Minix Neo Storage Plus Review: A Super-Fast Portable SSD

Minix Neo Storage Plus Review: A Super-Fast Portable SSD

Fast and portable storage is a necessity of every content creator. Whether you are creating videos, pictures, applications, websites etc, you need an excellent quality portable storage device. Minix Neo Storage Plus is an ultra-fast, mobile SSD for your daily tasks. It has a gigabit ethernet connection, HDMI and USB 3.0 ports with multi-OS support.

Before reviewing the product, I would like to thank Minix to send us a unit for testing.

Let’s inspect this cool tech.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Minix Neo Storage Plus.


  • Fast Data Transfer
  • Two Storage options
  • HDMI port to connect it to a secondary screen
  • Ethernet port for fast data transfer
  • Solid and beautiful body
  • Satisfactory temperature


  • Expensive

Minix Neo Storage Plus –Price

Neo Storage Plus has two variants; the base model costs 119$, it has 480GB storage, while the 960GB variant is priced at 169$. Comparatively, Neo Storage Plus is a bit expensive than other similar products, but you don’t get HDMI and Ethernet ports with them.

Minix Neo Storage Plus –Hardware

Unboxing is elementary in the box; we have the SSD, cable and carrying pouch in the box. The cable is relatively small so, you have to keep the SSD very close to the laptop. The SSD is cased in an aluminium box, which is handy as it dissipates the heat throughout the body.

Up top, we have the Minix branding and a white LED, which indicates the power. Below we have four tiny rubber feet to prevent it from sliding.



Variety of Ports

Minix Neo Storage Plus is a portful device. There are five ports; firstly, there is an HDMI 2.0 port to connect a secondary screen with your laptop or computer; it can deliver 4K 60Hz video quality at a lighting speed. Then there is a USB Type-C port for the power and to create the bridge between the computer and SSD. Moreover, we have two USB 3.0 Type-A ports for data transfer. Lastly, we have the unique Gigabit Ethernet connection.

Minix Neo Storage Plus –Performance

Data Transfer

Connect the SSD with the USB-C port of your computer to start data transfer. It works perfectly with multiple OSs like Windows, macOS, iPadOS.

Data transfer

Minix Neo Storage Plus – Benchmarks

Neo Storage Plus transfers data at an incredible speed. The average transfer speed is 400MB/s which can go up to 450MB/s as well. Another great thing about the SSD is consistent data transfer; it can transfer data at 400MB/s from start to end.

My average YouTube video is between 4GB to 6GB, and it takes only 16 seconds to transfer the video. Both reading and writing speeds are incredible.


Temperature is always an issue for high-speed SSDs. But Minix Neo Storage Plus handles the temperature efficiently; the aluminium casing can reach up to 40°C, which is expected because it acts as a heat sink for SSD.

Minix Neo Storage Plus –Limitations

There is no limitation in the SSD except the fact it’s a bit expensive. But considering the features, performance, build quality and appearance, I think it’s a great deal.

Minix C-G

Minix C G

Minix C-G Multiport Adapter

The Minix C-G is a USB-C multiport adapter; it is handy for laptops with fewer ports. It doesn’t have any built-in storage. The variety of ports are great; we have HDMI out, Gigabit Ethernet, two USB-A ports, a MicroSD card and a full-sized SD card slot.

Minix Neo P2

Minix Neo P2

Mixin Neo P2 100W Charging Station

Mixin Neo P2 100W Charging Station

Minix Neo P2 is another handy and functional device; it’s a charging station. The 100W charger has four outlets, two USB-As and two USB-Cs. Neo P2 is a beautiful charging station; the build quality is exceptional. Moreover, it also comes with a carrying pouch-like Neo Storage Plus.

The performance of P2 is also outstanding; I have never seen my Honor Book getting charged that quickly. The great power delivery is because of its Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology.

Final Thoughts

Both devices are on the go devices; they provide excellent portability with a magnificent performance. The devices are great for content creators and people who travels a lot.

Where to Buy

You can get these devices from many different platforms like Amazon, Minix website etc.

Here are the discounted links for Minix Neo Storage Plus and Minix Neo P2.

Moreover, you can watch video review here and click here for more.