Wanbo TT Projector Review: Great Value & Proper Netflix Support!


The Wanbo TT projector emerges as a noteworthy smart projector, boasting both compact design and impressive functionality. Surprisingly, its enticing price point enhances its appeal. This review delves into the essential aspects of its setup, features, and explores the highs and lows we encountered during testing.


Price and Availability

Available for purchase through Wanbo’s official website and major online retailers, including Amazon, the projector has swiftly gained attention for its outstanding performance and positive user feedback. Comparable projectors from renowned brands like XGIMI, BENQ, and Xiaomi can also be found in a similar price range.



  • Great contrast & sharpness
  • Excellent sound
  • Netflix support without restrictions
  • Rich on config options
  • Attractive price


  • Some software remarks
  • no Google Play Store
  • some audio codecs missing

Unboxing & Setup

The Wanbo TT arrives in a well-presented package, accompanied by operation instructions, a power adapter, and a remote control. Its sturdy construction, featuring a plastic build with mesh for efficient cooling, aligns with the aesthetics common to similarly priced projectors. Notably, Wanbo TT addresses a prevalent issue of image distortion caused by dust accumulation, utilizing a closed-chamber technology that prevents dust infiltration and enhances product longevity.



The rear side offers versatile connectivity options, including USB and HDMI ports, a 3.5mm audio jack, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for seamless communication with various devices. This broad spectrum of connectivity enhances its adaptability to diverse setups.



Interface & UI

Equipped with a Linux-based operating system, Wanbo TT presents a user-friendly home screen interface akin to Google TV/Android TV. Despite the absence of Google Play, the projector supports apps like YouTube and Netflix, providing a smooth streaming experience. Numerous configuration settings, including Miracast support, add to the projector’s versatility.




Image Quality and Performance

Boasting a 650 Ansi Lumen setup, the Wanbo TT impresses with its ability to illuminate walls and projecting screens. The image quality exceeds expectations, with vibrant colors and excellent contrast, further enhanced by HDR10 support. The built-in 2x5W Dolby Audio speakers contribute to a well-tuned sound experience. The cooling system, although producing tolerable noise, stays within the promised limit of 32dB.


Positive feedback extends to the auto-focusing system, equipped with a front camera for automatic adjustment. While slightly slower in responsiveness (2 to 5 seconds), it ensures clear images. The automatic Keystone correction adds to the user-friendly features, preventing distorted projections.



Wanbo TT emerges as an easy recommendation, offering stellar performance at an attractive price point. Among the best LCD-based projectors, it rivals or surpasses some LED or laser-based competitors in terms of image quality. The MediaTek processor ensures a snappy user experience, making it an excellent choice for those not specifically seeking Google Services or Android TV but desiring built-in apps, including Netflix support. The Wanbo TT stands out as a compelling option in the smart projector market.
You can buy the projector via Wanbo’s official website.