Kugoo S1 Plus: The Almost Perfect 350$ Electric Scooter

Kugoo S1 Plus Cover

Kugoo S1 Plus: The Almost Perfect 350$ Electric Scooter


What are the three things that you need in an electric scooter? For me, it’s power, reliability and portability; getting these three elements right is a bit difficult in an electric scooter. But there is a scooter that delivers exceptional power, is highly portable and has robust aluminium construction at only 350$. The scooter is Kugoo S1 Plus; it is the third generation of the S1 series and delivers incredible performance at a very affordable price.

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Here is the comprehensive review of the Kugoo S1 Plus.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of Kugoo S1 Plus.


  • Incredible build quality and performance.
  • Very inexpensive considering the features and performance.
  • Durable folding mechanism.
  • Incredible comfortable to ride.
  • Non-pneumatic solid honeycomb tires for maintenance-free riding experience.
  • Bright display and headlight.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • Undersize battery mentioned range is unachievable.
  • No odometer to measure the total travel distance.
  • No Cruise control.

Kugoo S1 Plus – Price

You must have guessed the price from the title. Kugoo S1 Plus is an inexpensive 350$ electric scooter. The exceptional scooter is packed with handy and unique features.

Kugoo S1 Plus – Unboxing


Kugoo S1 Plus – Unboxing

Unboxing experience is pleasant. The box weighs 15.5kg, and it is nice as well, black box with Kugoo branding. The scooter is securely packed with Styrofoam on both sides of the scooter. In the box, we have preassembled S1 plus, 36V charger, adapter and user manual.

There is absolutely no assembly required; take out the scooter of the box and start rolling. You might have to charge the battery.

Design and Construction


Kugoo S1 Plus – Beautiful Handlebar

Kugoo S1 Plus is the most beautiful electric scooter among the S1 series. It has an attractive black appearance with orangy-red colour. The screen is bright and displays all the necessary information, and the placement is right on point. We have two levers on both sides of the screen. The right one is for power, and the button is for controlling the screen. While the left one is the brake and the button turns on the light.

Thick aluminium tube is adjustable; it can extend up to 106cm, ideal for people with a height between 170cm to 180cm. But if you are taller, then there are better scooter choices. Then we have the deck, which is 15.5cm wide and 53 cm long, with an anti-slip rubber mat. The mat has white colour, in short, it will never be clean it will always have dirt and stains.


Kugoo S1 Plus – Folded Design

The folding mechanism of S1 Plus is exceptional and perfectly designed to make it compact and portable. We can also fold the handles inward to makes it smaller to fit in the car trunk.

The aluminium alloy frame provides exceptional stability and strength to the scooter. 12.5kg S1 plus can carry 120kg on its deck, which rightly defines the strength of the aluminium frame.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Kugoo S1 Plus – Tech Specs

  • Motor: 350W Brushless Motor
  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Battery: 7.5Ah
  • Range: 25km
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 12.5kg
  • Max Loading capacity: 120kg
  • Dimensions: Unfolded 102cm x 43.5cm x 104cm, Folded 94.5cm x 18cm x 33cm
  • Speed Modes: 3 speed modes
  • Brakes: Dual braking system (Electronic and Fender)
  • Tires: 8-inch Honeycomb

Kugoo S1 Plus – Features

The best and the latest S1 Plus is a great electric scooter with a number of unique and better features than its predecessors. Kugoo has made many improvements to enhance the performance and appearance of the scooter; moreover, the scooter is easier to use now.


Kugoo S1 Series

S1 plus has a new and improved rubber mat on the deck instead of sandpaper-like mat in previous generations. The rubber mat provides a better grip on the deck. However, keeping the mat clean is a challenge due to its colour; it is highly prone to dirt and stains.


8-inch Honeycomb Tires

The tires are now non-pneumatic solid honeycomb tires. I have seen better honeycomb tires, but the performance is still fairly good. Unfortunately, I am not able to test the tires ideally because the temperature is cold and the tires are hard. Moreover, we now have dual shock absorbers; both absorbers and tires make the ride incredibly smooth and comfortable.

Lastly, we have a bright headlight and reflectors to make you well-visible at night.

Motor & Battery


Kugoo S1 Plus – 350W Brushless Motor

Kugoo S1 Plus has a powerful 350W motor paired with a comparatively smaller 7.5Ah battery. The battery limits the motor to less power, but it’s not an issue here because the speed limit in the EU is 25km/h. Motor performs well on 15° slopes and efficiently climb them with 120kg weight.

There are three-speed modes of the motor in which you can ride at 20km/h, 25km/h and 30km/h, respectively. The range on paper is 25km, but it is not quite possible with an 85kg man in the urban environment. I was able to achieve 13 to 16 kilometres at full speed while I can increase the range by riding in first or second gear.

Kugoo S1 Plus – Performance



Kugoo S1 Plus – Urban Range

The range of the scooter depends upon the battery size and efficiency of the motor. The motor performance is pretty good, but the battery is a bit undersized. The realistic range of the scooter is 16 kilometres at full speed, while it can increase up to 20km to 22km on small gears.


The speed of S1 Plus is 30km/h; it is not achievable by an 85kg man. But I was able to reach 25km/h; moreover, the EU also has a limitation of 25km/h for an electric scooter.



Rear Shock Absorber

The ride is incredibly smooth on S1 Plus, thanks to its dual suspension and 8-inch honeycomb tires. Dual suspensions have a significant role because the weather is quite cold here, and tires are hard, but the ride is still quite fluent.

So, the comfort is meant to increase in summer when the tires will get soft.


The scooter is made safe to ride by its dual braking system, headlight and reflectors. The scooter has an electronic brake to stop the motor in the front wheel and a rear fender brake that you can use as an emergency brake.

Upfront, we have a bright LED and four reflectors on all four corners of the deck.



One-Key Folding Mechanism

Portability depends on the scooter’s weight and folding dimensions, and S1 Plus is one of the most compact and portable electric scooter. It weighs only 12.5kg which is relatively easy to carry around. Moreover, it has a unique folding mechanism; it is easy to fold with a simple one-key mechanism, and you can also fold its handle inward to make it smaller.


S1 Plus is a great electric scooter and quite a big jump in terms of design and quality, but there are some missing elements that Kugoo can add to their S1 Ultra model.


Kugoo S1 Plus – Drawbacks

  • The handlebar is not ideal for tall people.
  • There is no odometer so, we can’t measure the total distance.
  • Cruise control is an integral part of EVs, but it is not present in S1 Plus.


Kugoo S1 Plus is missing some essential elements like odometer and cruise control, but if we consider the ride smoothness, acceptable range, speed, compactness, lightweight and maintenance-free electric scooter at 350$, then everything starts to make sense. So, we highly recommend this scooter and if you are deciding to buy this one, then click on the link below to get the best possible price.

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