Kugoo S1 Pro Review: How Better is the Pro?

Kugoo S1 Pro Featured

Kugoo S1 Pro Review: How Better is the Pro?

Kugoo S1 Pro

Kugoo S1 pro a very weird electric scooter. I say weird on purpose. I have mixed feelings about this scooter. It is hard to expect sleek design and super-cool features like the Unagi model 1 or the comfort of riding with M365, but this one has a few unique strengths, and we should talk about them.

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Let’s Inspect this cool tech.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Kugoo S1 Pro.


  • Dual suspension and big tires.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Exceptional speed.
  • Bright screen and LEDs
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Safe to ride at night.


  • Skiddy tires.
  • Low build quality.
  • Rattling sound on bumpy rides.

Kugoo S1 Pro – Price


Affordable Price

Kugoo S1 Pro is 350$ budget electric scooter. The performance and overall feel of the scooter is better than M 365.

Kugoo S1 Pro – Unboxing


Kugoo S1 Pro – Unpacking

The unboxing experience is nice; it is packed in a double box for extra safety. Inside, the scooter is securely placed with Styrofoam cushions on all four sides. In the box, we have the electric scooter, charger, adapter and user manual. Well, if you order from the link below, you will get a handy carrying bag.

The scooter arrives preassembled, just charge the scooter, and you are good to go.

Design & Construction


Kugoo S1 Pro – Beautiful Design

S1 Pro is designed to be more portable than its previous generation. The beautiful scoter can easily fit in the trunk of a small car. Moreover, the design also allows the tall people to ride the scooter soundly because of its adjustable handle. On the handlebar, the right lever is for power, while the left one is the brake. In the center we have a small display with a big footprint.

The folding mechanism is elementary, push the lever with your feet and pull the handlebar downward and you are done. The mechanism feels cheap but is quite solid and holds the scooter nicely in the folded position. The deck is broad with a sandpaper-like finish for a good grip.

Then we have the construction; overall, it feels cheap, but we have tested the body notoriously, and we haven’t seen any significant damage to the body. There is a rattling sound in the scoter when you ride on bumpy roads. It has its effect on the riding experience.

Kugoo S1 Pro – Tech Specs

  • Motor: 350W brushless DC motor
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Battery: 7.5Ah/36V Battery
  • Range: 30 km
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Dimensions: Folded 96cm x 21cm x 33cm, Unfolded 105cm x 45cm x 116cm
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Max Loading Capacity: 120kg
  • Speed Modes: 3-speed modes
  • Brakes: Dual brakes (Electronic and Rear Fender)
  • Tires: 8-inch solid honeycomb tires

Kugoo S1 Pro – Features


Kugoo S1 Pro – Features

There are not many new features in the scooter, but it is still exceptional to get 30km/h speed and acceptable range on a 350$ electric scooter.

Firstly, the lights are exceptional it has four bright LEDs upfront with two small LEDs on the side of grips that can be turned on by pressing the button in the center of the light. It can work as indicators, but they are hard to identify from the back. You can also unscrew the lights if you think you’re a clumsy rider.


Kugoo S1 Pro – Rear Suspension

Kugoo S1 Pro has dual suspensions along with 8-inch honeycomb tires for optimal comfort and traction. Suspensions are performing exceptionally well in the bumpy situation. In comparison, the tires are not good in wet conditions. Moreover, the board is also wider and better for ideal footing area.

Next, we have the screen. It is exceptional and performs well in bright daylight. It is easy to use and displays the sped in real-time.

Motor & Battery

Motor and Battery are the main selling points of any EV. Kugoo S1 Pro has a big 350W motor, and a 36V battery powers it. Unlike many electric scooters, the motor is not kickstart; you can power the scooter from a still stand. It has three-speed modes. The first will take you up to 12km/h, then 20km/h and then 25km/h due to EU regulations; otherwise, it can accelerate up to 30km/h.

The Battery is good; it has a good range of 20km while the mentioned range is 30km. 30km can be achieved by a 55kg person when he/she is riding the scooter in first gear and only applies the brake thrice in their ride.

Kugoo S1 Pro – Performance


Range of the S1 pro is not excellent; on paper, the range is 30km which is quite challenging to achieve, especially when your weight is 85kg. The realistic range is 20km, which is not bad.


Motor performance is exceptional; it can rapidly accelerate to the maximum speed. But due to EU regulations, we cannot ride it at over 25km/h, which is unfortunate for this fast scooter.



Kugoo S1 Pro – Wide and Grippy Deck

The ride on the scooter is very comfortable; all the elements like handlebar height, deck width, suspensions and tires are on point. Dual suspensions and honeycomb tires are exceptional. The tires absorb the bumps on the road and deliver a smooth ride.


Kugoo has made quite an effort to make the ride safe during the day and night; it has four bright headlights with two indicators on both handle grips. Moreover, we also have reflectors on every corner of the deck. It has two brakes front electronic brake that stops the motor, and other one is a rear fender. Beware of using the rear fender on wet surface because there is a high chance of skidding.



Kugoo S1 Pro – Solid Folding Mechanism

S1 Pro is highly portable; it only weighs 11kg, and the folding mechanism is solid and easy to operate. Moreover, you can also fold its handle to make it even smaller.


Kugoo S1 Pro is not a splendid scooter; the performance is satisfactory, and the build quality is not premium. Here are some improvements that Kugoo can make in the next generation.

  • Improve the build quality.
  • Try to reduce the rattling sound on bumpy roads.
  • Tires skid on wet surface.


Foldable, very portable, two independent brakes, a display with real-time speed and overall good range, good acceleration, active suspension, accelerating from still stand, and maintenance-free tires. This is good. Build quality issues, not the greatest folding mechanism, not so smooth riding, and kind of noisy if the road is not perfectly levelled, but at a price of around 350$, it is remarkable how much is packed.

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