Oclu Action Camera: A New Action Camera that May Change the Game


Oclu Action Camera: A New Action Camera that May Change the Game

The all-new Oclu action camera has a unique form factor. The waterproof camera is very promising and has top-notch features.

So, let’s inspect if the camera can shake the DJI market.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Oclu Action Camera.


  • Affordable.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • 4K capable camera.
  • One of the best in-camera software, the Live Cut.
  • Handy buttons.
  • Good battery endurance.


  • EIS only works at 1080p.
  • CPU is a bit older as it was used by Hero Black 5.
  • No port for an external microphone.


Oclu action camera costs only 199$. The affordable camera is an exceptional performer. Let’s discuss more about this camera below.

Oclu Action Camera – Unboxing

Massive Box with all the Accessories

The unboxing experience is spectacular; I have got the review model. So, the box is bigger, containing different mounts and accessories. Some mounts are interesting and new for me. All of them have some green accents to them.

The camera itself comes in a small beautiful box. In the box we have a small case carrying the camera, charging cable and a small mount. It’s nice to see that companies are including portable carrying cases in the box. Another difference is its charging cable; instead of an external battery dock, we have a magnetic charging cable, which allows us to charge while shooting.

Appearance and Build Quality


Beautiful Body of Oclu Action Camera

Oclu is a different action camera with a unique design and controls. It feels very different with its unusual placement of the screen. The remarkable positioning makes the footage more stable, makes the camera portable and durable. The camera has a small 1 ½ inch screen on the top, and the lens is facing the front. The screen itself is pretty bright and responsive.

Magnetic Charging Cable

We also have magnetic charging connector because Oclu doesn’t have external charging dock.

There are four buttons to control the screen. Two on left, one on the right side and the fourth lies right below the screen. The central button is the power and shutter button, while the left top is the “Back” button and the bottom one is a forward button. You can also set quick access functions on the bottom button, which you can select with just a single click.

Now let’s talk about the build quality. It is superb; the camera is solid and reliable with IPX7 water resistance. Oclu calls it adventure proof; it can bear dust, water, moisture, impact etc.

Oclu Action Camera – Features

Oclu action camera is a features packed beast. It has many exceptional features like 4K 30FPS video recording, electronic image stabilization, Live Cut (which we will discuss in the software section), excellent battery life etc.

Different modes and options

The 12mp camera has exceptional capabilities; it can shoot up to 4k 30 FPS and up to 1080p on 120FPS. Moreover, the camera has many modes like Timelapse, Slow Motion, low light mode, sports modes, burst shots etc. The camera is pretty wide; it has a 150° field of view.

The camera has a universal ¼ mount, which is compatible with every mount and tripod. Another handy feature is motion capturing; it automatically initiates the recording with motion. This feature is helpful for wildlife photography.

Customization options are also pretty good; you can add four desired modes for quick selection. This allows the user to choose their favourite mode with a single click.

Lastly, we have two microphones on the front and top for optimal audio quality.

Hardware Specs

Hardware Specs

  • Chipset: Ambarella
  • Camera Sensor: Sony 12mp F 2.5 with 150° field of view
  • Battery: 1000mAh
  • Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Weight: 101 grams

Oclu Action Camera – Live Cut

Now, let’s point attention to the software side. There’s one feature that changes everything, and I want to highlight is the Live Cut. It’s a genius idea.

Functional Live Cut Software

Now, picture a scene; you attach the camera on the bike, shoot a 3-minute downhill video and then realize, oh no, the mount has failed me, and the angle shows the cycle instead of the scene. So, what do we do if we are careless about space we stop the recording, go back to the starting point, and record again. But if we want to free up space, go to the camera, find the file, make sure it is the one and delete it.

I always have this challenge hours of footage out which a few minutes are usable. That’s where Live Cut kicks in. I start recording, and there is too much shaking; delete this and start over; it is a freaking single click away. I was very sceptical initially, but now when using another camera, I miss this feature so much.

Toggling through different options is also lovely and easy. Oclu has worked to makes the user experience as good as possible on their action camera. Moreover, there’s also a mobile phone app you can choose different options. It also enables you to share your videos with the Oclu community.

Oclu Action Camera – Performance

Oclu action camera is surprisingly great; it has many exceptional features and modes. Now we have discussed everything above, it’s time to test the performance of the camera.

Video Quality

12mp sensor is an exceptional performer. Oclu can shoot up to 4k 30FPS and 120FPS in 1080p. FHD slow motion shots are also pretty great, the details are sharp, and the focus on the subject is exceptional. Moreover, the timelapse is pretty good as well.

Battery Endurance


1000mAh battery of Oclu Action Cam

We have a 1000mAh replaceable battery. It allows us to shoot 1 hour of footage on a single charge. The charging system is different; instead of a charging dock, we have a magnetic cable like a smartwatch. It allows us to charge the camera while shooting.

Mic Performance

Oclu action camera has two microphones; one is on the front, and the other is on the upper side. The audio quality is satisfactory, and fine-tuning can enhance the results. Due to the waterproof design, we cannot connect any external mic as we don’t have ports. So, if you are a vlogger, you have to adjust to it. You can check the sound quality here.

Mounts and Accessories

Bunch of Mount and Accessories for Oclu Action Camera

You can attach to pretty much every camera mount. In the box, we have different mounts and accessories. Firstly, there is a waterproof box which allows you to take it to 50 meters.

Special Cycle Mount

Then there is a unique cycle mount; I have never seen a mount like that. It is effortless to install and use.

I liked the OCgrip so much it can float and is designed to be used underwater. We also have an expandable selfie stick. Lastly, the chest mount, it’s the best chest mount ever.


Oclu action camera has an attractive form factor that is more useful and functional than others. Also, the performance and build quality are excellent. I hope Oclu as a brand stays strong because we need brands with a fantastic eye for detail and valuable features.

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Essential Links

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Oclu Action Camera: https://geni.us/oclu4K