PGYTech OneGo Backpack: The Customizable Tech Backpack that You’ve Always Needed


PGYTech OneGo Backpack: The Customizable Tech Backpack that You’ve Always Needed

PGYTech OneGo is a perfect backpack for content creators. The backpack is fantastic and has many features and ways to customize it.

Two disclaimers before starting the review– it is an early sample sent to me by PGY tech for review; thank you, PGYTech, for that. So, the final product may slightly differ in terms of stitches primarily. Second disclaimer – I am not sponsored to make this video, and because of that, I can say anything I like in the video, so let’s go for our usual flow of inspecting.

Let’s inspect a cool tech backpack.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of PGYTech OneGo.


  • Accessible from every corner.
  • Solid Japanese Zippers.
  • Handles are well stitched.
  • Easily fit multiple cameras, drones and gimbal in the bag.
  • Ample Loading Capacity.
  • Incredibly comfortable thanks to its TRP Honeycomb and air fiber.
  • Solid partitions with steel latches.
  • Handy indicator coins, side pockets and secret pocket.


  • Laptop Pocket is small; it cannot fit a thick laptop.
  • Not completely waterproof.
  • Fewer partitions.


PGYTech OneGo is a comparatively cheap backpack; the actual price is 219$. But right now, there is an early discount that lowers the cost to 195$. So, click on the link to avail the discount before it’s over.

A competitor like Bellroy Apex is 470€, which is more than double.

Appearance & Build Quality


Attractive Appearance

I cannot show you the proper unboxing because I have got the early unit. But you can expect a big beautiful box. At first, the bag looks stunning the build quality feels solid.


Knife cuts are not even leaving a mark

The bag exterior has PU (polyurethane) coating for water resistance. It is widely used in bags, tents and raincoats for waterproofness. Moreover, a couple of places has a beautiful leather finish. The finish is pretty strong, I have tried to cut it with my Swiss army knife, but there wasn’t even a scratch.

The bag is IPX4 splash resistant, which is not enough if you live in tropical areas but will do the job in dry regions.

Since I have got the early unit, some of the straps are hand-stitched, So the quality is meant to enhance in future.

The box is filled with accessories. In the box, we get partitions, indicator coins, chest strap, waist strap and two accessory straps.


PGYTech OneGo is an 18-litre backpack that weighs only 2.2kg. The maximum loading capacity is 15kg or 33pounds which is enough for all the equipment I need for shoots. The bag is available in four colours Obsidian Black, Navy Blue, Shell Grey and Sand Beige.


TPR Honeycomb Padding

The comfort of the bag is on another level. Shoulder straps are stuffed with TPR honeycomb padding, which reduces the pressure by 50%. PGYTech sent us a small piece of padding; it feels like a small stress ball.


Breathable Air Fiber

The air fiber cushions the back; at a glance, it looks like a tangled rectangle of strings, but it is pretty flexible and comfortable. Moreover, it also reduces the sweat forming on the back. Most people don’t prefer putting the camera in the bottom compartment to avoid damage to the cameras, but this is not the case. With this bag, users can easily use the lower chamber for cameras because it has thick padding to prevent damage.

Another great feature is accessibility. All the contents inside the bag can be accessed without opening the main zipper. You can access the middle and bottom compartment through side flaps, and the top one is accessible through the zipper on the top.

Pockets and Partitions

Pockets and partitions

PGYTech OneGo Inside

There are many pockets in the bag. But first, let’s discuss the ways how you can customize the bag to fit all the things you need. Two partitions are going to divide the bag into three sections and two to customize a single compartment.

The primary partitions have steel latches instead of Velcro straps. Steel gives them extra strength and allows you to put some heavy things in the bag. Other partitions are simple foldable ones that will divide one compartment into multiple divisions.

Pockets and Partitions

Side Pockets with Indicator Coins

Then we have loads of pockets in the bag other than the main pocket; we have multiple pockets on both side flaps. Where we can put lens filters, microphones, spare SD cards, extra batteries and cleaning accessories, moreover, you can place an action camera in the pockets as well. There are two pockets with magnets; you can use indicator coins to mark charged and discharged batteries which is handy if you carry many extra batteries in the bag.


Laptop Sleeve

On the back, we have a laptop and tablet pocket. I can easily fit a 15-inch MacBook with an iPad; the divider doubles as a pull tab. The last pocket is a secret; you can put your passport or money in it when travelling.

Zippers, Handles & Straps


YKK Zippers

The quality of zippers, handles and straps are as good as the rest of the bag. OneGo is using YKK zippers with a lockable design. YKK is a famous Japanese company that is well-known for its high-quality products. The handles are solid and well-stitched to the body.


Accessory Straps

There are three straps in the box. The chest and waist strap will simply connect to both shoulder loops and reduce the weight on your shoulders. Then there are two accessory straps, these straps get attached to the bottom of the bag, and you can put a tripod or stand in it.


PGYTech OneGo is an exceptional backpack, without a doubt. It is an affordable, functional, durable and accessible camera backpack. But there are some improvements that PGYTech can make in the next generation of OneGo.

  • Increase the size of the laptop pocket.
  • Make it fully waterproof.

Final Verdict

My final thoughts are only positive. The bag has Remarkable build quality, easy customizations, very practical ideas, and it’s evident that PGYTech has designed the OneGo with the assistance of professionals because you can sense that there’s a lot of thinking behind every feature. So, I totally am a fan of the OneGo and perhaps will turn into my primary backpack.

Find the product in the link below to get it at a discounted price.

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