Moza Mini MX: Make Cinematic Videos with 89$ Smartphone Gimbal

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Moza Mini MX: Make Cinematic Videos with 89$ Smartphone Gimbal

Smartphone’s cameras are getting better and better with every generation, but one thing that mobile phone camera struggles with is stability. There are mobile phones with optical image stabilizations, but we use gimbals to get the ultimate results. The smartphone gimbals have gained quite an importance in the past couple of years due to their practical benefits and great mobile phones cameras. Moza Mini MX is the latest smartphone gimbal; the three-axis gimbal has an incredible design and build quality at affordable rates.

You can find a link to the YouTube video below, along with the links to the product.

Let’s inspect this cool gimbal together.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Moza Mini MX.


  • Sturdy and Lightweight.
  • Ample payload capacity to fit any smartphone.
  • Polish and Functional Moza Genie App
  • Easy to Control.
  • 20 hours battery endurance.


  • Range of motion can be improved with better design.

Moza Mini MX – Price

Moza Mini MX cost 89$; the price is 30$ less than its competitor DJI Osmo Mobile 3. Adding 50$ will bring a tripod and a case. The gimbal is adequately priced and a good competitor that is cheaper than Osmo Mobile 3.

Moza Mini MX – Unboxing

The unboxing experience is always great with Moza devices. The box has a beautiful appearance and is well designed to fit everything safely. The box has two parts, big section is housing the gimbal, charging cable and wrist strap. Moreover, there is enough cushioning to prevent it from any damage.

The second box has a carrying pouch and tripod. So, in total, we have five items in the package irrespective of paperwork; the tripod, charging cable, wrist strap, tripod and carrying pouch.

Design and Build Quality


Solid Body and Beautiful Design

At first glance, the gimbal looks beautiful; the size is about of my palm size. The body has a nice grey texture similar to DJI Mavic Air 2. There are no sharp edges on the gimbal, and the grip has a significant textured surface for better grip. To unfold the gimbal, you have to rotate the arm 180° to make it look like a gimbal. Rotate the grip clockwise toward yourself, and after two clicks, you are ready to shoot.

On the back of the main arm, we have the instructions to download the Genie app. The front side has controls and a battery level indicator, and you will see a USB-C port on the right side with a small power indicator. Behind the arm, we have a trigger to control the axes and switch between modes.

Lastly, we have a ¼ -inch screw mount to attach tripod and other attachments.

The overall construction of the gimbal is sturdy and non-flashy. The lightweight gimbal has equal weight distribution.

Moza Mini MX – Technical Specifications

  • Body: Plastic
  • Weight: 412 grams
  • Battery: 2000mAh battery with 20 hours of battery life
  • Compatibility: Compatible with 280 grams and less weighing mobiles. I have tested it with the OnePlus 8 and Mi 10 lite.
  • Mechanical Angles: Pan 340°, Roll 300°, Tilt 140°
  • Bluetooth: Yes

Moza Mini MX – Shooting Modes

Moza Mini MX has limited movements because of its design. But still, it can cover a lot of areas of all three axes. Gimbal can Pan up to 340°, Roll 300° and Tilt 140°. There are four basic modes tilt follow, yaw follows, all-locked and FPV mode. In addition to them, there are a few modes like panorama, slow motion, timelapse, Inception, Sports Gear and Vertigo mode.


Mini MX is very easy to master, the controls are elementary to learn. There are three buttons, a joystick and a trigger; these five things control the gimbal.

Three Buttons, Joystick

Firstly, the button under the joystick is the power and shutter button. Two on the left are zoom in and out buttons. You can also switch between modes using zoom buttons.


and the Trigger

Lastly, there is a trigger right behind the grip; single click will initiate the all-lock mode. Different numbers of clicks will switch between modes, like triple-click switching between the rear and front camera. And everyone knows what a joystick does.

Moza Genie

Moza Genie is the app that Moza uses for most of its gimbals. The app is quite polished and has great features; it unleashes the true potential of the gimbal. There are many options to fine-tune and switch between smart features.

Moza Genie

Built-in Templates with Effects and Filters

Genie also has many smart features like AI object tracking, gesture controls, filters and effects to make the video more appealing.

You can use the gimbal with both the native camera app and Moza Genie, but I recommend using Moza Genie. The App is exceptional and enhances the functioning of the Moza Mini MX.

Moza Mini MX – Battery

A 2000mAh battery powers Moza Mini MX. The battery provides a close to the infinity battery life of 20 hours. The incredible battery endurance is great for content creators; it allows them to shoot as much video as they want.

Moza Mini MX – Drawbacks

The only drawback I found is the design; the range of movement is excellent, but it can be enhanced using a better design.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I think the Mini MX is the gimbal where Moza finally nailed it. This is an improved version of the DJI Osmo Mobile that looks very similar, performs very similarly, and has the same set of features in the app. A bit heavier, but palm-sized and much more compact for transportation, with twice the battery life and has a tripod included in the basic package for a smaller price. Definitely, Moza has done an excellent job, and this gimbal has the potential to become a very popular one.

Where to Buy?

Moza Mini MX is readily available on different websites like Amazon, Ali Express, Moza’s website etc.

Here is the link to Amazon and Ali Express. Moreover, you can see the YouTube Video here.

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