Hohem iSteady MT2 Review: Gimbal with AI Tracking for Mirrorless Camera

Hohem iSteady MT2 Review: Gimbal with AI Tracking for Mirrorless Camera

Hohem iSteady MT2 is the latest multifunctional gimbal. It is not a game-changer kind of gimbal but comes with respectable performance and specs that can stabilize everything from mirrorless cameras to action cameras and smartphones. The AI gimbal looks excellent on paper, but how does it perform?

Let’s Inspect



  • Great stabilization
  • Ability to handle big lenses and cameras
  • Buttons, wheels, and joysticks to control the camera
  • Powerful Motor
  • Beautiful design and construction


  • No Auto Lock Option
  • Lack of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Hohem iSteady MT2 – Price

Hohem iSteady MT2 PriceHohem is known for its extravagant prices. The price of the Hohem iSteady MT2 is also quite aggressive. It starts at 279EUR for just the gimbal. The AI kit will add an extra 50EUR, which is not the most affordable.

Hohem iSteady MT2 – UnboxingThe Carrying Case

Unboxing was great; it was kind of surprising, too, as the box was very small and lightweight, which is unusual for a mirrorless camera gimbal. We have the carrying case in the box, which is pretty good, as the case for DJI RS3 is sold separately for 50EUR. In the carrying bag, all the products are well-packed.

We get the gimbal, AI vision sensor, tripod, bunch of wires, charger, user manual, L-Bracket, Camera Quick Release Plate, and adapter for the camera. All the plates and brackets are Arca Swiss compatible, which is good. A useful case is quite beneficial as it allows us to easily store all the contents.

Appearance and Build Quality

Beautiful Hohem iSteady MT2Hohem iSteady Mt2 is a beautiful hybrid gimbal. It has a fantastic design and a stunning black and orange color combination that looks good. All 3-axis are well-balanced and smooth.

Ports SelectionThe design is very ergonomic, and all the buttons, joystick, and trigger are very well placed. Regarding buttons, it has a small screen with a joystick and button on the front. On the left, we have a control wheel and an A-B motion button for timelapse shooting. The trigger on the back and the right side has multiple expansion ports to connect external devices like microphone, lights, and mobile.

AI Vision SensorAnother thing that I really like about the design is the place for the AI vision sensor. Ideally, it does not have to be a separate thing. But the magnetic connector on the main mount conveniently covers every angle. Just behind the connector, we have the ports to connect the camera, as the gimbal does not have Bluetooth.

Overall, Hohem iSteady MT2 is a sturdy and robust gimbal; it has a beautiful design and appearance that all works together to hold cameras of up to 1.2kg.

Technical Specifications

  • Stabilization: 3-axis Stabilization
  • Display: 0.91-inch OLED Display
  • Battery: 2600mAh
  • Weight: 643 grams
  • Payload: 1200 grams
  • App: Hohem Joy

Configuration and Balancing

Hohem iSteady MT2 has great specs and can easily hold a range of cameras. But balancing them and fine-tuning the gimbal is essential. Assembling the camera and gimbal is easy and does not take much time.

Each axis can be easily adjusted. I have used multiple cameras, and each camera needs specific adjustments and modifications. So, changing the device will take some time, but you can memorize most of the commonly used settings.

Hohem iSteady MT2 – Performance

A still from the videoHohem iSteady MT2 is an excellent gimbal with a maximum loading capacity of 1.2kg. Which is exceptional, considering the gimbal itself weighs only 643 grams.

Let’s start with the shooting modes. It has a pan-follow mode that locks the roll and tilt axis. It is good, but when doing it quickly, you might feel some rolling shutter effect with mirrorless cameras. Then we have the usual pan-tilt follow that also locks the tilt axis. We also get All-Lock and POV modes. Some new modes are sports and tracking modes that can be turned on with the trigger button.

Smartphone on Hohem iSteady MT2The gimbal is very big for a smartphone. The motor is extra powerful, and the weight is massive. But a good thing for small videographers and vloggers is the AI vision sensor. That tracks and work according to the object’s movement. Which can be pretty helpful in many conditions

Action Camera and Hohem iSteady MT2
The gimbal works exceptionally with the action cameras. But it will need a little more calibration because of the size of these cameras. Virtually you don’t need any gimbal for action cameras like GoPro Hero 7 and DJI Osmo Action 3 because they are super stable. I will only use them when shooting at night or with ND filters to achieve the best possible results.

Overall, the stabilization algorithm is exceptional. It delivers super smooth footage and ensures excellent results in every situation. Calibrating and preparing the gimbal for shooting is also simple and takes significantly less time than other similar gimbals.

Hohem Joy App

Hohem Joy AppThe official app for the gimbal is Hohem Joy. It is a functional and beautiful app that can control the gimbal. It can be used to control the device, as a viewfinder, and to edit videos. But I think the best use of the app is when stabilizing a smartphone because there is no wireless connection, and you have to have a wired connection to remotely control the gimbal.


  • There is no side handle accessory
  • No option to connect a device wirelessly
  • Auto-lock function is missing


I will rate the gimbal as a functional and basic device that will get the job done no matter what device you use. It is not a revolutionary device, but it makes videos smooth and speeds up the filming process. AI tracking is also handy and works perfectly, which is a good step in the right direction.

Get a more detailed and immersive experience in our YouTube video.

Hohem iSteady MT2