Viofo A139 Pro Review: Best 4K Dash Cam of 2023

Viofo A139 Pro Review: Best 4K Dash Cam of 2023

The 2023 variant of the Viofo dash camera is here. It’s called Viofo A139 Pro and rocks a stunning STRAVIS image sensor from Sony. It is among the few devices using an excellent image sensor. The improvement is not only in the image sensor department. Now, it has a strong SoC that can efficiently run 3-channel recording. Viofo as a company has evolved a lot since the arrival of the A119, and since then, that has been going up, and this camera looks great in almost every aspect.

So, here is a thorough review of Viofo A139 Pro.

Let’s Inspect!



  • Well-capable image sensor
  • Up to 4K video recording
  • Functional design and excellent build quality
  • Voice notifications in multiple languages
  • Speaker and microphone support


  • Slightly Expensive
  • No AI features and voice commands
  • Dash camera does not have LTE

Viofo A139 Pro – Price

PriceViofo A139 Pro has 3 channel offerings, but you can also get dual-channel or standalone units. The front camera cost 220$ while the 3-channel camera with front, back, and interior module cost 360$, which is also pretty good considering the features and three excellent cameras. 

Viofo A139 Pro – Unboxing

Unboxed Viofo A139 ProThe branding of Viofo has been great for the past couple of years. The camera arrives in a nice premium box with a sleeve with all the highlighted features. Opening the box will reveal the primary unit, tightly packed in a plastic back surrounded by a layer of foam. The rest of the accessories are under the main unit.

The accessories include the rear camera, circular polarizing lens filter, Type-C USB Cable, trim removal tool, rear camera cable, car charger, front and rear 3M sticker, and screen folio or windshield static sticker.

It has all the possible things you will need to run your camera. But for 24/7 recording, you will need a hardwire kit, which is sold separately. Lastly, the power and rear camera cables are thick and barely fit in the tight spaces.

Appearance and Build Quality

Beautiful Dash Camera
Viofo A139 Pro has a slightly different shape. The wedge form factor is there, but the image sensor is sticking out of the front unit this time. Moreover, the rear module also has the generic capsule-like shape that most dash cameras have.

Let’s talk about the front unit. The camera can move up to 300°, making it perfect for all vehicles. We have the 4 LEDs indicating Recording, Mic, GPS, and Wi-Fi on top along with five buttons: power, recording, mic, Wi-Fi, and hazard button. All the buttons and LEDs are well-visible and accessible. The port situation is also very good. We have the AV out, external microphone port, screw hole, rear camera port, interior camera port, power-in, and MicroSD card reader.

Moreover, the camera has multiple grills for cooling, speaker, and microphone. Another good thing about the design is the quick-release mount.

Both rear and interior modules are pretty similar. The only difference is the IR sensors of the interior camera. The capsule-like units sit unnoticed on the rear windshield.

Technical Specifications

  • Camera: Front Camera Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678 8MP Image Sensor with f1/1.8, Rear 2MP Sony STRAVIS IMX291 Image Sensor
  • Lens: F1.6 Aperture with 140° (front) and 170° (rear) field of view and 7 element glass lens
  • Video Resolution: up to 4K 30FPS with HDR support
  • MicroSD Card: Supports up to 512GB
  • GPS: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz upgraded to 5GHz
  • Mic and Speaker: Yes

Installation, Configuration, and Data Transfer

Installing the Viofo A139 ProInstallation and setup are easy; the essential part is finding the correct location. Once you have found the right spot, put the screen folio, remove the protective sticker from the mount, and attach the main unit to the windshield. Connect the power cable and take the wire to the cigarette lighter port. Make sure to push the wire under the padding to keep it hidden and discrete.

Viofo A139 Pro Smartphone AppRear dash camera installation is also similar. Mount the rear camera and connect the wire to the front unit. Configuring the camera is also quite easy. You can make minor changes via the buttons, but if you want to change the video resolution, codec and other parameters, you must do it through the smartphone app.

As far as the data transfer is concerned, you can use the smartphone app to review videos. But the best method is just to take out the SD card and copy it into your computer or laptop.

Overall, the installation and configuration are not tricky. It takes less time, and the design does not hinder the person’s view.

Viofo A139 Pro – Performance

Viofo A139 Pro is a competent dash camera. It has a solid Sony STRAVIS image sensor capable of shooting 4K with HDR support. The overall image quality is excellent, especially in low light.

Sharp and Detailed Daytime PhotoIn the picture, you can see the dynamic range is great, the colors are bright, and all the information is well visible. Thanks to its 4K resolution and broader field of view, you can also zoom in. Moreover, with a higher bitrate, you can preserve a lot more details while comfortably capturing everything on the front and back.

Viofo A139 Pro HDR on and offThe night footage also looks stunning; there is no distortion, and reflections are brought to a minimum. The performance of the dash camera is exceptional. Moreover, with hardwire kits, you can also use the parking modes and 24/7 surveillance of Viofo A139 Pro.

The installed speaker is loud and also supports voice notifications in multiple languages. On the contrary, the microphone is just fine. You will have to focus a bit to listen to the recorded words.

Tune in to our YouTube video for more samples and in-depth review.


  • No ADAS support
  • Only the front module can shoot 4K
  • Thick power cables
  • LTE support is not present.


Viofo A139 Pro is an excellent dash camera. If your goal is to get the camera with the best possible image quality, then the product is the best option. It has excellent hardware, good software, and a reliable build quality. But the missing AI features and cloud storage is a bit of a bummer. But for me, the camera will stay relevant for a few years.

Viofo A139 Pro