Shark Slider Nano Review: Take your Footage to the next level using this 2-axis Motion Control Slider


Shark Slider Nano Review: Take your Footage to the next level using this 2-axis Motion Control Slider

iFootage shark slider nano is a portable, affordable and easy to use motorized slider. It is a device that has quickly turned into my favourite due to its remarkable features.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Shark Slider Nano.


  • Affordable, Smooth and portable 2-axis motorized slider.
  • Robust Build Quality.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Double power options.
  • Lightweight and High Payload capacity
  • Silent Operation and Good range of motion.
  • Collision avoidance and Security lock.


  • IBIS needs to be turned off on camera.
  • Carriage adjustment is stiff.
  • Sliders show inaccurate battery status.
  • Macro AF issue in the app.

Shar Slider Nano – Price

There are two options for shark slider nano. The basic one cost 499$ in which you will only get the slider. The second is a combo; it cost 599$. You will get a battery, a bunch of shutter cables, mobile phone holder and a carrying case. We are going to review the later variant, and I would recommend you to buy the combo. Most of the sliders at this price point are not motorized, and Shark Nano surprised me with its excellent functionality.

We are also going to review the Komodo K5 Fluid Head. The 150$ head fits perfectly with the slider and provide true fluid operation.

Shar Slider Nano – Unboxing

The unboxing experience is good; opening the box will reveal a nice carrying case. The handy bag has solid construction and compartments to keep all the things organized.

In the box, we have the Nano Slider, Type-C charging cable, carrying case, NPF750 battery, smartphone mount, and five shutter cables. These are the contents of the bundle. The standard package contains the slider, charging cable and smartphone mount.

Smartphone mount is available for a limited time so visit the links below to get it before it’s gone.

Design and Build Quality

Shark slider nano is a beautiful device with strong metal construction and a powerful sliding system. It is among the lightest and smallest 2-axis sliders.

The left side of the slider has all the good things. Firstly, we have a touch screen with two buttons; the motor is right below the screen. The battery port and USB Type-C port are on the left side as well.

Mount itself is pretty solid; it can rotate a complete circle on the pan axis. It also has a bubble level to analyze if the slider is on a flat surface or not.

There is a safety lock on the right side. It instantly locks the carriage in place whilst you move the nano slider. Lastly, we have the tripod mount on the slider’s lower side, which moves opposite to the camera mount. There is a 1/4-inch hole on right to mount the slider vertically.

Tech Specs

  • Type: Motorized Slider
  • Body: Metal
  • Weight: 2.15kg
  • Payload: 3.5kg on Desktop Mode, 2kg on Vertical Mode, 2.5kg on Tripod.
  • Usable length: 20cm normal and 40cm on a tripod
  • Power: USB Type-C port and F750 Battery
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Smartphone App: Yes

Shar Slider Nano – Features

Shark Slider nano is a great product. It’s cheap, strong, intelligent, motorized, highly functional, compact, bi-directional, has an app and much more.

The compact and portable slider offers a bang for the money. It is small enough to fit in a standard backpack and doesn’t put any strain on shoulders.

Shark slider nano is a versatile motorized slider. It has a unique bi-directional setup that doubles the slider’s range on tripod mode. Nano is compatible with almost all smartphones and cameras weighing under 3.5kg. It has dual power options; you can connect an F750 battery or use a Type-C connection to power the device. The rechargeable battery will give a solid 4 hours.

The intelligent chipset provides a stable and reliable algorithm to protect the mount from collisions. The sensors intelligently sense the start and endpoints to avoid them.

Controlling the slider is even easier. You can control it through the touch screen or IFootage Moco App for better intuitive camera control and experience.

Despite all these exceptional motor features, the slider is remarkably quiet and smooth.

Shar Slider Nano – Performance

The tiny and versatile product can shoot some exciting footage. Filmmakers can have some difficulty portraying the sense of movement because of its short movement. But it is excellent for me; it shoots exceptional buttery smooth footage of products.

I have tried it with both mobile phones and cameras. The footage was consistent in terms of stability and smoothness. Carriage adjustment was slightly stiff other than that; it is great in all three modes; desktop, vertical and tripod.

Software and Controls

Shark slider nano is very easy to use; it takes less than a minute to set up. The controls are a combination of button and touch controls, or you can control it by the smartphone app.

The first thing is to assemble it. It does not come in pieces; you just have to attach the Komodo K5 Fluid Head and camera. You can use your favourite mount like I am using the arca-swiss mount. Power on the slider it will take some time, then sort of nods to the left. Then there are some adjustments to be done. So, click the home and fn buttons together; this will take you to the configuration. Now set the position A and B after clicking the fn button, and you are good to go.

Of course, it requires some tuning that you can do by yourself. You have a lot of options to tune the device. There is time option, speed and much more.

iFootage Moco is the official app; it is available on the Play Store. It is an interesting app; there are two modes Camera mode and Pro mode. The camera mode is quite similar to the slider’s software. While Pro mode is great, it has all the professional options and configurations to enhance the footage.

Shar Slider Nano – Drawbacks

There are a few shortcomings in this great device.

  • Battery status is not quite accurate.
  • Hard to adjust carriage.
  • No Lock warning.
  • Macro AF issue in the app.
  • Camera’s IBIS needs to be off.

Final Thoughts

Shark slider nano is an exceptional motorized slider. It has significantly reduced the time of shooting a motion clip. The slider is durable and very easy to use. I will not say that every filmmaker needs this device, but it can be a great addition to the inventory.

Where to Buy?

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