KuKirin G3 Pro Review: A Dual-Motor E-Scooter Beast on a Budget


Dual-motor off-road e-scooter are known to be expensive. But the KuKirin G3 Pro is proving to be the complete opposite with its excellent range of features and specifications, which is quite hard to believe for us. 

KuKirin G3 Pro is the latest addition to the lineup. It is the top-of-the-line variant with over 2.4 kilowatts of power and a rated range of over 80 kilometers. So, is this scooter actually that good, or is the scooter another budget dual-motor scooter with average performance? 

Let’s Inspect!



  • Incredible Pricing
  • Strong body and a beautiful off-road design
  • Solid Battery and powerful dual motors
  • Comfortable and Smooth Ride
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Dual Hydraulic Brakes


  • No Smartphone App
  • Some Loose and Weak Body parts

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KuKirin G3 Pro – Price

KuKirin G3 Pro PriceThe scooter is launched at an astonishing price of just 1549$, which seems impossible, but Yes, it is right. The exceptional KuKirin G3 Pro is competing against Vsett 10+, Kaboo Mantis, Dualthorn, Nanrobot LS7+ and Varla Eagle One. All of the mentioned competitors are more expensive. 

KuKirin G3 Pro – Unboxing 

The unboxing is different from the previous generations. It used to have two layers of cardboard, but it only has one this time. Besides that, it’s a very generic box with an electric scooter, toolset, air pump, charger, and user manual. 

While taking the scooter out of the box, I’d recommend having a friend as the scooter weighs 40 kilos. If you don’t have one, then tear the box from the bottom and lift up the box like a sleeve to easily access the KuKirin G3 Pro.

Appearance and Build Quality 

Beautiful KuKirin G3 ProOut of the box, the scooter looks excellent; it has nice sporty construction depicting that the scooter is made to deliver exceptional performance. The setup does not take a lot of time. Just unfold the G3 Pro, mount the handle with four hex screws, tighten all the nuts and bolts, check the air pressure and brakes, and you are ready. 

It has a beautiful off-road design with an excellent combination of black and orange. I love the build quality; every joint and component feels solid and sturdy. The only weak point is the mudguards; they feel cheap and lightweight. 

Versatile Handlebar The screen on the handle is good, mounted over the keyhole; it provides a lot of information and can be controlled through the buttons on the handle. You will see the accelerator, brakes, turn signal switch, electric horn button, and mode selector on the handlebar. It has quite a lot of buttons. 

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: 2×1200-watt motor
  • Speed: 65km/h
  • Battery: 52V 23Ah battery
  • Range: 80km
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy Structure
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Max Loading Capacity: 120kg
  • Suspension: Front and Rear Shock Absorber
  • Brakes: Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Tires: 10-inch Pneumatic Tubeless Tires
  • Waterproofing: IP54

KuKirin G3 Pro – Performance

It is an excellent electric scooter but not a perfect one. Kugoo Kirin is known for providing great value, which is exactly what we are getting from the KuKirin G3 Pro. It is an improved product in almost every aspect compared to its predecessor.

So, let’s analyze the performance. 

KuKirin G3 Pro – Speed

Fast and Speedy Eletric ScooterKuKirin G3 Pro has two 1200-watt motors, producing a combined power of 2.4kW. The solid power allows it to reach the max speed of 65km/h. In addition to the speed, the dual motor greatly impacts acceleration. It is crazy fast, just like we feel in an electric car. 

I am always in favor of dual-motor setups. Yes, it does increase the weight, but it spreads the load and stress that enables the scooter to perform better for an extended period of time. It takes only 4 seconds to reach 30km/h and 11 seconds to hit 50km/h.

One thing that I don’t like is the accelerator. It is very sensitive, and you will surely feel a push when you start from zero. You will get used to but having the option to fine-tune the throttle would have been a plus point. 

KuKirin G3 Pro – Range

The range is another significant aspect of KuKirin G3 Pro. The rated range is 80km which is pretty good but can only be achieved in ideal conditions with a lighter rider and slower speed. With 90kg weight in winter at high speed with regular ups and lows and offroad environment, I was able to achieve 30 to 35 kilometers on a single charge. And with a single motor, the electric scooter was easily going over 50km. It is not in the rated range, but still, the electric scooter has a promising number. 

KuKirin G3 Pro Replaceable BatteryAnother great thing about the Battery is it’s replaceable. It can be accessed after entering the correct number combination, and the deck top will flip up, giving us access to the Battery. It is an excellent addition making the Battery upgradable and replaceable when required. 

Riding Comfort

Riding comfort is another essential part of riding an electric scooter. It depends on various factors that work coherently to make our rides comfortable. 

The wide, spacious, grippy, and comfortable deck provides ample space to stand and control the KuKirin G3 Pro. The handlebar has ideal grips and perfect button placement to switch modes, accelerate and turn on signals. 

10-inch tires are incredibly comfortable and are made to last years. They have robust construction and can easily stand the hardest bumps. 

Upgradable SuspensionsThe last thing that really adds to the comfort is the dual suspension. Both shock absorbers are very responsive and significantly reduce the impact of bumps and potholes, making our rides smooth and comfortable. Moreover, the shock absorbers are also upgradable. 


KuKirin G3 Pro BrakesKuKirin G3 Pro has reached great heights to ensure the rider and passersby are safe. It has dual hydraulic brakes from XOD with an integrated power cutoff system to stop the motors immediately. The brakes perform exceptionally well in our testing, and the stopping distance is minimal. The tires also have a massive role in excellent braking performance. 

Bright Lights All Around the ScooterThe electric scooter has a total of 11 lights, four headlamps, four sidelights, and three tail lights. They literally lit up the roads. Moreover, the scooter also has turn signals which is a pretty good addition to keep us safe and others informed. 


  • The folding fork is loose 
  • Handle height is not adjustable
  • No verbal cruise control and turn signals indication.
  • No Smartphone app

Final Thoughts

In the end, KuKirin G3 Pro is not a perfect electric scooter, but it provides the most fun. Overall, the scooter is very well built, has strong motors, excellent range, and an incredibly comfortable and smooth ride. There are minor flaws, but they are not affecting the performance. So, at 1500$, KuKirin G3 Pro is the best off-road dual-motor electric scooter in the market. 

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KuKirin G3 Pro