OBSBOT Tiny 2 Review: The Game-Changing 4K Web Camera You’ve Been Waiting for!

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OBSBOT Tiny 2 Review: The Game-Changing 4K Web Camera You’ve Been Waiting for!

Web cameras are essential as many people work online, and video conference is the primary medium for communication. A few years earlier, a gimbal webcam was released, and now its second generation is here. OBSBOT Tiny 2 promises to be a revolutionary one that goes beyond just an average web camera with dynamics, solid hardware, and AI features. 

So, is it best in its class?

Let’s Inspect!



  • Durable and Sturdy Body
  • Excellent AI features
  • Handy gesture controls
  • Bigger image sensor with beautiful image quality and low light performance
  • Ability to understand voice commands in multiple languages


  • No port for an external microphone
  • Higher price

OBSBOT Tiny 2 – Price

Obsbot Tiny 2 PriceThe launch price of the camera is clearly high. It starts at 329$. You can get a good desktop computer or a mid-range smartphone at this price. But with exceptional AI implementations, a reliable software ecosystem, and the fact that it is pushing camera technologies of this size is good enough justification. 

OBSBOT Tiny 2 – Unboxing

UnboxingUnboxing is fun; there is nothing special about the box. It has a simple design with highlighting features written on the back. Judging from the size and design of the box, the camera looks more like a revamp edition than an upgrade. 

Hard Case for the Gimbal CameraSo, let’s open it inside; we have all the contents packed in a hard case. Like the first generation, OBSBOT has included protection to keep the gimbal webcam safe. Which I think is excellent as gimbals can get damaged by falls. 

The hard shell has the USB Type-C charging cable, OBSBOT Tiny 2, USB-C to USB-A adapter, and an adjustable mount. 

Appearance and Build Quality

Beautiful OBSBOT Tiny 2Let’s start with the design of OBSBOT Tiny 2. It is very similar to the first generation, but now we have a significantly bigger image sensor on top, mounted on a 2-axis gimbal. We also have an LED strip that looks quite sleek on the gimbal. Then, we have the thick base housing all the hardware other than the camera. On the front of the base, there is OBSBOT branding along with two microphones, a great performer. Besides that, we have a Type-C port on the back and an ¼ inch mounting hole on the bottom. 

The build quality significantly differs from the simple plastic we have seen in the first generation. This time, it is far more durable.

Technical Specifications

  • Image Sensor: 1/1.5 CMOS image sensor, f/1.9, 85.5° FOV
  • Resolution: Up to 4K 30 FPS
  • Microphone: Dual Omni Directional microphones
  • Weight:
  • Gesture Controls: Yes
  • AI Controls: Yes

AI Implementation 

OBSBOT Tiny 2 has class-leading AI controls. It has way more options and controls than the previous generation. With all the gestures, voice commands, and AI tracking, the camera is no less than a cameraman itself. 

In addition, the AI features are quick, the latency is very low, and the camera almost immediately responds to the command, controls, and movements. 

Voice Commands that camera can understandOBSBOT Tiny 2 can understand ten voice commands. The phrases allow you to control the camera entirely hands-free. Moreover, they are not limited to English; the camera can also understand Mandarin. The commands can be used to zoom in, AI tracking, preset positions, etc., and they work well most of the time. 

Zoom Out Gesture Gesture controls are also quite handy; it has zoom-in and out gesture that is quite beneficial. Moreover, the AI tracking algorithm is on par. It immediately locks in the object and starts focusing. In addition to just tracking, it can lock on to things with 4x digital zoom.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 – Performance

OBSBOT Tiny 2 with Bigger Image Sensor

OBSBOT has not disclosed the chipset and image sensor, but according to my research, it has an Omnivision OV50E. It is a well-capable and big image sensor that has been used in some smartphones. Moreover, it will also explain the excellent low-light performance and 4K ability. 

OBSBOT Tiny 2 has excellent image quality. It can be used with any host, i.e., mobile phones, tablet laptops, computers, etc. 

OBSBOT Tiny 2 and Insta 360 LinkThe quality is excellent; all the details and colors are well-preserved. Moreover, the auto-focus is super-fast and precise. You can bring tiny objects in front, and the camera will immediately focus on the object. Here, you can see a side-by-side comparison with the closest rival, Insta 360 Link. I am not going to say anything to influence the decision.  

Low Light PerformanceLow-light performance is exceptional; there are no artifacts, the focus is great, gesture control is excellent, details are well-preserved, and there is no noise. OBSBOT Tiny 2 has the best low-light performance in its class. 

OBSBOT Tiny 2 also has a great mobile app and PC software. There are a lot of controls to fine-tune the video quality background and add filters. 

On the other side, the Tiny 2 also has solid microphones. They are noise reduction and provide good quality audio. I think having the option for an external microphone would have been a nice addition. 


  • Higher price 
  • No external mic support


Although OBSBOT Tiny 2 cost 50% more than the previous generation, I can clearly see where all the money is going. It has a justified price, and I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for a good webcam. Even if you have generation 1, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 is a worthy upgrade and will serve you greatly in the long run. 

Watch more video samples and AI controls in our YouTube video