MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe Review: Android TV Boxes Still Any Good in 2024?

MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe

MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe Review: Android TV Boxes Still Any Good in 2024?

TV boxes may look out of fashion, but the MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe seems to have the ability to bring things back. It can make any monitor, projector or TV a Smart TV. The Netflix certified and powerful Android TV box is supposed to be faster, more powerful and better customizable than most Android TVs. 

So, let’s find out what is hidden inside this small box. 



  • Dolby Vision and Atmos support with HDR 10+
  • Sleek and slim design
  • 4K 60FPS
  • Smooth UI with no hiccups or crashes
  • Support all popular streaming platforms


  • Hefty price tag
  • Missing essential ports
  • Irregular updates

MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe – Price

MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe Price The price of MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe is rather steep. It was launched at $140 and is surely not among the friendly solutions. Honestly, the price kind of makes me think twice about investing in the TV box. On the other hand, you can find other Google-powered alternatives that are comparatively cheaper. 

MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe – Unboxing 

MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe Unboxing Unboxing feels quite good compared to the usual for such devices. MECOOL is trying to portray it as a premium device, and I think they are succeeding in certain ways. The box has a simple minimalistic design on the front, and on the back, you can find some highlights about the device. 

The contents are well packed. In addition to the TV box, you will find a white remote that looks good and has dedicated buttons for your favorite streaming platform. Lastly, there are some wires, including a white HDMI, to fit the aesthetics of the device. 

Appearance and Build Quality 

Appearance and Build Quality The TV box looks like a futuristic mini-PC. This is by far the best design I have seen in TV boxes. On top of that, we have a clear layer of MECOOl branding. Overall, the body is white and looks quite good. On the front, we have 3 LED indicators and ports on the right and back sides of the KM2 Plus Deluxe.  It looks significantly better than MECOOL KM7 Plus

Good number of ports On the right, there are 2 USB ports and a microSD card slot, and on the back, there is a SPDIF AV, IR, HDMI, and LAN port. It has many ports but lacks Wi-Fi 3.0 and USB Type-C ports, which would have been a valuable addition. 

Technical Specifications

  • Chipset: Amlogic S05X4-J Quad Core ARM Cortex-A55 processor
  • OS: Android TV 11
  • RAM: 4GB DDR4 RAM 
  • Storage: 32GB ROM
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 6 2.4G & 5G
  • Certification: Netflix, Chromecast, and almost every popular streaming service
  • Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision: Yes
  • HDR, HDR 10+: Yes

MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe – Features 

The specs are good. It has 4GB DDR4 RAM, which is usually lower in similar devices, and some manufacturers even use DDR3 RAM. Moreover, there are many good things about the TV box. 

Stuuning video quality The first one can be the Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and HDR 10+ support. It is a valuable addition and amplifies the overall experience. Moreover, the TV box can run all the popular streaming services and has dedicated buttons on the remote for quick access. 

Official Netflix Certification Another good thing about the software is it is close to stock Android TV. I personally love it, but hopefully, we will be able to get the newer Android TV version and Google skin with a newer version. Moreover, MECOOL has also included a lot of customization options, and it can adapt to the system according to your preferences. 

Being a part of Google’s atmosphere, MECOLL KM2 Plus Deluxe has Google Assistant. Moreover, Chromecast is a handy addition as well. It allows you to cast anything from your phone to the TV Box. 

MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe – Performance 

MECOOL KM2 Plus Performance You can easily benchmark the TV box with YouTube performance. It can easily stream 4K up to 60FPS and works smoothly. You will not notice any hiccups or skipped frames. One of the reasons for smooth and high-quality performance is the AV1 codec support at the hardware level. It protects the CPU from unnecessary stress. Moreover, Dolby Vision and HDR10+ deliver crisp and stunning videos. 

Decent gaming performance MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe runs Android 11, so we can see it can run some games. There are some zombie games, some basic racing, and maybe some first-person shooters as well. They work fine and provide a good experience. But if you want to play good games, then a gaming console, PC, or decent smartphone is a far better idea. 

The TV box has solid Wi-Fi. It supports Wi-Fi 6 and notably improves the connection speed, unlike competitors that use it for a marketing push. It almost matches the allowed download speed from the ISP, which is a great achievement. 


  • No USB 3.0 and USB Type-C ports
  • Old Security patch
  • Irregular software updates


In the end, MECOOL KM2 Plus is a suitable enough device, but there is a competitor that can offer similar performance at pretty much the same price. Yes, increased RAM, Dolby support, and Wi-Fi significantly impact the performance, but still, the hefty price tag is a little too much for a TV box. Another great feature is the beautiful design. So, what do you think about the MECOOL Kn2 Plus? Let me know in the comments, and watch a detailed review on YouTube

MECOOL KM2 Plus Deluxe