E-Waste Disposal: What To Do With Your Old IT Equipment


You probably use some form of electronic technology daily, whether it’s for work or personal use. Although technology continues to change and advance every day, the devices don’t last forever. Many electronics end up in landfills unless you trade them in for new products. Follow along to learn more about e-waste disposal and what to do with your old IT equipment.

Donate Your Electronics

If your devices still have some usable life left, consider donating them to a nonprofit or charity organization. Fortunately, some organizations will take electronics even if they don’t work because they can use their parts to fix other devices. Either way, donating old IT equipment is an easy way to get it out of your house and keep it out of the landfill.

Find a Buy-Back Program

Buy-back programs offer one of the best strategies for selling your old electronics. In fact, they’re incredibly popular because many of them will give you a decent sum of money for your electronic devices. Whether you have phones, computers, keyboards, motherboards, etc., it can’t hurt to look into a buy-back program to see if you can get something out of your old products. Although you typically get more for devices that still work, many programs take obsolete, broken, or nonfunctional hardware.


Find an E-Recycling Company

If you can’t donate or sell your old IT equipment or it doesn’t have any useful life left, you should contact an e-recycling company. Because many people don’t know about e-recycling, countless devices harm the environment through landfills. Believe it or not, many e-recycling companies will come to you and take your hardware off your hands if you have a large supply.

You should consider e-recycling for your personal and business needs. Encouraging your friends, family, coworkers, and employees to dispose of their electronic equipment properly is an excellent way to reduce the amount of e-waste that reaches the environment.

Consider Repairs

Although proper disposal is key, you wouldn’t have as much to dispose of if you consider repairs. Believe it or not, many electronic devices are incredibly receptive to repairs, even if you believe they have no life left. Repairing your old IT equipment is one of the best ways to ensure it doesn’t end up in the environment.

Now that you know what to do with your old IT equipment, you don’t have to wonder how to handle your electronic graveyard. Clear your storage room of obsolete equipment without putting it into the landfill by donating. Also, consider buy-backs, e-recycling, or repairing the equipment.