Neabot NOMO Review: A Hand-Free Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Neabot NOMO Review: A Hand-Free Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Neabot NOMO is the newest self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner. The working of the cleaner is similar to every other robot vacuum cleaner. But its ability to clean its tray by itself intrigues me to test this product.

So, let’s inspect this hand-free robot vacuum cleaner.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Neabot NOMO hand-free robotic vacuum cleaner.


  • Beautiful and Strong Body
  • Awesome cleaning performance
  • Great smartphone App
  • Three suction modes from low to high
  • Easy integration with Alexa Google Home
  • Ability to map room is astonishing
  • Self-Cleaning works greatly


  • Expensive
  • Small dust box
  • The emptying process is noisy


The self-cleaning Neabot NOMO automatic vacuum cleaner cost 450$. The price is definitely not friendly, but considering the features, performance and quality the price seems to be a fair one.


Let’s move on with the unboxing. I have to say that I had relatively low expectations, not even sure why but the more I am unpacking, the more I realized that the Neabot NOMO is quite impressive. The box is far bigger because we have two main components inside. The robot vacuum and its station which looks like a big temple of charge and cleanness.

In the package, there also are some instructions, a few antibacterial replacement bags, and that’s it.

Appearance and Build Quality

Unique Bristles Design

NOMO is one of the most beautiful vacuum cleaners that I have tested until now. It has an attractive external appearance with a solid white plastic body and grey accent. The sensors are present on all four sides, which maps the room and protect the cleaner from hits. The dirt also does not get stuck on the unique bristles of Neabot NOMO hence making you lazier.

Solid Charging and Emptying Station

Then we have the charging station + dirt collector. The construction material is similar, and its appearance is as good as the vacuum cleaner.


Neabot NOMO is an innovative device. The self-cleaning feature is exceptional, like how convenient it is not to clean your vacuum cleaner after a few hours. You can clean it the old fashion way, but the feature is excellent. The self-cleaning process is reasonably loud. So, one thing which could be pretty scary is making a schedule for night cleaning, pretty sure if you live in an apartment. It takes only a few seconds, but enough time to wake some people up, especially if they are in the same or the next room.

Three cleaning modes of NOMO

NOMO is a powerful vacuum cleaner it has three cleaning modes. The modes are divided by the suction power, Silent 700pa, Normal 1200pa and Strong 2700pa. Moreover, climbing on carpets and sucking the dust out is not a problem for this beast. It automatically goes into full suction and also controls the speed of brushes.

Another excellent feature is the integration with Google Home and Alexa. It allows you to start the cleaning process with your voice quickly. Mapping the floor is very easy with this vacuum cleaner; it can also map multi-floor houses. Moreover, you can also mark the no go zones through the mobile app.

The sensors are incredible. I was surprised to see how the cleaner can find its way back even if we put the robot in a small maze. Another reason for exceptional mapping and navigation is its LIDAR and SLAM sensors.

Hardware Specifications

  • Suction Power: 2700pa
  • Power Modes: 3
  • Battery: 52mAh battery
  • Dust box: 400ml
  • Navigation: LDS and SLAM
  • Multi-floor Mapping: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Smartphone App: Yes


Neabot NOMO is a great performer; we performed two tests.

The first one is the rice test; the Neabot was able to pick 56 grams of rice out of 60 grams. The results are exceptional but can be enhanced by stopping the rotating brushed because they throw some rice away. The second one is the dirt test, and the results were even better. The cleaner almost got all the dust off the ground. Moreover, the performance on carpets is also promising.

Mobile App

Neabot App

Mobile App is polished for the product; the functions are as good as the vacuum cleaner. The app can be pretty helpful if you are a lazy person as you can start self-cleaning through your mobile phone instead of pressing the button on the station. Moreover, you can schedule the vacuum cleaner emptying time, which is convenient as well.

Moreover, you can specify the no go zones and map the room layout through the mobile app.


A handy and powerful Neabot NOMO has a few drawbacks, which are mentioned below.

  • LED controls are absent.
  • Dust box is small.
  • Station is noisy.

Final Verdict

Neabot NOMO is among the best vacuum cleaner I have ever tested and the ability to self-clean make it superior over others. Moreover, the performance is excellent and cleaning over rugs and mats is easy. I highly recommend this robot vacuum cleaner because of its ability to perform greatly and smartly map the house to ensure every corner is clean.

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