XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro Review: The Portable Projector to Beat in 2023

Portable projectors have got immensely popular because of their exceptional features and functionality. Here is another one capable of playing full HD, with unique technologies and a very portable size. The XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro is here. 

The high-quality projector has features and specs that are equal to or better than the competitors at significantly lower prices. So, how good the portable projector is?

Let’s Inspect



  • Excellent projection quality
  • Keystone correction and autofocus are on point
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Exceptional Harman Kardon Speakers
  • Solid Computing power for mobile games


  • No Netflix Certification
  • Slightly older Android TV Version

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XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro – Price

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro PriceThe price is one of the main selling points of XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro. It is launched at 599EUR, but with the discount code “tech4all,” you can get an extra 50$ off. Even at the full price, it costs less than the competitors like Anker Nebula and Samsung’s Portable Projector. 

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro – Unboxing

UnboxingUnboxing is great. There is a box inside a box safely packed with thick bubble protection. Removing will reveal the retail box, which is also nice, made of good quality cardboard. I loved the packaging and how the company took extra steps to ensure protection. 

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro Remote Let’s open the retail box; the first thing I see is the Netflix Installation guide sitting on top of the projector. This means it is not officially present, but you can download it by following the process. Then we have the main unit, and in a slim box, there is the 65-watt power adapter, the remote, and a user manual.  

Appearance and Build Quality

Beautiful Portable ProjectorIt looks great out of the box. The projector is a little bigger than the Nebula and Samsung’s portable projector. But overall, it has a functional and portable design. The first thing you will notice is the massive cooling mesh on all sides. Portable projectors produce a lot of heat. So, to keep them cool and functioning, you will need an efficient system.

On the front, we have the projecting lens, autofocus correction on top, and a small lens for keystone correction on the bottom. It is a functional, efficient design that works harmoniously to produce excellent results. 

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro Ports SelectionThe back of the projector has a fan, two 8-watt speakers, and ports. The port selection is nice. It has USB Type-A, Type-C, HDMI, and a 3.5mm jack. Another handy part of the XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro is the ¼ mounting thread.

Technical Specifications

  • Display Technology: DLP 0.23 DMD
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p 
  • Brightness: 400 ISO Lumens
  • Light Source Life: 25000 Hours
  • Focus Adjustment: Yes, Automatic
  • Keystone Correction: Yes, Automatic
  • Processor: Undisclosed Quad-Core CPU
  • GPU: Mali G31
  • RAM + ROM: 2GB+16GB
  • OS: Android TV 11
  • Weight: 1.1 Kg

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro – Multimedia Playback

Video QualityXGIMI Mogo 2 Pro is an excellent portable projector. Speaking about multimedia performance. It is exceptional. Download your favorite streaming platform from Play Store and watch whatever you want. The quality is excellent. It is 1080p, but when we see it with Nebula Capsule 3, you will notice great colors, depth, and image quality. 

There is no Netflix certification, but you can use some methods to turn Netflix on the projector. You can use a ported app from a smartphone and need a mouse to operate. The second method is connecting a TV stick like the Mi Stick with Netflix certification. The last way is by using Chromecast. XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro has Chromecast built-in, which makes the process easier. 

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro Casting FeatureXGIMI has taken care of everyone, no matter what mobile phone you have with Chromecast, Display Mirroring, or casting photos you can project from every mobile phone. 

Overall, I am greatly impressed by the video quality. It is better than many expensive portable projectors. Moreover, Harman Kardon tuned two 8-watt speakers are exceptional. They have remarkable sound compared to their size. 

For a better sample, tune in to our YouTube video.

Auto Focus and Keystone Correction

AutoFocus and Keystone Correction HardwareAutofocus and keystone correction both work like a charm. XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro has a solid processor and hardware. That works efficiently and takes almost no time to get aligned. 

There is another cool feature whenever someone comes in front of the projecting surface, it automatically reduces the brightness to protect the eyes. XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro has a unique map it’s always sensing; whenever something enters the map, it dims the projector. 

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro – Computing Power

Android TV 11 InterfaceThe projector has two faces one is the projector performance, and the other face is the computing power. It is an Android TV 11 running system powered by an undisclosed quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. It also has 16GB storage, out of which 10GB is useful. 

The processor works greatly, the interface is responsive, and the animations have no stuttering. It has an old OS which is both good and bad. The good thing is that you can download a lot of non-compatible games and apps, and there are more customization options. But for longevity, you will need a Google TV update in a few months. 

Gaming ExperienceDue to the older version, I often use Aptoide TV, which is my favorite alternative to Google Play Store. The Aptoide TV unlocks many device and region-restricted applications. In my case, games like Real Racing 3 and others. It is a heavy game but works like a breeze on a small computer. There is no lag or buffering; you can also use the external joystick to run the games. 

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro is a capable projection and computing device that seamlessly runs games and shows stunning visuals.

Ways of Controlling the Device

In the end, there is; it’s a great addition. Initially, I felt like the buttons were loose, but after extensive usage, I didn’t find anything getting lost or broken. It is voice controlled and easily controls everything related to the projector. 

In addition, you can add wired devices like a mouse and keyboard to control, and with a 3.5mm jack, you can use headsets. Moreover, it also has Bluetooth that can be used to connect external speakers wirelessly. 


  • Sometimes ISA function triggers eco mode in low light
  • No proper Netflix Integration
  • Lack of Bluetooth speaker mode


XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro is a great portable projector. This is the best product if you are looking for a small, lightweight, and very capable 1080p projector. It has fantastic features, and the only missing thing is a battery which can be resolved by spending 80$ for an excellent power bank. It also has a 720p version that can save you even more. 

XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro