen and a capacitive button. The design of the watch is somewhere between boxy and round.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Appearance

Galaxy Fit has a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen. The screen is bright, vibrant and well visible in daylight. In comparison, the screen looks brighter than Mi Band 5.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Appearance

The body appears to be solid and reliable. The strap has beautiful and soft silicon construction with a unique buckle tongue.

Navigation is straightforward; the capacitive button is “Home Button”, swiping left and right will hover through main menu cards. Swiping up does not appear to do anything, while swipe down will bring quick toggles, which you can also customize.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Technical Specs

Galaxy Fit 2 is an exceptional watch; it has a beautiful AMOLED screen with excellent battery life and a durable body. The band is also 5ATM waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Technical Specs

  • Display: 1.1-inch AMOLED screen with 126×294 resolution.
  • Body: Plastic.
  • Weight: 21 grams with strap.
  • Strap: Soft and comfortable Silicon strap.
  • Memory: 2MB RAM and 32MB ROM.
  • Battery: 159mAh battery with 10-13 days of battery life.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyro Sensors, Optical Heart Rate Sensor.
  • Waterproof: 5ATM or up to 50 meters.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Features

Samsung Galaxy fit 2 is an incredible fitness tracker; it is packed with exceptional feature like accurate tracking, automatic sports detection. It also can send pre-defined messages. This feature alone put Fit 2 over the top of its competitors.

Fit 2 can measure heart rate, steps, calories, distance, sleep, sports activities and few others. We can assure that the accuracy of Heart rate, and steps tracking is excellent. The watch can automatically detect sports. Sleep tracking is good; theoretically, the fitness tracker can track naps, but we can’t find the naps in the app.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Pre-Defined Messages

One of the unique feature of Galaxy Fit 2 is its pre-defined message replies; it allows you to answer a message from your fitness tracker easily. Moreover, you can also customize some short messages by yourself.

Handwash Alert

Other prominent features of the tracker include weather, stopwatch, stress measurement, music control. There is another feature of handwash alert, which is handy during Covid times.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Fitness Tracking

The fitness tracking of the Galaxy Fit 2 is solid, it has good HR and steps tracking, but there are some minor issues with sleep tracking.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Tracking

Steps Tracking: Galaxy Fit 2 steps tracking is satisfactory. The results are the same as Mi Band 5 and other fitness trackers. With steps, it also measures distance, but the absence of GPS affects the result.

Heart Rate Tracking: HR tracking is one of its strength; the tracking is precise and detailed. It also has a high heart rate alert. When the heart rate exceeds a certain level, the Fit 2 will vibrate to alert the user.

Sleep Tracking: Sleep tracking of Galaxy Fit 2 is excellent; it accurately measures deep sleep, light sleep and REM. According to Samsung, the tracker tracks naps, but we can’t see any information about naps in the app.

Sports Tracking: Galaxy Fit 2 has a good number of sports modes, and in the app, we can see all the tracked data is satisfactory and detailed. It also has a fantastic feature of automatic sports detection.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 – Battery

Battery Life

Galaxy Fit 2 get its power from 159mAh battery. The typical battery life is 15 days, but with constant HR tracking, sports activity and sleep tracking, battery life is reduced to 10 – 13 days. That is double than the Mi Band 5.

Fit 2 takes 100 minutes to charge up.

Samsung Apps

You must have noticed apps instead of an app because we need 2 apps to connect and analyze the tracked data properly.

Galaxy Wear App

The first one is the Galaxy Wear app; the primary function of the app is personalization. It allows us to change the watchfaces, menu cards and quick toggles. The app also uses two plugins which increase the size to 200MB.

Samsung Health App

The second app is Samsung Health; this app keeps record of tracked data. The app has a beautiful and user-friendly interface. All the charts of HR, Sleep, Sports etc are exact and comprehensive.


Galaxy Fit 2 is a great leap for Samsung as they have halved the price of Fit 2 from its previous generation. At this price, the watch is excellent, and all the features are exceptional. But Samsung can improve and add some features to enhance the functionality of the fitness tracker.

Needed Improvements

  • Samsung can add GPS to enhance distance and steps tracking.
  • App ecosystem is a bit frustrating because we have to use 2 apps to use the tracker properly.
  • No PAI support.
  • In sensors, we don’t have SpO2.


Samsung has taken a great leap by reducing the price to compete against the competitors like Mi Band 5. Fit 2 is a polished version of the previous generation with bigger and brighter AMOLED screen and build quality. Fitness tracking is also very great with a large number of sports modes.

Galaxy Fit 2 has some features of a smartwatch like pre-defined replies, weather and music control. But the tracker has weak points like lack of GPS, PAI, SpO2 sensor. Other than that, the Fit 2 is an exceptional fitness tracker and much better than its competitor like Mi Band 5.

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