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Feiyu Tech V Cam: Pocket Gimbal with a camera

Feiyu tech v cam comes with some phenomenal qualities for a price of $250, with perks of an action camera and good mechanical stabilization. It costs $50 more than Fimi palm and $120 less than DJI Osmo pocket, which was released one year prior.

I think it makes sense to mention the $400 GoPro Hero 8 as the action camera market is becoming more and more competitive with the inclusion of wide-angle lenses on smartphones and these pocket-sized camera gimbals. So, let’s get in an in-depth review to understand the capabilities of this device.

Feiyu Tech V Cam: Design

Accessories inside the box of Feiyu Tech V

Feiyu Tech V comes with more of a premium design when compared with Fimi palm and a proper protection case that is identical to that of the DJI Osmo Pocket. It is lightweight with only 115 grams with a bright display of 1.3 inches.

A glimpse of the Tech V

Feiyu Tech V Cam: Hardware

This display is as big as most smartwatches with only two buttons to operate, similar to that of the Osmo Pocket, an option to add a strap and a USB port. It can support a MicroSD card of up to 512GB. There is no mechanical joystick, but there is a software slider and no official statement about an external microphone.

It can record 4K resolution at a rate of 60 frames per second

It can record videos at a maximum of 4K 60 frames per second with a slow-motion of 120fps in Full HD. It has a 120 wide-angle lens, a 1/2.5-inch CMOS image sensor, an ISO up to 3200, and a built-in 875 mAh battery, lasting between 3 and 4 hours. There’s an integrated WIFI, an advantage over DJI Osmos pocket as Osmos connects to your smartphone with a wired USB port. You need to purchase an extra accessory to connect it wirelessly.

Feiyu Tech V Cam: Features

Technical specifications of the gimbal on paper

Feiyu Tech V cam gimbal is more oriented towards vloggers and people who want to quickly capture dynamic environments from the way the menus are created and very easy to operate.

Side-view of Tech V with its side button and camera facing downward

The power button also acts as a mode button, and you can switch between the shooting modes – video, photo, slow motion, and so on. The shutter button is used for taking a video or photo, and a long press starts the WIFI.

It hosts a 1.3 inch IPS display with two dedicated buttons at front

There is a dedicated mode button, and it switches between the different stabilization settings by a single press, double press to re-center, triple press for selfie mode, and long press for lock mode. Every typical mode that a good smartphone or camera gimbal would have is present here as well. If you want to operate via the 1.3-inch touchscreen then it will do its job and you can navigate through the most interesting menus.

You can fine-tune the video and photo settings as well as change the performance of the gimbal. We have an option for mechanical and electronically assisted stabilization, which sometimes is referred to as hybrid stabilization.

I noticed that you would see some not-so-smooth scenes if you keep the mode “quality first.” So, if your hand is not super steady, keep that at stabilization priority, but bear in mind that it will slightly reduce the video quality, especially in low light scenes, due to the nature of electronic stabilization.

In my opinion, the menus are brilliant, super easy to navigate, makes perfect sense, and PRO mode is also available. You have log mode, ISO, and Shutter control which means you have manual controls for each component. This will certainly turn the Feiyu pocket into a preferred device for videographers and vloggers on a budget.

There should be ND filters released sometime, and with them, you will be able to get some truly cinematic footage with very good image quality and the beloved motion blur when needed.

A side-by-side comparison with DJI Osmo pocket

Feiyu Tech V Cam: Performance

DJI Osmos beats Feiyu in its ability to produce a shallow depth of field but is quite insignificant due to the sensor size and often turns out to be problematic due to the autofocus issue. Feiyu doesn’t have such an issue because we have fixed infinity focus, and the wide-angle lens makes it perfect for vlogging.

I have tried shooting in multiple lighting scenarios, and the vcam was doing very well. Even the slow-motion is rich in details, and the 4K at 60fps is superb with nearly 120mbits quality. Stabilization is not always excellent, and you will be able to notice some imperfections, especially when shooting close-ups, which I hope to see improved in future updates.

Hyper lapse is another feature that the Feiyu Tech V Cam offers, and with the help of some extra post-production effects, it may look pretty good. There is also an option for RAW photos, and taking such photos will need you to be steady. Otherwise, the photos get blurry. Output is DNG, very easy to adjust with Adobe lightroom, and you can recover a very good amount of the details, shadows, and some of the blown-off areas.

Feiyu Tech V connected to Smartphone via WiFi to record and shoot on big screen

The smartphone app is also good but not up to the par with DJI MIMO. Inside it, you will find many ways to configure the camera and get the most out of your footage. The face and smart tracking feature is not enabled yet, and I guess Feiyu will soon update it. There are options to edit panorama photos as well.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the pocket-sized action camera by Feiyu is superb, and it nearly hits the sweet spot for optimal features and performance at the given price. The stellar build quality and the well-grouped menus only add to the premium feel you will get, and as for the image quality, I will let the files and the samples speak themselves. From all the similar-sized devices that I have tested, I think I liked the design of this one most.

Sample photos extracted from the review video in 4k resolution

Still, the firmware is a little underdone. During my usage, it did freeze once. I also encountered this anomaly caused by too much load applied at a certain angle but overall, a smooth and problem-free experience. In my opinion, Feiyu must improve the stabilization in this early version of firmware, and the smartphone app also needs to get revamped.

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