Must-Have Technology for Staying Safe During Storms


Storms come and go as they please, varying in severity and causing many setbacks. Between the power outages and water damage, technology and storms do not usually pair well together. However, in today’s high-tech world, you can find an array of technology to assist you before, during, and after the wrath of a storm. Whether you encounter thunderstorms or blizzards, these must-have storm technologies can help you stay safe and comfortable.

Lightning Detector

Lightning is the second leading cause of weather-related injuries and fatalities. With a lightning detector, you can stay alert and avoid potential lightning risks. Lightning detectors are technological devices that can alert you when you are in the range of possible lightning strikes, allowing you to quickly take shelter.

Learning how to use a lightning detector and how it operates is easy. This simple yet effective device protects you before the chaos of a storm with a user-friendly alert system featuring color-coded alert flashes and beeps. Keeping a lightning detector on hand increases your chances of avoiding a lightning strike and staying safe during storms.

Emergency Light

Lack of visibility makes navigating certain spaces more difficult and dangerous. Not being able to see what’s in front of you makes you vulnerable to tripping risks and exposure to hazardous environments or objects. Emergency lights give you portable, self-powering lights that illuminate your surroundings and give you better visibility during and after a storm.

Weather Radio

Weather radios receive specific frequencies from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio that broadcasts emergency alerts and updates. Unlike other radios, weather radios specialize in tuning in to this specific NOAA frequency set, only receiving and specializing in weather emergency alerts and broadcasts. Tuning in to the NOAA station provides you with important emergency information, from the severity of the situation to safety updates.

Battery Bank

In any emergency, communication plays a huge role in ensuring your safety. Being able to contact friends, family, and emergency services allows you to easily access aid, gain beneficial insight, and notify others of your whereabouts. Battery banks ensure your devices have plenty of juice in them to contact others.

Battery banks also come in handy when you need to charge other small emergency devices like your weather radio or flashlight.

Backup Power Generator

Backup power generators function similarly to battery banks but on a larger level. With a larger energy supply, power generators can recharge and power bigger electronics or systems, such as your home’s electrical system. Backup power generators are like portable power stations. They’re perfect for when storms cut your access to primary power supplies.

Technology expands capabilities and reshapes various situations with their assistance. In a weather emergency, these must-have storm technologies will enhance your safety and support you as you navigate power outages, evacuations, and nature’s wrath. Prepare for different weather emergencies and life-threatening situations with technology designed to keep you safe, comfortable, and well informed when a storm brews.