Xiaomi 70Mai Mini: Small Dash Cam, Big Potential

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70Mai is a very young company backed by Xiaomi, concentrating on smart car electronics. 70mai portfolio of products, includes tire pressure monitors, air compressor, jump starter – feel free to check all of it on their official store on Ali express.

70Mai mini dash camera is a multi-purpose smart gadget for cars aimed at guaranteeing car safety. The device is equipped with the HUAWEI Hi3556 powerful chipset, enabling you to record footage in Full High-Definition quality. The device is easy to install and mounting with the removable plate or module. With the help of a Parking monitor, the device can record activity in case of any shake or collision.

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera

Xiaomi 70Mai Mini: Short Overview


Technical Data

Voice control No
Recording angle 140 degrees
Image sensor OmniVision
GPS module No


  1. Simple and easy installation
  2. Parking monitoring
  3. Defog algorithm
  4. wide 140-degree field-of-view
  5. Inexpensive
  6. Records High-Quality videos


  1. No GPS support
  2. No support for voice commands
  3. No motion detection sensor
  4. No LCD


Xiaomi 70Mai Mini: First Impressions

The Well-packed 70mai camera box includes the primary 70Mai camera, additional accessories, including a long USB cable, dual-port charger, and a pry-tool for easier installation.

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Unboxing

The physical design of the camera adopts the style of the Pro-version, released around a year ago. The camera has the power button, which also acts as a function button and a small button for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Wi-Fi connectivity

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Wi-Fi connectivity

The camera does not have a configuration display, no support for voice commands, no fancy extras, just the basics!

Xiaomi 70Mai Mini: Hardware

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Hardware

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Hardware

The camera is equipped with a powerful Processor HUAWEI Hi3556, which supports High-Efficiency Video Coding. A 5-megapixel OmniVision enabled image sensor, optics with a 140-degree field of view, and a built-in 500mah battery.  The processor enabled is one of the most successful processors enabled in top action cameras, including the Seabird 4K and the Akaso V50X.

Xiaomi 70Mai Mini: Mounting and Installation

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Installation

The ease of installation is one of the most significant advantages of using 70Mai dash cameras for any car. 70Mai mini only needs a couple of minutes for quick mounting and unmounting.  When installing the plate, you may use the included folio for the windshield – and this will let you quickly remove it if necessary.

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Mounting

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Mounting

The plate sticks to the windshield, and then it only requires you to attach the dash camera with the plate.

The excellent placement on the windshield can minimize reflections of the sun and car lights that disturb the recordings.  We recommend choosing the mounting area behind the rearview mirror to remain as discreet as possible.

Xiaomi 70Mai Mini: Key Features

70Mai is featured with better video compression, allowing you to store almost twice more footage on an SD card’s same memory than the rest of the standard dashboard cameras.

The device is equipped with an embedded speaker for easier one-way interaction. The device speaks and notifies the users with the LEDs of any configuration.

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Speaker

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Speaker

70Mai also supports parking monitoring, and for that, you may need a hard-wire kit, or you can count on the embedded battery that will record around 20-minutes of footage in total before it is empty.

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Parking mode

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Parking mode

The built-in Wi-Fi button lets you quickly turn On and Off the connectivity.

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Buttons

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Buttons

The excellent battery life in mini variant, perfect daytime and night recording quality, h.265 encodings for optimal file management, Wi-Fi, adjustable lens position, and the quick mounting process make 70Mai mini one of the most excellent dash cameras.

Xiaomi 70Mai Mini: Footage and Performance

The device supports 1600P with 30 frames per second full High Definition lens, combined with 140 degrees’ vision angle. It has H.265 encoding compression technology that allows you to record more with less memory consumption.

The device has the Best-tuned compression algorithm, the significant advantage for 70Mai mini over other dash cameras. At the file size that cameras with basic h264 encoding are recording Full HD, you will get a more detailed video file without sacrificing any quality. The significant advantage for you: between 7 and 8 Mbps for full HD and around 17Mbps for 1600p.

The device has an excellent defogging algorithm meaning that it can record better quality footage in seasonal fog.

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Defogging Performance

Daytime footage scores fantastic; the recordings are sharp, detailed, correct exposure, and pleasing colors. The good dash camera placement on the windshield can reduce the Sun and car light reflections for smooth footage quality. The Low light footage is highly detailed; car plate numbers are clear and visible even in a little light. Shortly, the 5-MP sensor performed well compared to a 2-MP sensor with the same optics size.

Xiaomi 70Mai Mini: Mobile Application

Xiaomi 70Mai mini Camera Mobile Application

70Mai mini support smartphone application to connect with the camera. The recorder can connect to the cell phone by pairing Wi-Fi and 70mai mobile app. The smartphone application is easy to operate if you need to change any camera settings for better performance. It also lets you quickly transfer your files. The available 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity takes less than a minute to share any size 60-100 Megabytes video.

What we’d like to see improved

G-sensor triggers the Parking recording, which means that it starts recording after a collision or another kind of shake. However, Motion detection is a great alternative option, but there is no such feature. Lack of motion detection feature is typical for all 70mai dash cameras so far, and we hope that starting from the next models, we will finally see real motion sensors.

70Mai is a reliable and excellent dash camera that well justifies its price tag. However, the device lacks GPS support, has no voice commands support, no option for 60FPS in any of the supported resolutions, and no motion detection feature.


70mai mini camera is an outstanding option for those seeing for a stable, user-friendly dashcam that ticks most of the boxes you are looking for in one camera. The device is easy to install and mounting with the removable plate or module. It has a stunning HD camera, h.265 compression feature, a 500Mah battery, and it’s mini enough that it can be mounted in a couple of minutes. Not only that, 70Mai is one of the dash cameras with speaker assistance that offers easier one-way interaction.