The Most Common Mistakes Made With Two-Way Radios

The Most Common Mistakes Made With Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios can help workers in various industries convey important information across long distances. But if those associates make errors with this technology, it can hurt their effectiveness. Here are some of the most common mistakes made with two-way radios.

Communicating Poorly

It’s easy to see how two-way radios can improve safety in the workplace, but poor communication can hamper those efforts. Suppose a speaker on a radio interrupts others, does not speak loud enough, or does not talk clearly enough. In that case, they prevent their fellow workers and themselves from sending out important information.

Instead, make sure that you are letting others talk and that you speak clearly and loudly enough for others to hear. These steps ensure that your workers get the important information they need to go home safely and return to work the next day.


Saying Too Much

Another common mistake made with two-way radios is presuming you are having a private conversation that no one else can hear. Instead, the opposite can be true, and you will accidentally leak personal or company information that others may hear from afar. Unless your radios are encrypted, watch what you say over them.

Treating Your Radio Badly

Having your radio perform when needed is important, so why shouldn’t you treat it well? Unfortunately, some people don’t follow this logic, which results in their radios failing them. You should properly maintain and clean your system regularly to help ensure that it is there when you need it. Otherwise, your poorly maintained system may make an emergency even worse than it needs to be.

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Not Training Workers on Radios

Radios are relatively simple devices, but you still should train your workers in their use. If a situation arises where an associate needs to share information with others but does not know how to use a radio, that could be a major problem. However, providing simple and easy training to your staff members will help eliminate these issues.

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Storing Radios Improperly

Another common mistake is storing your workplace radios improperly. You should put them in a dry environment with a moderate temperature and keep them out of the sunlight. Otherwise, they may suffer damage, and you will need to replace them. However, If you store radios in the right place, they will last for the long term and save you money on costs.

If you avoid these most common mistakes, you will get a better return on your investment in a two-way radio system. Your employees will be able to communicate with each other better, which will help boost the safety and efficiency of your workplace.