SuperBOX S1 Pro: Lifetime TV Subscription, Movies & Android for your TV

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SuperBOX S1 Pro: Lifetime TV Subscription, Movies & Android for your TV

Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” –By John C.Maxwell

This quotation entertains the importance of choices. Being a human our first instinct is to choose the best option for us. Today I have come up with a new product for you, SuperBox S1 Pro.

My goal is to help you choose the best for you by providing a detailed review of this device. The ball is still in your court. SuperBox S1 pro is an android Tv box with hundreds of channels on your fingertips which is quite fascinating.

For the global readers, I have a piece of bad news for you that this device is primarily oriented towards North American residents, especially for Tv shows. One thing that will surely intrigue you is the lifetime subscription, this blew my mind away.

It is a plus point for the people like me who avoid the flexibility of paying annual subscriptions. However, many people questioned its credibility as it claimed a lifespan guarantee.

To clear this confusion, SmartBox S1 pro has been enlisted among Amazon-approved products, which are proving themselves for their reliability.

There are more interesting facts and specifications of this product which I am going to enumerate and categorize below.

Let’s get straight into it.

SuperBox S1 Pro – Hardware

The first and foremost thing I am going to elaborate on is the hardware of this SmartBox. Assuredly, the presentation is terrific making it stand out among the rest.

You will find two USB ports and a MicroSD slot on SuperBox. There is no optical audio out, so your best shot is using the HDMI.

Qudcoreallwinner processor of this Smartbox allows 3G, 2G, LTE, WIFI, BT, FM, GPS, AGPS, and NFC using a minimum of external components., 2GB ram, 10GB storage, Bluetooth, Wifi.

SuperBox S1 Pro – Packaging Accessories

In the packaging box, you will find an HDMI cable that is used in homes for connecting devices like digital TV, DVD player, Xbox, Play station, etc.

A remote for surfing, a charger obviously for charging, and an extra antenna. Pro-tip, if you are planning on using this device other than TV then you will have to purchase an air mouse.

The most essential component is the antenna which is crucial for proper network reception. Without an antenna, your experience will be shallower. For your wired connectivity preference, a LAN port is also made available by them.

Blue Tv and Blue VOD Apps

If the IPTV app is not preinstalled then download both blue tv and blue VOD from the alternative app store. Bluetv is an app introduced and required to watch all tv shows.

If you find the app and download it on your system, it is authenticated via device ID and mac address. One more thing to add is SmartBox makes its services available only for their type of devices. The programs you can watch are sports, weather forecasts, science, nature, shows, and many more.

The interesting thing is that it is quicker than optic-based IPTV services. Blue VOD is pretty much similar to Amazon prime videos or Netflix but the good news is that it is less complicated than them. Unlike them, it has all the shows on the watch list.

SuperBox S1 Pro – Gaming

You can add a controller, connect to your home network, and then download your favorite games. The experience of gaming on this is pretty average because of low-quality hardware comparatively android games worked quite well.

The majority of games worked fine except for the high-end graphics demanding ones.

How to Run YouTube

Besides gaming, there is YouTubing, browsing, and social media packed inside it. If you are willing to run YouTube videos in 4K print then you will have to follow these easy steps.

  • Step 1 Open app store
  • Step 2 Install aptoide tv-alternative play store
  • Step 3 Install android tv version of YouTube

That’s it, you are all set to go. Playback is pretty much smooth, no glitches found.

SuperBox S1 Pro – Installation

So far creators have tried their best to simplify the experience on SuperBox.

Installation is simple, all you need to do is plug and play. Or the other option is an HDMI cable, plug it to the next side of a TV, projector, or monitor, and the power cable for its working.

Few Limitations

To fulfill my duty with utmost honesty as promised, I have pointed out few lackings that this device possesses. The first one is, Smartbox is not capable of supporting the Chromecast which ultimately restricts the streaming controls from the phone, leaving you with no choice but the usage of miracast as an alternate.

It doesn’t have security patches which are quite risky. SmartBox is pre-rooted which is a common characteristic for these Tv-boxes but still, I advise you to be careful. Because you never know what happens next with your details so never use your primary account in the first go.

The widevine certification used by all OTT services for streaming premium videos is not available for SmartBox which again increases risk factors.  The maximum quality of videos is 480p, as mentioned earlier an alternate for it is the usage of blue TV and the blue VOD apps.

SuperBox S1 Pro – Final Verdict

Nonetheless, this brings us to the end of the discussion. I hope these details helped you to decide best for yourself, after all its your money.

If you would be able to use this TV box for 6-7 months then your subscription will be sort of free. If this works then it will be a good purchase but the risk factors are still there. You never really know when they are going to shut off and leave you on a cliffhanger.

For a short period, it can be a convenient option as it has no complicated settings. All you have to do is plug it and run it but in the long run, it does not seem that favorable. I have presented all the risks and benefits, if you are daring enough then you can go for it.

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