Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Ticwatch Pro 5: Which is Better WearOS Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Ticwatch Pro 5: Which is Better WearOS Smartwatch

If you love the Android ecosystem like us, you must have considered getting a new WearOS smartwatch. We have seen a lot of smartwatches in 2023, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Ticwatch Pro 5 are the best ones of this year. Galaxy Watch has the latest WearOS 4.0, while Ticwatch Pro 5 is running a slightly older WearOS 3.5. 

So, which smartwatch is better? 

Let’s Inspect this in 7 exciting rounds!



Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Ticwatch Pro 5

Price 429$ 349$
Chipset Dual core Exynos W930 Snapdragon W5 + Gen 1 Wearable Platform
OS WearOS 4.0 WearOS 3.0
Display 1.5-inch display with 480×480 resolution 1.43-inch display with 466 x466 resolution
Body Stainless Steel Frame with Sapphire Crystal Frame Metal 700-Serie Aluminum and high-strength nylon with fiberglass, Gorilla Glass 5
Weight 52 grams 44.3 grams
Sensors Accelerometer. Proximity Sensor, Gyroscope, Compass, Heart Rate Sensor, Barometer and Thermometer Accelerometer, Gyro Sensor, PPG Heart Rate Sensor, Thermometer, Barometer, Compass, Off-Body Sensor
Storage 2GB + 16GB 2GB + 32GB
Battery 425mAh 628mAh
NFC Yes Yes
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 5.3, LTE Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Speaker & Microphone Yes Yes
Apps Samsung Health, Samsung Health Monitor, Galaxy Wearable Mobvoi Health


Design and Build Quality

Design and build quality are crucial aspects of a smartwatch. It ensures that the watch will stay functional for years. Let’s start the comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. 

Beautiful Galaxy Watch 6They have gone with a similar design with an excellent new addition: The rotating Bexel. It is an incredible and intuitive way to control your smartwatch. It also has two buttons on the right side. In terms of build quality, Samsung has stainless steel construction and a sapphire crystal screen, providing super durability to the smartwatch. Overall, it has a sleek, slim design that feels great. 

Stunning Ticwatch Pro 5Ticwatch Pro 5 has an aluminum, high-strength nylon, and fiberglass frame with a Gorilla Glass 5 screen. It is not as strong, but the screen is a millimeter below the frame, which adds a small layer of protection against falls. We have a rotating crown that acts as a button for navigation. 

Both smartwatches have military-grade construction and equally good waterproof ratings. However, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a lead in this round due to its supreme construction and intuitive rotating bezel. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Ticwatch Pro 5 – Display

Samsung galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Ticwatch Pro 5 Displays The second major component is the screen. It can be a deal maker or breaker for many users, so having a good screen is vital. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a 1.5-inch display with exceptional brightness and color reproduction. The AMOLED display is visible under direct sunlight with its 2000 nits peak brightness. It really is a class-leading feature. 

Stunning FSTN Display of Ticwatch Pro 5 On the contrary, the Ticwatch Pro 5 uses a dual display. It has both FSTN and AMOLED screens. FSTN is a black and white screen that consumes less power and keeps the screen always on throughout the day, even during workouts. It is a handy addition if you want a longer battery and essential information always on screen. Ticwatch has a slightly smaller screen, measuring 1.43 inches with 466 x 466-pixel density. 

FSTN display adds value, but it affects the brightness and colors of AMOLED display. That’s why I’ll have to vote for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Ticwatch Pro 5 – Battery

After discussing the most battery-consuming component screen, we will compare the batteries. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Battery The super bright screen of the Watch 6 Classic definitely looks great, but it consumes loads of battery. It has a 425mAh battery, and despite having the latest WearOS and battery optimizations, the results were ordinary. The battery endurance is less than a day, and it feels like a downgrade of Watch 5. 

Ticwatch Pro 5 Battery On the other hand, Ticwatch has a substantial 626mAh battery. I usually got over 2 days with an always-on FSTN screen, 24/7 HR Tracking, SpO2, sleep, and stress measuring, and some sports apps. 

The exceptional results put the Ticwatch Pro 5 on the scoreboard. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Ticwatch Pro 5 – Features

Both smartwatches are very capable. They support NFC and have superfast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with the latest sensors and heaps of tracking data. Moreover, you can receive and make phone calls and respond to text messages. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic even has an LTE version that allows you to go anywhere without your phone. 

ECG on Galaxy Watch 6
Other than that, the Watch 6 Classic has newer sensors, the latest dual-core chipset, operating system, and hardware components. It even has more sensors that allow it to track ECG and blood pressure (not too accurate and supported in various regions). Rotating the bezel also adds significantly to the user experience. 

Ticwatch Pro 5 has a much easier chest mount tracker connection that Samsung has made very difficult in their devices. 

I’ll give this point to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with the hope that they will make 3rd party device’s Bluetooth connection easier. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Ticwatch Pro 5 – Software

Now, we are moving to another critical round that has a lot of emphasis on purchase decisions. The software and user interface. 

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has the latest WearOS 4.0 at launch with a slightly different health ecosystem built around Samsung Health. It has a buttery smooth interface with many customization options. Moreover, the bezel navigation is seamless. Furthermore, integration with smartphone apps is excellent, especially with Samsung devices. 

Ticapps Ecosystem Ticwatch Pro 5 has a slightly older WearOS 3.5 after the update. It has access to all the Play Store apps that can be easily installed and synced with the smartphone data. Like Samsung, Ticwatch also has a Ticapps ecosystem that has various apps like Ticoxygen, Ticpulse, and more. It also has excellent Google Assistant integration that is just a swipe away and works perfectly in every country. 

Considering both smartwatches’ flaws and nice aspects, the round ends with a tie. 

Smartphone Apps

Samsung Heath AppGalaxy Watch 6 Classic has a complicated smartphone app ecosystem, forcing you to use five different apps for complete functionality. But if you are doing everything right, all the apps’ data and features are well worth it. Other than that, all the apps are well-polished and functional. 

Mobvoi AppTicwatch Pro 5 has a rather sophisticated app ecosystem with only one app. Mobvoi Health has a nice design, a bunch of functions, configuration options, and loads of health statistics. It does not have features like music and photos transfer that Galaxy apps have. 

Despite having a rather complicated app ecosystem, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is a winner. 

Health Tracking and Sports

Samsung galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs Ticwatch Pro 5 Health tracking
Both Watch 6 and Ticwatch Pro 5 have very precise sensors. Ticwatch is offering the greatest number of workout modes in the WearOS space. Watch 6 Classic also has many sports modes. Both smartwatches have accurate data, including GPS. 

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a little edge with ECG and Blood pressure measuring, but they are limited to very few regions. So, this round indeed ends with a tie. 


The choice between the best smartwatch is quite simple. Ticwatch Pro 5 has a better price, battery life, and stock WearOS feeling with exceptional health tracking and a software ecosystem. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a great design, LTE, and a super bright display but at a higher price. 

So, analyze every aspect before making a purchase decision. For more details, watch our YouTube video. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Ticwatch Pro 5