Slypod Pro Review: The Future of Monopods & Electric Sliders

Slypod Pro Featured

Slypod Pro Review: The Future of Monopods & Electric Sliders

The slypod series are already well known to most video makers because the first edition appeared a couple of years ago. A bit more basic, less capable, not that polished, but still very functional. Now we have the Slypod Pro, which is more capable, polished and way more useful than the predecessor.

Slypod Pro is not just a monopod; it’s something like a hybrid between a proper motorized slider, a fantastic tripod and an exceptionalmonopod.

So, let’s inspect this cool tech.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Slypod Pro.


  • Beautiful design and supreme construction.
  • Smooth slider operation
  • Beefy mounts and tripod
  • Great battery endurance
  • Easy to control
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • Poor mobile app



Slypod Pro – Price

Slypod Pro is a futuristic monopod; the cost is a whopping 550$. At first, the price looks a bit high. But let’s not judge it with the price and learn about the monopod in detail.



Slypod Pro – Premium Packaging

After reading the price, the first thing that hits our mind is the premium unboxing experience, and you got that in Slypod Pro. We have an ugly box covering the beautiful packaging of the monopod. The box is heavy because there is a good protective layer inside. Moreover, the monopod itself is pretty big and bulky.

In the box, we have the Slypod Pro, Carrying Case, pan & tilt head and lastly, the tripod.

Appearance and Build Quality

I don’t have much words to tell how beautiful and strong the monopod is. It is one of the best that I have ever tested. The appearance is simply incredible, solid Carbon fiber body with beautiful pattern and labelling. Moreover, the motorized opening mechanism is exceptional.

Slypod Pro is also featuring a tripod base which allows better cinematic and close-up shots. Tripod is pretty easy to use; just over the tripod, we have a screw. Loosening the screw will allow the monopod to move freely in any direction, and you can tighten the screw to keep the monopod in your desired position while the tripod will provide a solid base.

Design and build quality

Slypod Pro – Robust Mount Head

Then we have the build quality, like the appearance the build quality is quite premium. The main body is made from carbon fiber, and the base and head have robust metal construction. The carbon fiber body is lightweight with no compromise on build quality. Premium build quality allows 1.5kg monopod to carry 6kg vertically while 3.5kg horizontally.



Slypod Pro Tech Specs

  • Body: Carbon Fiber
  • Length: Folded length: 65cm, Unfolded length: 118cm
  • Battery: Li-18650 2600mAh battery with 2 hours of operating time on a 4-hour charge.
  • Operation Speed: Max operating speed 40mm/sec, Minimum operating speed 0.5mm/sec
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Horizontal Payload: 3.5kg
  • Vertical Payload: 6kg
  • Mobile App: Yes
  • Mount head: Arca Swiss



Slypod Pro in-action

One of a kind Moza Slypod Pro in an incredible monopod, it is featuring a 3-in-1 design. In a small package, it can work as a monopod, tripod and slider. Moza has redefined the 3-in-1 monopod definition; it allows smooth and accurate horizontal, vertical, oblique, hanging and encircling shots. Moreover, you can also alter the speed of opening and closing of the monopod.


Moza Master App

The buttons on the monopod are good but to fine-tune it; you can install the smartphone app. The app is not pretty, many improvements can be made in terms of interface and functionality. But it rightly performs the task of operating the monopod at variable speed. You can also buy a remote if you don’t like the mobile phone app.

Monopod is not waterproof, but it can withstand foggy, dusty and humid weather quite easily. The feature that fascinates me the most is its ability to charge and operate at the same time. Most monopods either work or charge at a time, but you can do both with this one.

Lastly, a handy feature is its two mounting points—one on the top and another on the lower end of the monopod. You can attach additional accessories like a tripod for horizontal shots, similarly mic or light for better video and sound quality.



Slypod Pro – Control Buttons

Operating the Slypod Pro is easy as pie. There are two ways to use it. Firstly, there are buttons at the bottom of the monopod. Clicking the power button for five seconds will turn the green light on; it’s a signal that tells the monopod is on and ready to work. Now to unfold and fold it, we will use the + and – buttons.

The second one is the mobile phone app; it’s called Moza Master App. It allows you to unleash the beast inside the monopod. The app significantly enhances the functionality of the monopod. Although the interface is not pleasing but the functionality is good.



Slypod Pro – Drawbacks

As such, we haven’t felt anything wrong with the monopod. It is an excellent performer and has amazing battery endurance. But there are a couple of things that are missing in the monopod.

  • Mobile phone app is not good.
  • Monopod is not waterproof.

Final Words

Moza has surprised us with its incredible Slypod Pro. Without a doubt, it is one of the best tech I have tested in a while. Briefly, I am so happy to say that this is a Moza product where I’ve had an almost 5-star experience. Unlike one of their other products, I’ve tested earlier this year.

Here is a link to a compatible camera.

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