Matrix PowerWatch 2: Never Charge Your Watch Again

Powerwatch 2 Cover

Matrix PowerWatch 2: Never Charge Your Watch Again

Traditional watch always has an advantage over the smartwatches that they rarely need a recharge. But Matrix Powerwatch 2 comes with the slogan “Never Charge your Watch Again”. It has the ability to charge itself through a Gemini Thermoelectric generator and solar cell, which makes the battery life very close to infinity.

Matrix PowerWatch 2

Powerwatch 2


But the watch lacks many other features, and many features are limited to conserve battery. The features don’t do justice with the 500$ price tag. SO

Is it worth that much money?

Let’s dig deep into the Matrix Powerwatch 2 to find the answer.


In a hurry, read this comprehensive overview stating the pros and cons of the watch.


  • Premium quality polished aluminium body and 1.2-inch sapphire glass transflective screen.
  • Never charge your watch feature is excellent.
  • The best battery performance in the entire smartwatch world.
  • Water-resistant up to 20ATM or 200 meters.
  • Good GPS.
  • Easy and quick watch and app pairing.


  • Non-Touch screen.
  • Sleep and HR tracing is not accurate.
  • Many features like GPS, notification alert, Bluetooth range is limited to extend the battery life.
  • Both watch and mobile software need improvements.

Matrix Powerwatch 2: Price

Powerwatch 2 has three variants. The Standard edition cost 499$, the premium 599$, and the deluxe costs 699$. The variants differ in terms of build material and strap.

Powerwatch 2 – Price

At first, the prices sound crazy? Right, because at this price, you can get Garmin Fenix 6x, premium G-shock devices; these are one of the most premium and advanced Wear-OS devices in the market. Moreover, the price is also considerably higher than its previous generation.


First Impression – Matrix Powerwatch 2

The first impression is great! Powerwatch 2 comes in a very cool looking and a well-designed box. The box is housing the watch, high-quality band, charging dock and paperwork.

Powerwatch 2 – Boxed

The watch is simply remarkable. The body appears to be very strong and sturdy with its comfortable black silicone band.

The charging dock is as good as the watch. Although you do not need the charger very often as it can charge itself, there are a few conditions in which you might need the charger.


Matrix Powerwatch 2–Appearance

The beefy watch is made for big wrists as it’s 16mm thick and 47mm in diameter. Unlike the Powerwatch X, the body is now polished and doesn’t tear sleeves.

Powerwatch 2 – Appearance

It has a 1.2-inch transflective coloured screen. We all know about a transflective screen brighter the atmosphere brighter the screen; the screen struggles with visibility during the night. Still, the backlight makes the information visible at night.

Moreover, it’s a non-touchscreen, so Matrix Powerwatch 2 has 4 navigation buttons: Up, Down, Select and Back controls. It’s a shame not having a touchscreen in a 500$ watch, but the buttons are well implemented and perform their functions nicely.


Matrix Powerwatch 2–Technical Specs

Matrix Powerwatch 2 is a bulky watch made from aircraft-grade aluminium and has a 22mm silicone strap. The best thing is its unknown battery with infinite battery life.

Powerwatch 2 – Tech Specs

  • CPU: Ambiq Apollo.
  • Screen: 1.2-inch transflective coloured screen made from sapphire glass.
  • Body: Aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • Band: 22mm silicone strap in the basic variant.
  • Weight: 60-70 grams.
  • Battery: Unknown with almost infinite battery life.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1LE, GPS, compatible with Android 5.0+.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Heart Rate Sensor, Gyroscope.


Matrix Powerwatch 2–Features

Powerwatch 2 is a robust watch; although its features are good but most of them are restricted in order to save battery. Like GPS is recommended to work for 30 minutes a day, so sports and distance tracking is affected.

Matrix Powerwatch 2 can track sleep, steps, heart rate, calories, distance, GPS, and swim. It is water-resistant up to 20ATM, which is around 200 meters.

The exceptional feature is the self-charging battery. Watch has its own solar cell and one of a kind Gemini Thermoelectric Generator. It produces electricity through the difference between the temperature of the human body and watch. This feature is great for winters, while in summer, you can use the solar cell.

Moreover, the watch has a Stopwatch, Alarm, Weather with Call and Notification Alert.


Powerwatch 2 App

Powerwatch 2 – App

The app is better than the previous generation, but it is still not as good as others. We are still looking for good watch faces, better sports integration, extra information about power consumption and generation, etc.

There are some good things; the previous generation takes 1 minute to synchronize, but this time it’s considerably faster. Sleep and heart rate tracking is well displayed with all the information.


Matrix Powerwatch 2–Tracking

The watch can’t track much but let get into the fitness tracking of Matrix Powerwatch 2.

Powerwatch 2 – Steps Tracking

Steps Tracking: Steps Tracking is good. It gives very accurate results along with the covered distance and burnt calories.

Powerwatch 2 – Sleep Tracking

Sleep Tracking: Sleep Tracking is considerably off than other smartwatches like Galaxy and Huawei.

Powerwatch 2 – HR Tracking

HR Tracking: Heart Rate tracking is also not accurate. It is off by a considerable percentage.

Powerwatch 2 – GPS

GPS Tracking: GPS Tracking is excellent, but to conserve battery, we can only use it for 30 minutes a day. This affects the distance and activity tracking of the watch.


Matrix Powerwatch 2–Battery

The mysterious battery of the watch is the biggest reason to get the watch. Matrix hasn’t revealed the size and type of battery, but its life is very close to infinity.

The watch has many futuristic features like its Gemini Thermoelectric Generator, which can charge itself by the temperature difference between our body and watch. The feature is great for winters as the difference is high. While in summer, both body and watch have a similar temperature, so the watch can’t produce enough power.

But for summers, the watch has a solar cell; just put it under the sun and charge the battery.

We have a charging dock in the box, but it’s the third option to charge the watch.


Matrix Powerwatch 2–Drawbacks

Powerwatch 2 is an excellent watch, but many features are missing, and a few need some considerable improvements. Here are some downsides that Matrix can improve in their next generation of Powerwatch.

  • Both the watch’s OS and Powerwatch app need a lot of improvements.
  • No third-party app support in the watch.
  • Fitness features sports, HR and sleep tracking are very limited and need significant improvements to compete with others.
  • Notification support is very limited.
  • The watch is very expensive, considering the features of the watch.


Final Verdict

Matrix has put a lot of effort into this watch. The watch is significantly better than its previous generation Powerwatch X like improved screen, better design and body, enhanced battery charging and many others.

But it still needs some improvements, and battery limited features must not be limited. Moreover, call, and notification alerts need improvements and sport modes are not enough.

Powerwatch battery is its main selling point, and many people bought the watch, but to me, the Powerwatch 2 does not worth that much money.

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