Eleglide S1 Plus Review: Another Great Electric Scooter on a Budget

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Eleglide S1 Plus Review: Another Great Electric Scooter on a Budget

Eleglide S1 Plus another good looking urban electric scooter that is portable has great performance and a respectable range. But how good is it compared to the market leaders

Let’s Inspect

Eleglide S1 Plus


  • Price quite affordable for low budget people
  • The riding experience is very much smooth and pleasant.
  • Despite cheaper rates, Its performance is very much satisfactory and up to the mark.
  • Weight and Height are meritorious.


  • Scooters are riskier than big vehicles because the chances of accidents are a little bit more than the vehicles.
  • Its rainy riding experience is terrible because lengthened riding may lead to a debacle
  • The scooter has leather tyres. These may puncture sometimes, but it is common for every vehicle.
  • Button setup is somewhat uncomfortable, especially for light buttons.

Why is an electric scooter a good choice?

Electric scooters, especially of Eleglide, a widely popular brand, are highly useful for many aspects. Its astonishing qualities are at the frontline driver to use them.

The first and foremost quality of S1 plus the electric motor is an environmentally friendly scooter. It impacts less than heavy vehicles on the environment like cars. Secondly, It enormously saves your time because it is easy to ride through thick traffic.

However, heavy vehicles put riders/drivers in a predicament in such situations. Thirdly, It is very convenient to park them in irritating traffic. Lastly, Riding an electric scooter is a fun activity. Riders enjoy riding more than other vehicles.

Unboxing Experience

Packaging of Eleglide S1 Plus

Unboxing is a great experience. It includes a great deal of anxiety and suspicion. Above all, electric scooters’ unboxing is more interesting than others because their fans are in multitude. Furthermore, Keen riders wait to see the motor with anxiousness. And feel very curious about its initial gaze.

Recently, Eleglide has released two editions. Both editions are similar in shape and construction, but the Eleglide logo is quite different. Furthermore, the Eleglide S1 Plus comes with a larger battery. The capacity difference of 12.5Ah to 8Ah is obvious. The price difference is only 50 dollars which is not a big amount. The difference is very much smaller as compared to its performance comparison.

Design and construction

Design is elegant and sophisticated. It gives an interesting look. The material used is also standard and of nice quality. Except for design, construction is also strong and appreciative. Moreover, Foldable designs of handles is an outstanding thing.

Side-view of the electric scooter

Owing to it, the scooters have become quite a transport friendly because they occupy tinier space in the car as compared to a MI scooter. The shape of tires is also stable and refined. The above-cited structure enhances the longevity of the scooter.

Eleglide S1 Plus – Specifications

  • The scooter has a 400-watt motor in the posterior wheel.
  • Its battery capacity is 12.5 mah, which can move a maximum of 24 Km/h with 120 Kg.
  • It has 10-Inch pneumatic tires and a front shock absorber.
  • Furthermore, the scooter has a digital display which is extremely easy to use.


Main highlights of this electric scooter

Kickstart option

The Kickstart option is infuriating for some users. A host number of riders do not feel comfortable with this choice. The Eleglide S1 plus electric motor is a better option for such people because it offers the option.

You can press the blue button to kickstart the scooter

Eleglide S1 Plus – Digital Display

As good as it gets – the display

Digital displays are easily visible even on cloudy and sunny days. Display quality differentiates it from previous scooters. The previous scooter’s display was vague and blurred; therefore, the display setup of the scooter is amazing.

Eleglide S1 Plus – Battery

Battery demand is at the frontline for riders. All users are awarded top priority because it helps out for many reasons. The battery of the Eleglide S1 plus scooter is very impressive and strong. It covers long distances on one charge.

Height and weight

S1 plus has a highly manageable weight. Even new riders can easily tackle it during riding. The weight greatly improves the riding experience. Moreover, Height is also an excellent thing for a large member family. Owing to the nice height option, Most family members ride it regularly. They can easily accommodate themselves in the provided space.

Adjustable size is a plus point as both adults and teens can use it

Eleglide S1 Plus – Drawbacks

The things which bothered me

Pneumatic tyres are very much likely to puncture. The shape of the tyres does not comply with contemporary design. Additionally, the braking system is also weaker in its operations. It is divided into two components. Both are present on the rear wheels. The setup is a grave shortcoming because wet roads can lead it toward serious slip. However, the Eleglide S1 plus scooter’s performance is still good as compared to others.

My recommendations

My final remarks about Eleglide S1 Plus

Despite its negative sides, the scooter is worth buying. Every scooter has a few limitations like this, but S1 plus’s limitations are very minimal compared to others. By seeing the trend of the year 2021, the price is remarkably cheap. Therefore, the S1 plus electric motor choice is right for scooter enthusiasts. They will¬† definitely enjoy its ride.

You can also watch the video review on YouTube and learn about the latest techs at tech4all.net

Where to Buy?

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