Matego Dashcam: A Budget 1080p dash cam with GPS

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Matego Dual Dash Cam: A Budget 1080p dash cam with GPS

Matego Dual Dashcam

Matego Dual Dashcam

Dash cams are getting more and more critical for taxis, police cars and other security vehicles. With the increasing demand, the variety of dashcam is increasing all around. There are dashcams with hefty price tags and excellent functionality and vice versa. Here is Matego, an exceptional mid-range dashcam with many flagship features and hardware.

Let’s inspect the Matego 1080p dual dashcam.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Matego Dual Dash Cam.


  • 310° field of view.
  • Solid construction.
  • Wi-Fi and GPS.
  • Great video quality.
  • Supercapacitor battery.
  • Big screen with plenty of options for adjustment.


  • Cigar charger with no USB port.
  • Parking camera required extra wires.


The 1080p dual dash cam costs only 120$, and apparently, it will break the market of many big manufacturers.



Matego – Box Contents

Unboxing is quite simple; there is not much branding on the box as we got some early review units. In the box, we have the camera, paperwork, extra adhesive, screen folio for easy installation, and the charger. Moreover, we have a 32Gb microSD card for storage.


Matego dual dash cam is exceptionally designed; it has the optimal position for both the front and rear cameras. Upfront, we also have a bright 3-inches OLED screen for video analysis. Moreover, we can also hear and record the surrounding voices thanks to its speaker and microphone. The separate GPS locks tightly in the place.

Matego uses a supercapacitor instead of the lithium-ion battery, letting you leave your vehicles in the scorching heat because there is no threat of destruction.



Matego – Specs

  • Processor: NOVATEK NT6660
  • Display: 3-inches OLED
  • Image Sensor: 2MP Sony IMX307
  • Battery: Super Capacitor
  • Speaker: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Memory: Up to 128Gb microSD card support
  • Wi-Fi GPS: Yes
  • Video Encoding h.264


Matego is a pretty hefty dash camera with many great features and functions like Wi-Fi, GPS, microphone, supercapacitor battery and much more.

The Wi-Fi and GPS work perfectly. Wi-Fi came in handy for cloud storage, while the GPS helps us keep track of our locations which you can also view at the bottom of the footage.


Matego – Options and Modes

The 3-inch OLED touchscreen is incredible, the sensitivity is good, and the options to adjust the video are even better. You can also use the screen to preview videos or use the mobile app to watch some cloud-stored footage.


Matego – Supercapacitor

The supercapacitor battery is beneficial as we can park our vehicles in the heat without worrying about the batteries. We can also attach the parking camera with some extra wires. The wires are not included, but you can get them for only 15$.


Installation is straightforward, peel the peel off and stick it on the windshield.


Matego – Installation

We will recommend it to be placed at the opposite side to the driver’s position if you want it to cover the rear seats better. If your wheel is on the left, stick it in the right area of the windshield and vice versa.

The adhesive holds the glass firmly and keeps the camera in position.


Matego is featuring two Sony IMX307 cameras. Both cameras are adjustable up and down up to 80°.

The rear camera has a 170° field of view while the front one has a 140° field of view and the combined view is 310°. They almost cover every bit on both the front and rear side. The 2mp cameras capture a massive amount of light and bring out better lowlight footage.


Matego VS BlackVue

Moreover, they have plenty of options to fine-tune the image quality. We recommend the default settings because it’s very close to perfect.


The awesome Matego needs some improvements to increase its functionality. These drawbacks are present in almost all the dashcams, so every manufacturer should read that.

  • Cigar port charger doesn’t have a USB port for mobile charging.
  • 265 encoding is absent.

Final Words

Matego is an excellent product for 120$; it is even better than 450$ BlackVue dashcam. It has all the flagship features and excellent video quality to work as our daily driver. We highly recommend the product, and you can get it from the links below.

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