Kandao Meeting S Review: Smart AI Conference WebCam you Want For Online Meetings

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Kandao Meeting S Review: Smart AI Conference WebCam you Want For Online Meetings

In this growing modern-tech world, we have witnessed numerous inventions of great minds. Out of which webcam is a most used one, it provides quicker access to watch a live person without much struggle through the internet. You are living in any corner of the world, if both communicators have a webcam, then they can easily live stream through that webcam. On the other hand, choosing the best quality product for oneself is quite essential for a better experience. To guide you rightfully and with the utmost honesty, I will write a detailed review of the best webcam Kandao Meeting S

Kandao Meeting S

A webcam that is self-subsistence, linked to a projector or monitor without hassle, capable of running android, 180 degrees super-wide field of view, and has AI detection for all users can be bought at an affordable price is no less than a miracle. You can find all these exciting features in the Kandao WebCam. This webcam is exceptionally compelling and a competent video conferencing tool, which has the audacity to put other products in the market in shame.

Before proceeding to the technical stuff, I would like to give a brief that the Kandao company has innovated a variety of up-to-the-mark new cameras and AI-based devices that are praiseworthy.

Kandao Meeting S  PriceThe meeting S is particularly unique because of its awe-inspiring lens positioning, which can show solo as well as grouped photos of yours. The price of 599 dollars sounds quite expensive but considering AI technology investment it is a best-fit. The computer system consolidated with Android as an operating system has eliminated the need for a computer. All you need to do is connect to the monitor or a projector.

Without wasting any more moments, allow me to give you a  detailed review of the Kandao Webcam specifications. Although, the ball will always be in your court.

Kandao Meeting S-Unboxing

Kandao Meeting S  Unboxing

Like every other device, there is a user guide that can help you discover new features that you can use for a better online meeting experience. You will come across a nice remote a looks like of air mouse. Optional charger and the Kandao web camera are the tools present in the box.

Kandao Meeting S-Specifications

The meeting S looks similar to a very tall thin astronaut. There are many ports involved in this device, LAN porter as a starter. There is a MicroSD slot and HDMI out, a Type-C port for charging and for connection with the PC. Moreover, there is a full-sized USB port where you can connect your keyboard, mouse, or even a flash drive. You will find a ¼ mount suitable for most tripods. In terms of connectivity these, ports are more than most expensive devices.

Kandao Meeting S-Features

Kandao Meeting S Features

Here is a piece of good news for you all, this Kandao webcam has several top-notch specifications that will leave you awestruck. The video resolution is Full HD, an ultra-wide 180-degree lens that covers most of the background of your working space. 8 Omni-directional in-built microphones, 5W-speaker, 4GB RAM are the most impressive features.  Among the variety of ports, you will also find dual-band Wi-Fi support, 64GB in-built memory, and a weight of 771.5 grams. Hence, a very portable device with consumption of close to 0.5A, a very advanced-wide angle camera with good sound quality, and an ability to connect very well with your computer.

How To Operate Kandao Meeting S

Kandao Meeting S Operation

Before connecting it to the monitor, you need to have a working internet connection. Then, to operate this webcam, all you need to do is connect the unit to the power source, and link it to a monitor via the HDMI cable. The use of Air Mouse eases typing. You can also log in to various online meetings by pointing to the Session ID and joining the conference.

How To Use Various Modes

You can find everything on the home screen, you can call it a gateway to the installed apps. You can use the camera tool to launch the camera and choose among various modes by using the remote or by short pressing the mode button. If you still feel a problem working it, you can use the camera Manual and review the four possible modes, and choose the one which suits you. If you are unable to find your preferred meeting app then navigate to Apple’s Appstore.

Kandao Meeting S  SD card slot

Plus point is that you can record your meetings on an SD card. You can connect it to a computer and can switch between modes by the exact same approach- either the remote control or by pressing the mode button. The likable feature is to mute during the call and this will have a visual expression by switching the LED stripe to red. There are more colors like blue means the camera is ON and you are enjoying the meeting. The green color indicates the unit is up, running, and ready to use.

Image Quality

I wanted to separately highlight the most important feature of this webcam, image quality. The AI algorithm is quite phenomenal and certain modes give you a feeling of operator followed by a camera. This feature is indispensable for the teachers and presenters that are not able to afford an operator all the time. The quality is exceptional for a 180-degree lens and non-distorted image at the edges of the lens.


Kandao Meeting S Drawbacks

As promised to give you an honest review, I genuinely found no particular drawbacks in it. This device worked wonders in every assigned task, which was surprisingly good. The thing I noticed about Google Meet being tricky while logging in for the first time. I wish it had more access to Android’s features. Nonetheless, it is a remarkable device.

Where to Buy?

Click here to get the Kandao Webcam and watch the video review on YouTube. Moreover, you can learn about more awesome tech at tech4all.