GoPro Hero 9 Black Top Accessories: Case Filters, Batteries, Chargers and More


GoPro Hero 9 Black Top Accessories: Case Filters, Batteries, Chargers and More

GoPro is at the pinnacle of action cameras, and they have changed the game with their all-new GoPro Hero 9 Black. It delivers ultrasmooth 5k videos thanks to its hyper smooth 3.0. There is a lot more in the camera other than beautiful videos like front screen, long battery, now waterproof up to 33ft, detachable lens and much more.

The ability to shoot at 5k makes it somewhat a vlogging camera as well. But yes, action cameras suffered a bit in difficult conditions, but we can bring the performance close to a DSLR camera by adding some accessories. So, this article will cover the top accessories with a GoPro Hero 9 Black.

I have tested all the accessories and can guarantee about their quality and performance.

Let’s Inspect.

SD Card/Storage

First essential thing the storage; it is an absolute necessity. There are many Sd cards available on the market, but the best one is SanDisk. It is the best card for video storage with a fast transfer rate and reliability. GoPro also recommends SanDisk, and same is the case with almost every camera manufacturer. I am using this card for five years and never faced any problem with the card.

GoPro Hero 9 Black-Batteries

Next, we have the batteries. There are two options; first one is the GoPro official battery. It costs 25$ per piece and has excellent endurance. GoPro restricts third-party brands, but I have tested some batteries, and they work well with the Hero 9 Black. Vemico is my favourite among other third-party batteries. It’s a 1800mAh battery and comes in a pack of three. The price is 45$ for a pack of three which is way less than the GoPro’s. The performance is very close to the GoPro’s official batteries.

I am still not facing any firmware issues due to third-party products.

GoPro Hero 9 Black-Tripods

I have three of them on my list.

Fotopro UFO 2

It is one of my oldest tripods for an action camera. I have been using this pod for past three years due to its ability to move all legs in every possible direction. Moreover, the legs are also waterproof. The tripod is still solid and working perfectly.

JOBY Gorillapod

JOBY is a pretty popular tripod. It is compact and waterproof tripod and has magnetic feet. It gives it the ability to stick on any magnetic metal surface like signboards or a cycle. This feature enables you to shoot amazing walking shots.

GoPro 3 Way

Then we have the GoPro originals, the GoPro 3 way. The remarkable thing it can be used as a selfie stick, monopod or tripod. It is a bit expensive, but it’s the best one in terms of performance.

The Remote

The Remote is another GoPro originals and compatible with Hero 9, 8 and Max. It gives a convenient way to control your Hero 9. It has big tactile buttons with a bright screen. Remote is excellent for underwater usage because you cannot use it efficiently underwater. Moreover, we can use it when vlogging. The Remote price is 79$ it is a bit expensive, but practically it is quite handy.

GoPro Hero 9 Black-Microphone

The built-in microphone is pretty good, but it gets noisy in the crowd, so there are two microphone options. You can use the Media mod, in which you will get a microphone that will attach to your GoPro. Or you can use the Type-C and 3.5mm adapter to connect an external microphone. An external microphone will focus on your sound and reduce the surrounding sound. You can use Lark 50 or Rode shotgun microphone. I use the rode video micro, a compact, lightweight and easy to use microphone.

GoPro Hero 9 Black-Protective Cage

The cage I am using is Ulanzi GoPro Hero 9 Black cage. I have opted to buy the cheap 20$ plastic cage. It holds all the accessories, the mic, light and adapter appropriately. The cage has a ¼-inch mount hole for tripods and has good clearance for both displays. You can also charge the GoPro with the cage on.

The circular lens cover is the best part. It’s an ND filter; you can adjust its intensity by rotating the outer ring.

GoPro Hero 9 Black-ND Filters

I am using Freewell lens filters, they are a bit pricy, but they significantly affect the image quality. Another benefit is the reduced glare; from the shiny surface or water. The filter I am using costs around 70$. It includes three ND filters and a polarizer.

4th axis Stabilizer

Action cameras provide 3-axis stabilization, so to add the 4th-axis, we use a stabilizer. I am using Micro Pro 2; it is a 4th axis stabilizer from an Australian company Scotty Makes Stuff. All of their products are 3D printed, so quite solid and lightweight. Moreover, you can attach your lights or microphone to enhance the video experience.

GoPro Hero 9 Black-Carrying Bag/Case

The bag is always from BUBM because the original was too small to fit all the things. We have adjustable Velcro based partitions, a lot more room, special sections for cables, hidden pockets to put tutorials or prints. I just like this one so much! I tend to carry most of my portable and smaller cameras inside it, alongside all the accessories that I most often use, and it’s all easily accessible and well protected. There are no hard walls, but a good layer of softness, combined with being waterproof being good enough for me.

Final Words

So, this is it, having seen all the top 9 GoPro hero accessory categories, most of which are well compatible with most other action cameras too! I would, of course, recommend taking a look at some of the accessory bundles that circulate online because you may find some handy addons like cheap selfie sticks, suction cups and other crazy mounts. It’s essential is to prioritize what you actually need and may use over or what looks pretty cool.

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